[20:00:08] * Ziphoid is now known as ZiphOnAir
[20:00:09] * Saben (~Aqua_Life@h111n1fls303o968.telia.com) has joined #SLAYRadio
[20:00:10] <Chappers> wheeeeeeeee :D
[20:00:12] <ZiphOnAir> Heya peeps!
[20:00:13] <ShaMan_> "Let's rock this joint!"
[20:00:15] <ShaMan_> ^^
[20:00:19] <Ph0B1uS> hi ZiphOnAir 
[20:00:20] <Sinner1_> !np
[20:00:20] <SLAYRadio> Sinner1_: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: Glyn aR.se Brown - Last Mission
[20:00:22] * FuzzyByte (~fuzzybyte@a88-112-13-128.elisa-laajakaista.fi) has joined #slayradio
[20:00:24] <Sinner1_> !pl
[20:00:26] <Thaumiel> defiance, you awake? :P
[20:00:31] <Eman> WHEEEEE
[20:00:36] <Thaumiel> hello ZiphOnAir
[20:00:36] <Ph0B1uS> !tl
[20:00:39] <Sinner1_> what was the playlist trigger?
[20:00:40] <SLAYRadio> Ph0B1uS: http://www.slayradio.org/shows.php?show_id=341
[20:00:40] <Chtulu> ZiphOnAir: If I get my hands on some equipment, I'm SOOOO gonna make you a jingle ;)
[20:00:42] <Sinner1_> ah :P
[20:00:48] <FuzzyWolf> Zippy: some sound samples for you ;)  http://www.widdy.demon.co.uk/rainbow/sound.htm
[20:00:49] <LrdSqueak> !request binster ghould and goblets
[20:00:53] <Chappers> !request Zyron - David Whittaker Medley
[20:01:02] <LrdSqueak> !request banana inc - monkey island
[20:01:08] * PwrTrace (~user@h180n2fls306o291.telia.com) has joined #SLAYRadio
[20:01:12] <Eman> haha, Chappers, i just requested that one :D
[20:01:17] <Sinner1_> hi Kent
[20:01:23] * ZiphOnAir changes topic to 'Now: On Air with Ziphoid | http://slayradio.org/gathering | http://eurotrip.c64.org | http://murl.se/10629.'
[20:01:24] <Ph0B1uS> hi PwrTrace 
[20:01:28] * Noir|X megasmoochsnugglescuddles ZiphOnAir
[20:01:29] <Chappers> Eman: ah right, shows we have good taste then :)
[20:01:31] <PwrTrace> hi all :)
[20:01:35] * the_JinX changes topic to 'Live no: On Air with Ziphoid | http://slayradio.org/gathering | http://eurotrip.c64.org | http://murl.se/10629 .'
[20:01:47] <PwrTrace> just checking in, haveing my mother here for a visit :)
[20:01:52] <the_JinX> h'm.. I missed that
[20:01:53] <LrdSqueak> !request its 909 div you sadist
[20:01:54] <the_JinX> sorry ;)
[20:01:56] <Eman> Chappers" that remix is from 98 or so?
[20:02:03] <Artlace> Chtulu: what jingle you would make? :)
[20:02:07] * ZiphOnAir megasmoooooocheriosnugglecuddles Noir|X
[20:02:14] <ZiphOnAir> Thanx FuzzyWolf! :)
[20:02:17] <LrdSqueak> !request dead guys judge dread
[20:02:17] * __moog__ (~Miranda@apu146.internetdsl.tpnet.pl) has joined #SLAYRadio
[20:02:22] <Chappers> Eman: I know it's a while ago, but I didn't knpw it was that far back :)
[20:02:23] <Ph0B1uS> hey moog
[20:02:23] <Artlace> hi __moog__ m8! :)
[20:02:23] <the_JinX>  My skeertuig is vol palings
[20:02:24] * kami|off (~kamisori@pc164.woschi.RWTH-Aachen.DE) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds.)
[20:02:24] <__moog__> evening all !! :)
[20:02:29] <Saben> !request Makke - Frosty Mine
[20:02:31] <Blok> Ello __moog__ :)
[20:02:31] <Almeh> Eye of Horus!!!
[20:02:34] * Squirrley (~Squirrley@80-192-48-181.cable.ubr02.glen.blueyonder.co.uk) has joined #SLAYRadio
[20:02:35] <__moog__> Ph0B1uS: , Artlace,  Blok,   heya :)
[20:02:35] <Almeh> hi __moog__
[20:02:39] <LrdSqueak> !request craigg lightforce enigma mix
[20:02:47] <PwrTrace> !request Startdust momories ;)
[20:02:48] <__moog__> ZiphOnAir:  ello matey :)
[20:02:55] <ZiphOnAir> Ahoy __moog__! :)
[20:02:58] <__moog__> Almeh:   Hey !!
[20:02:59] <__moog__> :)
[20:03:02] <Squirrley> !request Firefox - Sleepwalk
[20:03:11] <Chtulu> Artlace: Something like "Who need sex when there's Ziphoid on air? Mmmmmmmm...."  ;)
[20:03:13] <Thaumiel> ZiphOnAir, you have to make an impromtu the 2 august :P
[20:03:15] <Blok> Enenin Squirrley :)
[20:03:17] <LrdSqueak> !request boobs
[20:03:18] <jbevren> !request Jeroen-Breebaart---Special-Agent-2001.mp3
[20:03:19] <Noir|X> Hey Squirrley :)
[20:03:20] <Chappers> !request Rage Is Relentless (Roots Amiga demo)
[20:03:24] <Squirrley> Blok:evening
[20:03:28] <Misser> Thaumiel hahahaha
[20:03:32] <Squirrley> Noir|X:ello :)
[20:03:42] <Blok> new keyboard :(
[20:03:44] <Squirrley> Hi Ziphoid:)
[20:03:45] <PwrTrace> !request any tune from Imortal3 ;)
[20:03:47] <Almeh> !request wumpscut - wreath of barbs
[20:03:56] * PwrTrace is now known as traceAFK
[20:04:01] <LrdSqueak> !request mastering swedish backwards.
[20:04:02] <Chtulu> Artlace: Or maybe something like "Here's one of the hottest FILFs of SLAY Radio; Ziphoid! RAWR!"
[20:04:03] <Misser> ZiphOnAir Thaumiel just noticed that there won't be a bbb on 2augustus. And let that just be his BD ;)
[20:04:07] <Chappers> aye, that Trolls one by Yahoo Cowabunga & Makke
[20:04:08] * FuzzyWolf grins
[20:04:16] <LrdSqueak> !request bananaphone - raffi
[20:04:20] <the_JinX> !request Tower Power (SID) can't remember who did it .. and too lazy to check hvsc
[20:04:21] <Misser> Chtulu ah dimmignat can raoooooor that one
[20:04:25] <Artlace> Chtulu: the ideas are just coming and coming ;)
[20:04:29] <the_JinX> Good evening :)
[20:04:34] <Squirrley> Blok:but the 'n' ain't anywhere near the 'v',there's a 'b' inbetween;-)
[20:04:41] <Misser> !zcam
[20:04:42] <SLAYRadio> Misser: http://ziphoid.com/zcam/
[20:04:49] <FuzzyWolf> ketchup bollocks on air?
[20:04:52] <Artlace> the_JinX: Jeff
[20:04:59] <Blok> Squirrley , i know :)
[20:05:03] <ToM> !request PPOT - Comic Bakery 
[20:05:05] <Misser> FuzzyWolf ;)
[20:05:34] <the_JinX> Artlace: thx :)
[20:05:39] * Listener3 (~Listener@24-196-196-108.dhcp.hckr.nc.charter.com) has joined #SLAYRadio
[20:05:42] <Lumpio-> I hate my webcam for having a microphone.
[20:05:43] * Listener3 is now known as Kyomi
[20:05:44] <Chtulu> Misser: I was thinking more of a sexy, cat like rawr  ;)
[20:05:45] <Kyomi> :)
[20:05:59] <Kyomi> I finally caught a show now :)
[20:06:04] <Noir|X> Heya Kyomi :)
[20:06:12] <Kyomi> I could be the special guest that doesn't do much :P
[20:06:13] <Lumpio-> On my older laptop Alsa can't decide which one is the primary sound card (the actual sound card of the webcam mic) and randomly changes it on boot.
[20:06:15] <the_JinX> yeay Kyomi !!
[20:06:15] * Listener0 (~Listener@p548D6D6A.dip.t-dialin.net) has joined #SLAYRadio
[20:06:17] * Ffrenzy (~m_Ffrenzy@cp354708-a.tilbu1.nb.home.nl) has joined #SLAYRadio
[20:06:21] <Ffrenzy> evening all !
[20:06:23] * Listener0 is now known as BloodwiSH
[20:06:28] <Thaumiel> Misser, you think i could ask boz to make an impromptu?
[20:06:29] <Blok> Ello Ffrenzy :)
[20:06:30] <Ph0B1uS> evening Ffrenzy 
[20:06:30] <Zider> Lumpio-: same on my mediacenter with two soundcards
[20:06:31] <Lumpio-> So every once in a while everything dies because they try to play sound through my webcam's microphone.
[20:06:31] <LrdSqueak> !request the goatsesong
[20:06:32] <Kyomi> I'm currently trying to work on a VB project
[20:06:34] <Thaumiel> hello Ffrenzy
[20:06:42] <BloodwiSH> !request Deathwish3 by MAkke .... pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase
[20:06:47] <Artlace> !np
[20:06:48] <SLAYRadio> Artlace: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: Don Peppino/C64 Mafia - Cleaning Out (Lupara Remix)
[20:06:53] <Lumpio-> of=or
[20:06:53] <ZiphOnAir> Thaumiel: Boz will have visitors that day...
[20:06:56] <Kyomi> !np
[20:06:56] <SLAYRadio> Kyomi: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: Don Peppino/C64 Mafia - Cleaning Out (Lupara Remix)
[20:07:07] <Ffrenzy> Kyomi : if you need any help....i know some VB
[20:07:24] <Kyomi> lmao
[20:07:28] <Kyomi> This song...
[20:07:29] * [MM]Samci (~Miranda@h106n4fls310o253.telia.com) has joined #SLAYRadio
[20:07:30] <Ffrenzy> !request Immortal 2 - Death mask "Something evil"
[20:07:33] * [makke] (Arne@ has joined #SLAYRadio
[20:07:34] * mxlews (~mxlews@c-71-198-176-55.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) Quit (Ping timeout: no data for 244 seconds.)
[20:07:35] <Thaumiel> ZiphOnAir, oh well, i will have to be without a show on my bday then
[20:07:39] <Ph0B1uS> heya makke
[20:07:40] * SLAYRadio sets mode: +o [makke]
[20:07:40] <ZiphOnAir> Heya [makke]! :)
[20:07:42] <Eman> wow, this is ancient
[20:07:46] <Thaumiel> hello [makke]
[20:07:47] <[makke]> Almost forgot John was on air tonight. ;)
[20:07:49] <goteborg_> jaja
[20:07:52] <Ffrenzy> !request Wayfinder - fr025 ( the popular demo )
[20:07:57] <ZiphOnAir> You daft prick, Makke.. ;)
[20:07:57] <Invizix> dang, and I have to goto work in about 20 minutes >.<
[20:08:04] <Ffrenzy> !request Immortal 2 - Battle Squadron
[20:08:10] <Ph0B1uS> Invizix, tough
[20:08:15] <Misser> back, damn some ppl have the worst of times to come for a visit. 
[20:08:18] <[makke]> ZiphOnAir: I was going through Amiga mods for the next Noble Way and lost track of time! ;)
[20:08:24] * Kyomi votes good
[20:08:34] * Invizix smacks Ph0B1uS around a bit with a non-working C128
[20:08:36] <Misser> owh no cam due to the mic thingy ?
[20:08:38] <__moog__> [makke]:  evening :) 
[20:08:42] <[makke]> Hey moog!
[20:08:47] <the_JinX> ehlo [makke] :)
[20:08:49] <ZiphOnAir> Misser: Correct... :)
[20:08:51] <Ffrenzy> !np
[20:08:52] <SLAYRadio> Ffrenzy: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: Makke Ft Timbuktu - Alla Vill Till High Scoren (Men Ingen Vill Dö)
[20:08:52] <the_JinX> !np cool !
[20:08:54] <SLAYRadio> the_JinX: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: Makke Ft Timbuktu - Alla Vill Till High Scoren (Men Ingen Vill Dö)
[20:08:55] <__moog__> heya the_JinX :)
[20:08:57] <ToM> Ffrenzy: for that song you need to have a karaoke ;)
[20:08:58] * Chtulu gives 10 out of 10 points :D
[20:08:58] <ZiphOnAir> [makke]: Well, that's a valid reason...
[20:08:59] * HiSPeed (ident@dslb-084-056-112-006.pools.arcor-ip.net) Quit (Read error: Operation timed out.)
[20:09:02] <the_JinX> ehlo __moog__ 
[20:09:04] <Kyomi> !np
[20:09:04] <SLAYRadio> Kyomi: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: Makke Ft Timbuktu - Alla Vill Till High Scoren (Men Ingen Vill Dö)
[20:09:07] <[makke]> ZiphOnAir: ;)
[20:09:08] <Ffrenzy> tom : what song ?
[20:09:12] * Almeh listening makke trying to say "almehikilje"
[20:09:18] <Almeh> Lol
[20:09:21] <ToM> Ffrenzy: fr025
[20:09:21] * Rhapsody2 (Rhapsody@CPE000c41c15402-CM013459903130.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit (Read error 54: Connection reset by peer.)
[20:09:37] <the_JinX> FarbRausch
[20:09:47] * Listener1 (~lexx@ has joined #SLAYRadio
[20:10:02] <Listener1> test
[20:10:02] <Squirrley> Shabba!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
[20:10:07] <the_JinX> ehlo Listener1 
[20:10:07] <Artlace> !np
[20:10:09] <SLAYRadio> Artlace: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: Makke Ft Timbuktu - Alla Vill Till High Scoren (Men Ingen Vill Dö)
[20:10:13] <goteborg_> nice tune
[20:10:17] <LrdSqueak> !listeners
[20:10:19] <SLAYRadio> LrdSqueak: Current number of listeners on SLAY Radio: 192
[20:10:22] <Artlace> it's a hit :)
[20:10:23] <[makke]> I saw on the SLAYradio.org msg boards that Dajova is aiming for a comeback!
[20:10:25] <EchelonIV> _o
[20:10:36] <Misser> !tl
[20:10:36] <ZiphOnAir> [makke]: Haven't you looked in the RKO queue lately? ;)
[20:10:37] <Artlace> evening, master [makke] !
[20:10:37] <DMTM> ZiphOnAir that was about time... =) to play this version ^^
[20:10:38] <SLAYRadio> Misser: http://www.slayradio.org/shows.php?show_id=341
[20:10:48] <DMTM> hello makke
[20:10:54] <goteborg_> tl?
[20:11:04] <[makke]> ZiphOnAir: Now that you mention it! I saw it. I didn't get around to download it. Any better than the last batch of crap...eehm, quality tunage? ;)
[20:11:04] <Ph0B1uS> todays list?
[20:11:08] <[makke]> hey DMTM
[20:11:14] <Listener1> Hi 2 @ll. Music is great. How long ca we enjoy ZipOnAir ?
[20:11:16] <[makke]> Hey Artlace :D
[20:11:19] <ZiphOnAir> [makke]: Well, a bit...
[20:11:30] <Artlace> [makke]: what comparison do you plan in your next show?
[20:11:35] <EchelonIV> i figure this was the normal song first but listnong now i hear somthing new aye :D
[20:11:43] <DMTM> makke i have a ex of you it's binary baby! :P
[20:12:07] <[makke]> Artlace: Next show we'll take a look at After Burner ports :)
[20:12:11] <Chtulu> [makke]! *huggles*
[20:12:13] <[makke]> DMTM: ;D
[20:12:24] <Misser> [makke] hehe
[20:12:26] <Artlace> [makke]: hm, not bad.
[20:12:31] <[makke]> Chtulu! :D *snuggles*
[20:12:42] <Chtulu> [makke]: You're coming to the gathering in Gbg?
[20:12:51] <Misser> Listener1 is Lex ?
[20:12:54] <[makke]> Chtulu: Yup, that's what the train tickets say. :)
[20:12:54] <Ph0B1uS> Listener1, try the /nick nickname
[20:12:57] <Listener1> yes :)
[20:13:05] <Listener1> but i logged with @lexx
[20:13:09] <Misser> LEx doe even de /nick magic
[20:13:22] <LrdSqueak> Its not 30+C ovendegrees weather
[20:13:25] <Listener1> :) yes
[20:13:28] <Listener1> ty
[20:13:32] <Listener1> i do ;=
[20:13:35] <Chtulu> Yay! \o/
[20:13:44] <Misser> Listener1 do /nick DeLEx then :)
[20:13:45] * Ffrenzy is now known as lex_
[20:13:47] * [dhs] (~suk@adsl191.omninetwork.it) has joined #slayradio
[20:13:50] * lex_ is now known as Ffrenzy
[20:13:54] <Artlace> Ciao [dhs] 
[20:13:55] * SLAYRadio sets mode: +o [dhs]
[20:13:57] <Ffrenzy> lex_ is still free
[20:13:59] <DMTM> makke i miss some tunes on the cd... =)
[20:14:00] <[dhs]> hi
[20:14:04] <ZiphOnAir> Ciao Carlo! :)
[20:14:04] <the_JinX> :D
[20:14:08] <Noir|X> Heya [dhs] ;)
[20:14:10] <[dhs]> ZiphOnAir: good for you if you're in a good mood. :-/
[20:14:15] * MjauMjau (~trick@182.84-48-88.nextgentel.com) has joined #slayradio
[20:14:16] <Thaumiel> ZiphOnAir, hmm?
[20:14:18] <the_JinX> lol
[20:14:20] <[makke]> DMTM: Really? :) Well, you can't have everything on one CD ;)
[20:14:22] <DMTM> makke alla vill till himmelen men ingen vill då
[20:14:22] <Invizix> 50 Cent vs C64
[20:14:22] <Invizix> lol
[20:14:27] <the_JinX> Never heard this before.. cool..
[20:14:28] <DMTM> makke true
[20:14:30] <Listener1> test
[20:14:34] <Chtulu> [makke]: I'm sponsoring your Porsche. I've bought your CD and are waiting for it to be delievered ;)
[20:14:34] <ZiphOnAir> [dhs]: Well, I just feel like I am... :)
[20:14:34] <DMTM> and your medley :P
[20:14:35] <Invizix> this mix is annoying >.<
[20:14:36] * hulken_ (~hulken@81-232-94-191-no12.tbcn.telia.com) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer.)
[20:14:38] <__moog__> I found nice music notation tool : LilyPond,   based on MusicTex (which i've been using)
[20:14:42] <Squirrley> stream is skippin again.hehe:)
[20:14:43] <[makke]> [dhs]: Are you in colmarr mode?
[20:14:45] <Artlace> [makke]: I don't miss anything from the CD, except your signature from the inlay :D
[20:14:46] <ZiphOnAir> Listener1: /nick _Lexx or similar? :)
[20:14:50] <Ph0B1uS> !np
[20:14:52] <SLAYRadio> Ph0B1uS: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: Josstintimberlake - 50 Cent vs C64
[20:14:53] <[dhs]> nah
[20:14:57] <Eman> bah, i hate thi mix
[20:15:03] <[makke]> __moog__: What does that tool do?
[20:15:05] <Invizix> this mix is annoying as hell
[20:15:07] <Misser> ahhh lex, i must give you the copy of mirc :)
[20:15:07] <[dhs]> to try to change my mood i'm going to buy a Supra
[20:15:08] <Invizix> with all the "stutter"
[20:15:13] * Chtulu prefere 50 Pence - In da Pub  ;)
[20:15:16] <[makke]> __moog__: Argh! Notation. Sorry. I missed that word. ;)
[20:15:21] <__moog__> [makke]: :D
[20:15:21] <the_JinX> __moog__: I thought LilyPond was a bit weird.. but I suck at music so that might have just been my fault ;)
[20:15:22] <LrdSqueak> * Fan! , det svänger ju! *
[20:15:28] * the_JinX agrees with Chtulu 
[20:15:37] <Misser> [dhs] last version of the supra?
[20:15:41] <[dhs]> 1993
[20:15:44] <Zider> hey Chtulu :D
[20:15:47] <Eman> !request Razmo - Demons First (Authentica mix)
[20:15:50] <Chtulu> the_JinX: I've got a fiver love, if you let me see your juggs ;)
[20:15:51] <[dhs]> wich, yes, is the last. twinturbo one.
[20:15:51] <__moog__> the_JinX:  it's kind of language created for making music scores 
[20:15:54] * hulken1 (~hulken@81-232-94-191-no12.tbcn.telia.com) has joined #SLAYRadio
[20:16:03] <Kyomi> This song sucks horribly
[20:16:06] <[makke]> I feel like supa, but I guess a 1993 Supra will have to do. *cue bad drum fill*
[20:16:06] * Noir|X get some Fika for [dhs] or.. do you want Fica instead? ;)
[20:16:08] <__moog__> http://lilypond.org/web/
[20:16:10] <Thaumiel> hehe
[20:16:13] * Listener1 (~lexx@ Quit (Quit: SLAY Radio roxx.)
[20:16:18] <Artlace> [makke]: one day I'll ask you to correct this small "flaw" on my copy :)
[20:16:18] <[dhs]> Noir|X: both. thanks. :)
[20:16:21] <Chtulu> *phew* I smell macho  :P
[20:16:29] <FuzzyWolf> !request Pirate song
[20:16:34] <Almeh> hi [dhs]
[20:16:34] * Listener8 (~lexx@ has joined #SLAYRadio
[20:16:34] <Ffrenzy> SAM !!!!!
[20:16:38] <[makke]> Artlace: What flaw is that? :)
[20:16:39] <the_JinX> Check it out y'all !!
[20:16:51] <Misser> sam sam you the man
[20:16:53] <Kyomi> !np
[20:16:54] * the_JinX waves his joystick in the air like he doesn't care !!
[20:16:54] <SLAYRadio> Kyomi: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: Tron Ft SAM - RockSIDDynamic [WIP2]
[20:16:55] <Artlace> [makke]: in other words: I'll ask you to sign it  :)
[20:17:00] * the_JinX bounces !!
[20:17:04] <Invizix> lol
[20:17:04] <[makke]> Artlace: Ah! ;)
[20:17:07] <Sinner1_> funky!
[20:17:08] <jbevren> is this going to be released on rko?
[20:17:09] <Invizix> S.A.M. rap
[20:17:16] <Kyomi> SAM sooo owns the microsoft version :P
[20:17:18] <Misser> lex got the gsm on ?
[20:17:21] * RazzG (asjop@a80-186-161-106.elisa-laajakaista.fi) has joined #SLAYRadio
[20:17:24] <Sinner1_> R.A.C.T.E.R or summit?
[20:17:27] <Artlace> !np
[20:17:29] <SLAYRadio> Artlace: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: Tron Ft SAM - RockSIDDynamic [WIP2]
[20:17:29] <Ffrenzy> jbevren : it's still a WIP
[20:17:30] * Listener8 (~lexx@ Quit (Quit: SLAY Radio roxx.)
[20:17:30] <Invizix> ROFL
[20:17:33] <Invizix> this i good
[20:17:34] <Invizix> is
[20:17:35] <Invizix> :S
[20:17:36] <Invizix> :D
[20:17:36] * the_JinX waves his joystick in the air like he doesn't care !!
[20:17:37] * Chtulu needs more cola 50/50
[20:17:46] <Ffrenzy> Sinner1 : almost...it's SAM, the C64 version of racter
[20:17:53] <goteborg_> this cool
[20:17:56] <goteborg_> gimme ;)
[20:17:58] <Sinner1_> ok
[20:18:02] * Chtulu sees what the_JinX is doing, covers her eyes and blushes
[20:18:02] * Listener8 (~Lexx@ has joined #SLAYRadio
[20:18:05] <[makke]> That tune is fecking GENIUS!
[20:18:09] * Rhapsody2 (Rhapsody@CPE000c41c15402-CM013459903130.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #slayradio
[20:18:13] <[makke]> Or *GENIAS*
[20:18:17] <Sinner1_> oi Makke
[20:18:22] <FuzzyWolf> dir
[20:18:22] <[makke]> Hey Sinner! :D
[20:18:26] <bamsefar> [makke]: Oi!
[20:18:26] <FuzzyWolf> dur
[20:18:27] <Ffrenzy> [makke] : then tell Tron that he has to do some bloody more work on it !
[20:18:28] <DMTM> sorry but i had to go... :/
[20:18:30] <the_JinX> Misser: Weet je wat ook een leuke voor SAM zou zijn..    Summer holiday rap van Dj Sven en Mike G (of zo)
[20:18:34] <[makke]> bamsefart!
[20:18:36] <Misser> ahhh Ffrenzy it's not DeLex i know that listerner bloke :)
[20:18:39] * DMTM away to play some football... :/
[20:18:50] * HiSPeed (ident@dslb-084-056-092-216.pools.arcor-ip.net) has joined #SLAYRadio
[20:18:50] <Misser> the_JinX heheh there's a little bit in there
[20:18:52] <Ffrenzy> Misser : i knew that from the start ;)
[20:18:59] <[makke]> Ffrenzy: I shall kick him in the arse if he doesn't finish it soon! That just needs to be finished!
[20:19:01] <Ffrenzy> Kyomi : see PM !
[20:19:03] <the_JinX> Misser: yeah.. I noticed..
[20:19:08] * ZiphOnAir sets mode: +v Kyomi
[20:19:10] <Sinner1_> dainjs mix
[20:19:12] <bamsefar> [makke]: Funneh. ;)
[20:19:12] <FuzzyWolf> pizza base!
[20:19:12] * Invizix bounces
[20:19:21] <Ffrenzy> [makke] : not THAT'S the spirit ! ( tell him at the gbg ! )
[20:19:47] <[makke]> Ffrenzy: Oh, he's coming to gbg? Excellent! I shall hassle him about it.
[20:19:56] <Eman> we just need a drunken [makke] giving out ops again :p
[20:20:19] <[makke]> Eman: What? Did I hand out ops on the piss? When?
[20:20:32] <Ffrenzy> [makke] : ok...let's make it a pincer attack.. Misser and me from here, you from Sweden ! and together we SHALL OVERCOME TRON'S LAZYNESS MUAHAHAHAHA !
[20:20:35] <Eman> about a year ago
[20:20:38] <Misser> [makke] we'll join the queue, i'm using the Tron Stimulator (tm) almost daily :)
[20:20:43] <Listener8> I'm still under Listener. lol I'm too stupid. :)
[20:20:45] * andrewf (~andrewf@CPE-24-163-207-15.mn.res.rr.com) has joined #SLAYRadio
[20:20:58] <Ffrenzy> listeners8 : /nick lex_
[20:21:02] <[makke]> Ffrenzy: I suspect it will take all of our combined powers. The lazyness has been known to be quite strong within the scene!
[20:21:13] <[dhs]> mmmm.... FBY hitted the RKO
[20:21:25] <FuzzyWolf> pizza base!
[20:21:26] <Ffrenzy> [makke] : the power of the lazy side ! it's even worse than the dark side !
[20:21:27] <[dhs]> he was a good mod composer
[20:21:32] <RazzG> !Beer
[20:21:34] <Artlace> [makke]: it's a common and contagious disease..."but we're the cure!"
[20:21:46] <ZiphOnAir> [dhs]: Well, the releases on RKO weren't THAT impressive, though...
[20:21:49] <[makke]> Ffrenzy: Indeed. The can't-be-arsed side.
[20:22:06] <Thaumiel> hello andrewf
[20:22:08] <Ffrenzy> [makke] : you know that detron actually has a lightsaber !!!
[20:22:08] <Chtulu> [makke]: Boz made us (you especially) look like fools last night. He aired our drunken version of Artura and then the one you growled  >_<
[20:22:15] * Listener8 is now known as lex_
[20:22:17] <[dhs]> ZiphOnAir: he's italian, from florence.
[20:22:20] <lex_> ok 
[20:22:27] <Ffrenzy> lex_ : APPLAUSE !
[20:22:27] <lex_> hell thanks :)
[20:22:31] <lex_> tee hee
[20:22:34] <[makke]> Ffrenzy: Damn, I guess he'll fight back then. ;)
[20:22:35] * ZiphOnAir sets mode: +v lex_
[20:22:43] <Thaumiel> yay lex_ :)
[20:22:49] * kami|off (~kamisori@pc164.woschi.RWTH-Aachen.DE) has joined #slayradio
[20:22:55] <RazzG> !listeners
[20:22:56] <SLAYRadio> RazzG: Current number of listeners on SLAY Radio: 201
[20:22:57] <[makke]> Chtulu: Ouch! Hahaha... I guess it must've hurt the listeners ears. ;)
[20:23:04] <lex_> :)
[20:23:09] <Ffrenzy> [makke] : buy your own then.....the Darth Maul version is available too !
[20:23:15] <Artlace> [makke]: we simply heard your death metal version of it :)
[20:23:25] <[makke]> Ffrenzy: Oooh! Dath Maulian goodliness!
[20:23:29] <the_JinX> hehhe
[20:23:31] <traceAFK> oh crazy :)
[20:23:34] <Chtulu> [makke]: We shall thank the lord he didn't record our version of Ferdinand  ;)
[20:23:35] <[makke]> Artlace: I blame beer for that version...
[20:23:37] <RazzG> 201 is good for holiday season :-)
[20:23:39] <the_JinX> great one traceAFK !!
[20:23:40] <ihefsu> LIGHTSABER?!
[20:23:43] * ihefsu (~ihefsu@h87n3fls301o1097.telia.com) has left #SLAYRadio
[20:23:43] * FooFighte (FooFighter@dkd209.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl) has joined #Slayradio
[20:23:46] <Misser> wow hurry lex_
[20:23:46] <[makke]> Chtulu: ;D
[20:23:47] <traceAFK> thanks :)
[20:23:48] * ihefsu (~ihefsu@h87n3fls301o1097.telia.com) has joined #SLAYRadio
[20:23:54] * the_JinX is now known as lite_JinX
[20:23:54] <FooFighte> Ello All 
[20:23:58] * Brad-CA (~B@rrcs-67-52-168-118.west.biz.rr.com) has joined #SLAYRadio
[20:23:58] <Frurry> !request streethawk
[20:24:11] <Frurry> !request shadowfire
[20:24:13] <RazzG> !UNZ
[20:24:14] <SLAYRadio> RazzG: Unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz.
[20:24:17] <lite_JinX> Which is bloody great :)
[20:24:22] <Noir|X> Misser: Btw, i'm coming to the gbg gathering :)
[20:24:22] <[dhs]> Brad-CA: Fi-CA
[20:24:22] <Thaumiel> nice request Noir|X :)
[20:24:24] <lite_JinX> !unza
[20:24:26] <Brad-CA> !Request Gol - Great Oxygenated Sisters
[20:24:28] <SLAYRadio> lite_JinX: Forza UNZ-unz-Unz-uNz-unZ-uNz-Unz-UNz-UNZ!!!
[20:24:28] <Noir|X> Thaumiel: thanks :)
[20:24:29] <Squirrley> Noir|X:brill choice:)
[20:24:33] <Misser> Noir|X ahhh goodie, bring teddy :)
[20:24:35] <LrdSqueak> !request oxegynated sisters
[20:24:37] <Kyomi> I just heard this and it is ungodly awesome :)
[20:24:45] <Thaumiel> Misser, you could blame me for Noir|X comming to gbg gathering
[20:24:45] <Brad-CA> DHS: nice one ;)
[20:24:47] <Noir|X> Misser: Oh I will ;)
[20:24:49] * Hrun tunes in.
[20:24:55] <Artlace> !listeners
[20:24:56] <SLAYRadio> Artlace: Current number of listeners on SLAY Radio: 205
[20:24:58] * Noir|X giggles
[20:25:03] <Ffrenzy> makke : (dutch site, im afraid ) http://www.megagadgets.nl/lightsaber-darth-maul-p-475.html
[20:25:10] <Kyomi> Noir went? :)
[20:25:11] <Misser> Thaumiel ahh offered a place in the booz filled tent now did you ?
[20:25:12] <FooFighte> !request Wizardry Tune 2
[20:25:16] <LrdSqueak> !request usagi yojimbo - gama sutra?
[20:25:18] <Noir|X> Squirrley: :)
[20:25:20] <MjauMjau> !np
[20:25:21] <Ffrenzy> kyomi : seen the link i posted in PM ?
[20:25:22] <SLAYRadio> MjauMjau: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: Chronblom - Gyroscope - Unzalicious version
[20:25:35] <Noir|X> Kyomi: Hm? I'm going the gbg gathering..
[20:25:35] <lex_> Soon i might contribute a huelsbeck remix too. I must honor my holy soundwizard u know. ;)
[20:25:43] <Thaumiel> Misser, i'm fixing so that she has a place to sleep yes, and the trip to gbg and from gbg too
[20:25:47] <Chtulu> Ffrenzy: BWAHAHA!! That is so lame! :D
[20:26:00] <Ffrenzy> chtulu : it's even detachable into two lightsabers.
[20:26:05] <[makke]> Ffrenzy: Perfect for getting rid of jehovas witnesses. ;)
[20:26:13] <Misser> Thaumiel nice lad you are ;)
[20:26:17] <FooFighte> !request The Plough
[20:26:21] * hulken1 (~hulken@81-232-94-191-no12.tbcn.telia.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 198 seconds.)
[20:26:29] <Kyomi> Interesting, good link Ffrenzy :)
[20:26:31] <Ffrenzy> Chtulu : Detron has a Darth Vader lightsaber..kinda cool thing, even light up, makes all the sounds ( whoosh and clash )
[20:26:33] <Brad-CA> !request Makke Goooooood! - Glider Rider
[20:26:41] <Misser> seems a lot off ppl are helping ppl to get to the GBG gathering. Thats nice
[20:26:44] <Chtulu> [makke]: Put a note on your door... "Religiöst missionerande undanbedes. Påringning medger deltagande i sataniska riter."   ;)
[20:26:45] <Thaumiel> Misser, i try anyway
[20:26:45] <FooFighte> !request Star Paws Boz
[20:26:53] <Ffrenzy> Kyomi : i'm the king of googling !
[20:27:00] <[makke]> Chtulu: ;D
[20:27:02] <Kyomi> :)
[20:27:02] <lex_> u guyz all C64 vets or are there also Lovers to the girlfriend Amiga there ? :=)
[20:27:11] <Brad-CA> !request Slumgud of Depth - Smiling Reggae
[20:27:24] * hagar sets mode: +v Ffrenzy
[20:27:25] <Thaumiel> 64
[20:27:33] <Ffrenzy> chtulu : THIS is lame : an R2D2 Mr. Potatohead : http://www.thinkgeek.com/geektoys/plush/84a2/
[20:27:40] <Ffrenzy> hagar : WTF !!!!!!
[20:27:50] * hulken1 (~hulken@81-232-94-191-no12.tbcn.telia.com) has joined #SLAYRadio
[20:27:54] <hagar> Ffrenzy: the king of google deserves +v
[20:28:05] <Misser> ;)
[20:28:11] <Ffrenzy> hagar : erm..... in here the females get a +v !
[20:28:21] <Kyomi> :P
[20:28:26] <Misser> Ffrenzy well seems you need that operation then
[20:28:29] <Thaumiel> lol
[20:28:30] <Kyomi> Where's mine then? :P
[20:28:37] <Kyomi> wee
[20:28:41] <MjauMjau> !request Infamous - Creatures
[20:28:42] <ZiphOnAir> Kyomi: Look closer, you know... ;)
[20:28:42] <Ffrenzy> Kyomi : you have one !
[20:28:43] <Kyomi> !np
[20:28:44] <SLAYRadio> Kyomi: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: Olof 'Blaizer' Gustafsson - Wasted
[20:28:55] <Kyomi> Where can I get this?
[20:29:01] <[makke]> "Get out of my way, cus you know that I am totally wasted!"
[20:29:02] <ZiphOnAir> Kyomi: http://ziphoid.com/mp3
[20:29:02] <Chtulu> Ffrenzy: o.ô
[20:29:02] <Artlace> my usual "wasted" dosage
[20:29:05] <RazzG> !Request Byterapers - World Of Code
[20:29:07] <Artlace> goooooood :)
[20:29:09] * Ffrenzy feels quite good here between all the womenfolk !
[20:29:11] * Invizix (~invizix@pool-71-99-212-234.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer.)
[20:29:18] <lex_> ohhh Olof Gustaffson....always great music as also on Amiga !
[20:29:28] <Misser> Ffrenzy ahhh you are the luckiest guy in the channel tonight ?
[20:29:34] <Chappers> !request that lovely Silent Hill tune :)
[20:29:39] <Ffrenzy> Misser : exactly !
[20:29:43] <ZiphOnAir> lex_: Definately. :) You should hear his latest work... :) Can't play it yet, though... ;)
[20:29:45] <Cedex__> GUstaf grefberg you mean ? aka lizardking
[20:29:47] <Chtulu> Chappers: That's a good request :D
[20:29:51] <Ph0B1uS> well hello there Chappers didnt see you :)
[20:29:53] <Kyomi> Hmmm... this sounds like movie quality music
[20:29:58] <Cedex__> err nm
[20:30:06] <Misser> Ffrenzy well you are in a rather intresting position (sandwich)
[20:30:08] <Chappers> Chtulu: ah thanks :)
[20:30:15] <ZiphOnAir> Cedex__: What about Gustaf?
[20:30:18] <FuzzyWolf> PUSH
[20:30:22] <FuzzyWolf> meh
[20:30:27] <Cedex__> nm.. my bad
[20:30:36] <ZiphOnAir> Cedex__: Well, Gustaf is also a great bloke... :)
[20:30:37] <Cedex__> brain not working in this heat :)
[20:30:41] <Cedex__> yes he is
[20:30:43] * ninan (Ninan@c-be9de455.51-0190-74657210.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se) has joined #SLAYRadio
[20:30:52] * ZiphOnAir sets mode: +v ninan
[20:30:57] * RazzG AFK goin to rape some bytes
[20:31:02] <ZiphOnAir> ninan: Hey, aren't you guys playing Monopoly? ;)
[20:31:08] <Misser> ninan my little singing angel *hug* welcome back
[20:31:12] * [dhs] (~suk@adsl191.omninetwork.it) Quit (Quit: don't fight da fika.)
[20:31:21] <[makke]> ZiphOnAir: I've been thinking about remixing some of his amiga stuff (gustafs that is). It's just a matter of finding the right sounds on the Wavestation vsti, and then I might do it. ;)
[20:31:33] <ZiphOnAir> [makke]: Yes! Please do! :)
[20:31:33] <ninan> ZiphOnAir: im out... :(
[20:31:37] <FuzzyWolf> :)
[20:31:41] <ZiphOnAir> ninan: Already??? Awww...
[20:31:48] <Cedex__> the good old doskpop style
[20:31:51] <ninan> Misser: hello :)
[20:32:01] <Ph0B1uS> aah, good old capitalism at its best :)
[20:32:01] <[makke]> Doskpop is teh skit!
[20:32:06] <Misser> gheeeeeeeeeeeeeesus
[20:32:11] <ninan> ZiphOnAir: yeah, and im a really bad looser...
[20:32:12] <Misser> some ppl 
[20:32:16] <Chtulu> Damn you Ffrenzy! Now I'm stuck dr00ling over geek shirts and stuff and crying because I can't afford it  >_<
[20:32:22] <lex_> Yes ...Korg Synths indeed make a goog choice. Alot of Korg sounds were used on Amiga tracks too.
[20:32:35] <Cedex__> when it comes to amigaremixes. im really missing  nuke/spaceman/martin iveson mixes .. 
[20:32:36] <ninan> Misser: dimmignat says hi btw
[20:32:41] <Ffrenzy> Chtulu : cool stuff on thinkgeek, isn't it ?
[20:32:43] <Cedex__> that guy has some groovy mods
[20:32:54] <Misser> ninan hi back to dimmi, and don't let him cheat 
[20:33:03] <[makke]> Cedex__: I'm actually looking into doing either a Bubba n Stix remix, or a Banshee remix. :)
[20:33:05] <Chtulu> Ffrenzy: duh.. :P
[20:33:11] <Cedex__> wonderful :)
[20:33:16] <[makke]> Cedex__: I'm not making any promises though ;)
[20:33:20] <Misser> !reqeust angel, so ninan can fum along
[20:33:24] <Misser> hum even
[20:33:26] <Frurry> !fika
[20:33:26] <SLAYRadio> Frurry: Coffee and cake? Mmmm... fika.
[20:33:27] <Misser> *ooeps*
[20:33:45] <ninan> Misser: ok...i cant stop him now, im already out of the game :(
[20:33:48] <Kyomi> In the background also :P
[20:34:03] <Ffrenzy> chtulu : they even have the killer rabiit from Monty Python.....as slippers !
[20:34:04] <Ph0B1uS> ZiphOnAir, :(
[20:34:06] <[makke]> Aaargh! I was looking forward to seeing him again. :(
[20:34:17] * FuzzyWolf wasn't in heat...
[20:34:35] * FuzzyWolf giggles
[20:34:36] <Frurry> anyone here play second life?
[20:34:52] <DMTM> ZiphOnAir sorry if was guilty to the heat.
[20:35:17] <DMTM> http://ziphoid.com/gathering
[20:35:31] <DMTM> 50+90?
[20:35:37] <DMTM> 140?
[20:35:38] <DMTM> :P
[20:35:42] <DMTM> sorry
[20:35:44] <DMTM> :D
[20:35:51] <Brad-CA> !request Sid80's - Rasputin
[20:35:57] * Chappers just got a text from Wenchie, she's stuck in a huge queue at the checkout getting some handy supplies (Pepsi Max), will be here soon :)
[20:36:01] <lite_JinX> RazzG: great tune !!!
[20:36:02] <DMTM> i think that i going to play the Fika tune again ZiphOnAir
[20:36:02] <Kyomi> !request what Brad-CA did
[20:36:02] <DMTM> :P
[20:36:06] <DMTM> haha! :P
[20:36:20] <DMTM> ZiphOnAir when i spook about it! :P
[20:36:29] <lite_JinX> wtf.. Ffrenzy did you turn girly ??
[20:36:29] <Kyomi> !np
[20:36:31] <SLAYRadio> Kyomi: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: Dr. Fikalover - I Would Like a Fika Remix (Dafunk & BeeZerk feat. Boz)
[20:36:36] * lite_JinX scrolls up
[20:36:36] * Frurry is out of pepsi max
[20:36:38] <Brad-CA> Kyomi - was the recovery successful???
[20:36:38] <lite_JinX> ah..
[20:36:40] <ShaMan_> whoooooo...
[20:36:50] <ShaMan_> !fika
[20:36:50] <SLAYRadio> ShaMan_: Coffee and cake? Mmmm... fika.
[20:36:56] <Ffrenzy> lite_JinX : not really.....hagar thought that "the king of googling" needed a +v !
[20:37:04] * Chtulu dcc Frurry some cola 50
[20:37:08] <DMTM> !unz
[20:37:08] <SLAYRadio> DMTM: Unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz.
[20:37:12] <Brad-CA> !fica
[20:37:12] <SLAYRadio> Brad-CA: Moist and warm? Mmmm... fica!
[20:37:17] <Kyomi> <3 this song :)
[20:37:18] <lex_> lol the fuzzywolf looks like the main-character on amiga game / Fire&Ice :)
[20:37:40] <lex_> See for urself on the foto / http://ziphoid.com/gathering
[20:37:47] <Kyomi> I sooo need to get reason installed again with cubase so I can do a remix
[20:37:59] <lite_JinX> Or that Fox game on C64.. can't remenber the name..
[20:38:04] <lex_> which version do u use / reason ?
[20:38:10] <Artlace> lite_JinX: fox strikes back ?
[20:38:13] <Kyomi> 3.0
[20:38:14] <Ffrenzy> lite_JinX : titus the fox ?
[20:38:15] <lex_> probably jinx. :)
[20:38:18] * DMTM i'm going to play this tune Live on the Gathering!
[20:38:23] <DMTM> sorry
[20:38:27] * Almeh (SLAYRadioJ@host33-165.pool872.interbusiness.it) Quit (Quit: SLAY Radio roxx.)
[20:38:29] <ZiphOnAir> DMTM: /me IS going to...
[20:38:30] <lite_JinX> Artlace: yeah.. Fox strikes back
[20:38:35] <Kyomi> Cubase can interface with reason too :)
[20:38:38] <lite_JinX> Artlace: that is a hilarious game
[20:38:42] <DMTM> ZiphOnAir sorry forgot the rulz
[20:38:43] * Chappers slaps DMTM for getting the /ame command wrong AGAIN! ;)
[20:38:51] <lite_JinX> Artlace: atleast I thought so 25 years ago ;)
[20:38:55] <Misser> ZiphOnAir don't go carry water to the sea with that /me :)
[20:38:58] <Chtulu> !honk Chappers 
[20:38:58] <SLAYRadio> Fina pattar, Chappers . *honk honk*
[20:38:58] <lite_JinX> well.. 20 ;)
[20:39:01] <Ph0B1uS> ZiphOnAir, how about an IRC FAQ? :)
[20:39:04] <ZiphOnAir> Misser: Hehe... ;)
[20:39:11] <Ph0B1uS> nice Chappers  :)
[20:39:14] <ZiphOnAir> Ph0B1uS: Well, there are a couple of those around... ;)
[20:39:24] * hulken1 (~hulken@81-232-94-191-no12.tbcn.telia.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 198 seconds.)
[20:39:28] <Chappers> !moobs
[20:39:36] <lite_JinX> !rtfm Ph0B1uS 
[20:39:36] <Ffrenzy> dmtm : i've got it from very reliable sources that IF you take that guitar with you to the gbg, you'll be WEARING it when you are going home ! ;)
[20:39:38] <SLAYRadio> Read The Fucking Manual, Ph0B1uS ! http://www.slayradio.org/faq
[20:39:38] <Misser> Chappers /ame ? hmmm hope dmtm is not on to many channels then
[20:39:40] <Ph0B1uS> ZiphOnAir, it seems that there isnt enough of them afterall :)
[20:39:44] <lex_> Yes Kyomi....via Rewire mode u can use both programms at once :)
[20:39:54] * lite_JinX bounces :)
[20:39:59] <Ph0B1uS> arent even
[20:40:00] <Chappers> misser: we can only hope :)
[20:40:03] <Misser> Ffrenzy hehe
[20:40:04] * Squirrley is now known as SquirAFK
[20:40:06] <Kyomi> !np
[20:40:08] <SLAYRadio> Kyomi: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: Dr. Fikalover - I Would Like a Fika Remix (Dafunk & BeeZerk feat. Boz)
[20:40:17] <ZiphOnAir> Ph0B1uS: Well, it seems like there aren't... *S*
[20:40:24] * lite_JinX *burps*
[20:40:27] * Kelativo (~tapo@nat04.dsl.ssp.fi) has left #SLAYRadio
[20:40:30] <[makke]> Oooh! Interview with Martin Brown (of Team17 fame) on LemonAmiga! http://www.lemonamiga.com/interviews/martyn_brown/
[20:40:30] <Ph0B1uS> ZiphOnAir, :)
[20:40:33] <Misser> ahh lite_JinX talks to us again
[20:40:41] * Kelativo (~tapo@nat04.dsl.ssp.fi) has joined #SLAYRadio
[20:40:53] * Blok will have to go soon :(
[20:40:59] <lex_> NICE ! Ty for the Link :)
[20:41:21] * hulken1 (~hulken@81-232-94-191-no12.tbcn.telia.com) has joined #SLAYRadio
[20:41:24] <Ph0B1uS> will you be back Blok ?
[20:41:40] <lex_> Martin Brown was the producer of Team17. Managed alot.
[20:41:42] * lite_JinX tooo
[20:41:46] <lite_JinX> great tune !!
[20:41:50] <Chappers> ZiphOnAir: cheers matey! :D
[20:41:51] <DMTM> I've have flashbacks on this one from the gathering ZiphOnAir
[20:41:52] <DMTM> ^^
[20:42:01] <Blok> Ph0B1uS , i will be back before the end or the show :)
[20:42:04] <lex_> But has Team17 ever made a game for C64 too ?
[20:42:06] <ShaMan_> heavy stuff
[20:42:07] * lite_JinX bounces
[20:42:07] <DMTM> lex_ i remeber the old classic Wormes theme for pc 1995
[20:42:16] <Ph0B1uS> Blok, i see. well you know where to find us :)
[20:42:18] <lite_JinX> thx for link [makke] 
[20:42:38] <ZiphOnAir> Blok: You're leaving now?
[20:42:47] <Blok> Ph0B1uS , Thanx , i sure do
[20:42:53] * Artlace headbangs
[20:43:11] <Blok> ZiphOnAir , not just yet but V soon :(
[20:43:21] <Ffrenzy> dmtm : a lot of people have flasdhbacks from you at the gathering too......oh no...they called it "nightmares" ;)
[20:43:21] <lite_JinX> !request something Alien Breed (remix, mod or whatever)
[20:43:24] <ZiphOnAir> Blok: Ahh, then I can keep your request lined up, then... ;)
[20:43:33] <DMTM> Ffrenzy i see
[20:43:39] * lite_JinX jumps on Artlace
[20:43:43] <Blok> ZiphOnAir , Thanx :)
[20:43:44] <DMTM> the only guy how could play the guitar there...
[20:43:48] <DMTM> the only guy how could play the guitar there... Ffrenzy
[20:43:50] <DMTM> :)
[20:44:03] * Blok headbangs to the beat
[20:44:16] <ZiphOnAir> DMTM: Yes, you were the only one that could, since Dimmi-afK can't play a single note... ;)
[20:44:17] <Ph0B1uS> or the one that got ahold of the guitar first...
[20:44:46] <__moog__> ZiphOnAir:  i uploaded final version of 'Tristess'  it has a bit better sound (mainly mixing) then that WIP version You played last time :)
[20:45:02] <__moog__> ZiphOnAir:  i'm talking about RKO of 'coz
[20:45:03] <__moog__> :D
[20:45:04] <ZiphOnAir> __moog__: Already downloaded and included in the playlist later on... ;) Shall I wait for Dafunk? ;)
[20:45:14] <__moog__> ZiphOnAir: :D
[20:45:46] <DMTM> thanks for thoose words ZiphOnAir! ;)
[20:45:51] <DMTM> g2g
[20:45:59] <Dimmi-afK> ZiphOnAir: Yes.. I'm a total retard.. I don't know what a guitar is.. duhhh duhh uhhh uhh ;)
[20:46:13] <Ph0B1uS> Dimmi-afK, :)
[20:46:14] * DMTM (~DMTM@1-1-2-27a.gbdn.gbg.bostream.se) Quit (Quit: going and play some fotball. slayradio Rockx! ZiphOnAir! :P.)
[20:46:25] <ninan> !request Lagerfeldt - Angel
[20:46:25] <Thaumiel> hehe
[20:46:31] <Sinner1_> ho hum
[20:46:36] <Blok> ZiphOnAir , I will be back before you finish :)
[20:46:39] <lite_JinX> YEY
[20:46:41] <__moog__> ZiphOnAir: hmm,  i have no idea that dafunk will be here this evening 
[20:46:46] <ZiphOnAir> Blok: Goodie... ;)
[20:47:07] <ZiphOnAir> __moog__: Well, I'll gladly play Tristess as soon possible otherwise... :) It's bloody great...
[20:47:14] <Ph0B1uS> irony is a funny thing. kids develop a sense for it round the age of 12 :)
[20:47:25] <Thaumiel> hehe
[20:47:33] <ZiphOnAir> Ph0B1uS: Some never do... ;)
[20:47:39] <Kyomi> Ph0B1uS: I still have no idea what irony is
[20:47:41] <Ph0B1uS> ZiphOnAir, hehe
[20:47:46] <Misser> lol
[20:47:47] <Kyomi> I used to know... but I keep forgetting
[20:47:47] * lite_JinX reads more at paralax forum.. indeed..
[20:47:54] <ZiphOnAir> lite_JinX: Even more?
[20:47:59] <Ffrenzy> lite_JinX : more ?
[20:48:01] <__moog__> ZiphOnAir:  LOL :),    all right then :)
[20:48:04] <Artlace> !np
[20:48:04] <Kyomi> !np
[20:48:06] <Chappers> Kyomi: it's like goldy or bronzy, only it's made of iron! ;)
[20:48:06] <SLAYRadio> Artlace: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: Hazel vs Chris Huelsbeck - Jinks
[20:48:08] <SLAYRadio> Kyomi: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: Hazel vs Chris Huelsbeck - Jinks
[20:48:09] <Artlace> it's nice :)
[20:48:10] <ZiphOnAir> lex_: Btw, did you follow the recent development about Skyscraper?
[20:48:22] <Artlace> ZiphOnAir: any positive thing in that?
[20:48:33] <lite_JinX> Ffrenzy, ZiphOnAir it's hillarious !!
[20:48:48] * Wenchie (~ec002c716@62-31-72-207.cable.ubr04.newy.blueyonder.co.uk) has joined #SLAYRadio
[20:48:49] <Artlace> lite_JinX: should I bother reading it?
[20:48:53] <Ph0B1uS> Kyomi, its saying a thing one doesnt mean basically, usually in a funny way
[20:48:53] <Ffrenzy> lite_JinX : URL ? ( even though we shouldn't really be talking about it anymore )
[20:48:54] <ZiphOnAir> Artlace: Well, I haven't read more after 4pm, though... ...but yes, it's hilarious... *S*
[20:48:54] <Wenchie> finally made it!! Hi everyone :)
[20:49:00] * ZiphOnAir sets mode: +v Wenchie
[20:49:05] <Blok> Ello Wenchie :)
[20:49:07] <Thaumiel> hello Wenchie :)
[20:49:08] <ZiphOnAir> Wenchie: About time, luv... ;)
[20:49:10] <Ffrenzy> !honk Wenchie \
[20:49:10] <SLAYRadio> Fina pattar, Wenchie \. *honk honk*
[20:49:15] <Artlace> !listeners
[20:49:16] <SLAYRadio> Artlace: Current number of listeners on SLAY Radio: 203
[20:49:28] <Ph0B1uS> two more listeners
[20:49:29] <Artlace> poor slayradio, it's "dreaming" of 203 listeners
[20:49:36] <Artlace> lol :)
[20:49:37] <lex_> Huelsbeck tunes are of course welcome. I know Jinks from his Cds.
[20:49:46] <Ph0B1uS> Artlace, its summer and bloody hot in some places
[20:50:11] <Artlace> Ph0B1uS: that was just R.P. answer to "we have more than 100 listeners"
[20:50:16] * OutofMem (~OutofMem@p54AAA71C.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) has joined #SLAYRadio
[20:50:25] <OutofMem> good evening ^^
[20:50:28] <Kyomi> Hooray for new people :)
[20:50:35] <Kyoshin> xD
[20:50:40] <lite_JinX> lex_: It's a great site !
[20:50:45] <lex_> ty :)
[20:50:46] <Ph0B1uS> Artlace, not following but nevermind
[20:51:01] <Misser> ahhhh invasion of slayradio ppl coming up there. Hope they don't mind ZiphOnAir :)
[20:51:06] <Artlace> Ph0B1uS: not important, really :)
[20:51:07] <p3ndrag0n> !request Dafunk - Primary Star
[20:51:08] <Kyoshin> Right..
[20:51:08] <Artlace> ZiphOnAir: right!
[20:51:09] <Blok> Yup
[20:51:10] <Brad-CA> huh??? friends???
[20:51:10] <Thaumiel> hehe
[20:51:10] <Zider> ZiphOnAir: no, we hate you! ;)
[20:51:15] <Kyoshin> Zider, hush!
[20:51:17] <Kyoshin> Don't tell him!
[20:51:18] <p3ndrag0n> lo peeps
[20:51:18] <lex_> don't ;
[20:51:19] * JesDK (Jes@0x535f8d55.abnxx5.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk) has joined #slayradio
[20:51:21] <JesDK> Ohnooos
[20:51:23] <Zider> Kyoshin: oops :P
[20:51:24] <__moog__> haha :)
[20:51:26] <JesDK> 53 minutes late. :O
[20:51:28] <Kyoshin> Let him be oblivious and happy
[20:51:35] <Brad-CA> !zcam
[20:51:36] <SLAYRadio> Brad-CA: http://ziphoid.com/zcam/
[20:51:38] <Ph0B1uS> Artlace, not much of the things said in here is :)
[20:51:40] <Zider> Kyoshin: until the show is over ;)
[20:51:43] * BloodwiSH (~Listener@p548D6D6A.dip.t-dialin.net) Quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out).)
[20:51:48] <Sinner1_> mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmoog
[20:51:50] <JesDK> ...And some bastidge STOLE ME NICK! X_X
[20:51:51] <Sinner1_> moug
[20:51:51] <Kyomi> I demand Kyoshin change his/her name... I can be the only Kyo in here :P
[20:51:52] <Artlace> Ph0B1uS: then consider it even less important :)
[20:51:53] <lex_> Morgenstern composed alot for EA right ?
[20:52:01] * JesDK is now known as Jes_
[20:52:02] <Blok> Right Folks , gonna have to go now ,see ya later :)
[20:52:09] <ZiphOnAir> Seeya Blok
[20:52:10] <Ph0B1uS> Artlace, ill see what i can do but its going to be hard :)
[20:52:16] <Ph0B1uS> nite blok
[20:52:18] <Blok> ZiphOnAir , have a good one :)
[20:52:19] <Misser> damn another moog? Gheees __moog__ you don't need lots off sleep i quess
[20:52:25] <Ph0B1uS> ... for now atleast
[20:52:25] <ZiphOnAir> Blok: Cheers mate... :)
[20:52:28] <Blok> Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[20:52:30] <Ph0B1uS> +" " 
[20:52:33] * Blok (~mentalblo@ACCB44B0.ipt.aol.com) Quit (Quit: "*! Gone !*".)
[20:52:34] <Misser> bye blok
[20:52:35] <Ffrenzy> __moog__ :where the HELL do you get the time to do all this stuff !!!
[20:52:47] <Ph0B1uS> moog this is brilliant
[20:52:50] <FuzzyWolf> this one starts of in a VERY Bruce Hornsby style...
[20:52:56] <Artlace> __moog__: is it also played live?
[20:52:58] <Ffrenzy> Kyomi : you could always change back into Megami !
[20:53:04] <__moog__> Misser: i'm addicted of remixing as Ziphoid is addicted of impromptu liveshows :)
[20:53:09] <Kyoshin> Ffrenzy, never underestimate the C64ers
[20:53:15] <__moog__> Artlace:  yeah :)
[20:53:20] <ZiphOnAir> __moog__: Oh no, you're in a bit of trouble, then... ;)
[20:53:20] <Misser> Ffrenzy i bet moog has a sleeping disorder. 2 hours a day must be enough for him. Either that or he really is a genious in diquise
[20:53:30] <Artlace> __moog__: thought so, that's why you do remixes so fast :)
[20:53:37] <Ffrenzy> __moog__ : may you be addicted for a lonoooooooooooooooooong time then ! l)
[20:53:38] <Ffrenzy> ;)
[20:53:51] <Misser> all hail too moog's addiction
[20:53:53] <Misser> hail !!
[20:53:59] * Artlace bows to moog's addiction
[20:53:59] <Ffrenzy> HAIL !
[20:54:01] * Noir|X cuddles __moog__
[20:54:02] <__moog__> Ffrenzy:  i've already signed to Anonumous Remixers :) 
[20:54:18] * Jes_ worships moog's addiction
[20:54:18] <__moog__> Noir|X:  ;)
[20:54:27] * Gulrak (gulrak@e176008097.adsl.alicedsl.de) has joined #SLAYRadio
[20:54:29] <Ffrenzy> __moog__ : you won't stop till you did all tunes in the HVSC ? ;)
[20:54:35] <ZiphOnAir> Guten Abend, Gulrak! :)
[20:54:41] <Noir|X> Hey Gulrak :)
[20:54:41] <Gulrak> Heya ZiphOnAir! (c:
[20:54:51] <Misser> Ffrenzy all songs in hvsc, and about a zillion originals.
[20:54:52] <lite_JinX> lol Ffrenzy 
[20:54:54] <Gulrak> Hello Noir|X (c:
[20:54:56] <Kyomi> !np
[20:54:56] <Misser> goodtimes are comming ;)
[20:54:58] <SLAYRadio> Kyomi: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: moog - Tristess
[20:55:00] <__moog__> Ffrenzy:  i'm afraid there isn't a lot of hard drive space over the whole world 
[20:55:05] * Gulrak kisses herbaculum.
[20:55:15] <Artlace> next one will be: Moog, the album! :)
[20:55:20] <Misser> ah now zehh germans are complete. Gutten tag Gulrak & herbaculu
[20:55:25] * Thaumiel gives Noir|X a hug
[20:55:33] <Ffrenzy> __moog__ : i think there'll be people in here that'd gladly donate some diskspace !
[20:55:34] * ZiphOnAir changes topic to 'Live now: On Air with Ziphoid | http://slayradio.org/gathering | http://eurotrip.c64.org | http://murl.se/10629 .'
[20:55:37] <herbaculu> Hello Gulrak!
[20:55:40] <lite_JinX> yeah, __moog__ .. you should bring out an album.. I'd _so_ buy it !!
[20:55:47] <Gulrak> Hi Misser! (c:
[20:55:47] * ZiphOnAir changes topic to 'Live now: On Air with Ziphoid - Cuddles Galore | http://slayradio.org/gathering | http://eurotrip.c64.org | http://murl.se/10629 .'
[20:55:57] * Noir|X hugs Thaumiel some more
[20:56:03] <Gulrak> Misser: Had fun on your tour?
[20:56:06] <lite_JinX> there went the end of the url
[20:56:09] <Kyomi> murl.?
[20:56:22] <__moog__> i already did an album (not with remixes but with mine compositions)
[20:56:30] * lite_JinX changes topic to 'Live now: On Air with Ziphoid - Cuddles Galore | http://slayradio.org/gathering | http://eurotrip.c64.org.'
[20:56:36] <Misser> Gulrak yes indeed, i'm thinking of maybe doing it a bit over in september or so
[20:56:39] <goteborg_> open 21
[20:57:04] <lite_JinX> hehe
[20:57:05] <lite_JinX> :)
[20:57:07] * SquirAFK is now known as Squirrley
[20:57:21] <__moog__> THANK YOU !!
[20:57:25] <jbevren> yawn
[20:57:28] <jbevren> hehe
[20:57:31] <Chtulu> *BbbbbbbuUUUUUUUURrrrrrrrrrRRrrrrPpppppp*
[20:57:37] <lite_JinX> good one Chtulu !!
[20:57:37] <Ffrenzy> GROUPHUG !!!!
[20:57:38] * Squirrley was just puttin up some flypaper.must b about 20 of the buggers in the kitchen
[20:57:39] <Artlace> Chtulu: Gesundheit!
[20:57:50] <ToM> Cuddly? Cosy? Where are the pillows?
[20:57:55] <Squirrley> guess thats wot happen when u leave the door open
[20:57:57] <Kyoshin> !unz
[20:57:58] <Kyoshin> >_>;
[20:57:58] <SLAYRadio> Kyoshin: Unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz.
[20:57:58] <Gulrak> Misser: Sounds good.
[20:58:00] <Sinner1_> whoo?
[20:58:00] <Kyomi> Nooooo
[20:58:15] <__moog__> !request dafunk - primary star
[20:58:17] <Kyomi> !request X-formZ - Blood Valley :)
[20:58:17] <Sinner1_> k-k-k-k-kick it
[20:58:23] <goteborg_> unz!
[20:58:36] <Kyoshin> Fika~
[20:58:45] <__moog__> !request IK+ nokia mix - DJ Subslash
[20:58:45] <Misser> Gulrak it does yes. But first GBG and i'll see after that. Owh are you also comming ? If i remember correct not!?!
[20:58:45] * FuzzyWolf kicks hard poo
[20:58:46] <lite_JinX> k-k-k-k-kickstart II
[20:58:48] <Ffrenzy> FICASTART II
[20:58:51] <Kyomi> Sadly I can't be here for the whole show :/
[20:58:55] <Thaumiel> ZiphOnAir, love is always good to have in the air
[20:58:57] <Gulrak> Misser: But before that, I hope, we'll see in Gothenburg. (c;
[20:59:03] <Noir|X> !request Machinae Supremacy - sidology 2 trinity
[20:59:06] <Jes_> Ffrenzy: No, No, NO. It's FIKASTART II
[20:59:10] <ZiphOnAir> Thaumiel: Definately... :)
[20:59:12] <Gulrak> Yes we are. :-)
[20:59:14] <[makke]> KICK-START-TWO! PISS-FART-POO!
[20:59:16] <lite_JinX> what's that ?/ SickFart 2 
[20:59:19] <Artlace> cockstart two!
[20:59:20] <Kyomi> lol
[20:59:21] <Ffrenzy> jes : you want the coffee version....ok
[20:59:24] <p3ndrag0n> melike!
[20:59:27] <Misser> Gulrak ahhh definately
[20:59:31] <ZiphOnAir> __moog__: Well, that last request of yours WON'T be played... ;)
[20:59:32] * mxlews (~mxlews@c-71-198-176-55.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) has joined #slayradio
[20:59:34] <Geeezus> !request PPOT - Ark Pandora's Divine Trousers
[20:59:35] * Noir|X cuddles kyomi and kissing her a bit
[20:59:36] <FuzzyWolf> meme start... nooooo!
[20:59:38] <mxlews> stupid internet died >.<
[20:59:43] <__moog__> ZiphOnAir: whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!! ;)
[20:59:46] <Kyomi> ^^
[20:59:49] <lex_> Perhaups he can't sleep by this heat we endure the moment. :)
[20:59:54] <Ffrenzy> misser : BTW, i will definately NOT be able to go to gbg.....can't get off from work !
[20:59:56] * Kyomi feels loved <3
[21:00:01] * Noir|X is probably on cuddling mood today
[21:00:03] * Ffrenzy hugs Kyomi
[21:00:05] * thefRont is now known as thefront
[21:00:06] <lite_JinX> __moog__: excelent request ..  best remix ever !!
[21:00:06] * thefront is now known as thefRont
[21:00:09] <Kyomi> :)
[21:00:10] <lite_JinX> LOL
[21:00:15] * FuzzyWolf tests norks
[21:00:16] <Misser> Ffrenzy damned, well x-2006 then
[21:00:16] * lite_JinX is now known as thebAck
[21:00:20] * FuzzyWolf cuddles norks
[21:00:20] <thebAck> hello thefRont 
[21:00:21] <__moog__> ZiphOnAir: it's such innovative thingy :)
[21:00:26] * thebAck is now known as the_JinX
[21:00:27] <Kyomi> __moog__: What was it that you requested?
[21:00:29] <Ffrenzy> misser : that's been settled already !
[21:00:36] * Noir|X cuddles FuzzyWolf a bit more
[21:00:38] <ZiphOnAir> __moog__: It's SOOOOO out of tune... I just can't stand it... ;)
[21:00:42] <__moog__> Kyomi:  the best remix of all time
[21:00:42] <FuzzyWolf> :)
[21:00:43] <the_JinX> Kyomi: IK+ nokia mix - DJ Subslash
[21:00:49] <Kyomi> ACK
[21:00:50] <Kyomi> No
[21:00:52] <Misser> Ffrenzy yeps that's why i said well x-2006 then :)
[21:01:00] <__moog__> ZiphOnAir: ok :)   You have the power here :)
[21:01:04] <Misser> Ffrenzy it will be fun also, i might even take some c64 hardware with me
[21:01:10] <Kyomi> Mostly anything with DJ infront of it is going to horrible
[21:01:14] <Ffrenzy> misser : i'll take my sx with me !
[21:01:17] <Ph0B1uS> !request the sacred armor of antiriad - makke
[21:01:19] <Kyomi> DJ subslash....DJ dajova...
[21:01:21] * Brad-CA (~B@rrcs-67-52-168-118.west.biz.rr.com) Quit
[21:01:26] * Thaumiel cuddles Noir|X
[21:01:32] <Misser> sx? is that a bit like your moyo ? ;)
[21:01:34] <Squirrley> Noir|X:don't i get a cuddle or snuggle or something?:(
[21:01:34] <the_JinX> Ffrenzy: good move !
[21:01:38] <Kyomi> Unless its actually professional
[21:01:43] <Ffrenzy> !request the frog that thumps giving you a headache !
[21:01:44] * Noir|X cuddles Thaumiel
[21:01:55] * Noir|X cuddles Squirrley
[21:01:56] <__moog__> Who is that DJ Dajova,   i couldn't find any his remix on RKO :)
[21:02:00] <Kyomi> ZiphOnAir: You need to play some metal :)
[21:02:01] <Ffrenzy> the_JinX : we'll at least test your MMC64 in my sx !
[21:02:03] <Thaumiel> lol
[21:02:07] * brutus- (~petrus_tu@ has joined #SLAYRadio
[21:02:11] <Jes_> ..Is that a No, Ziphoid?
[21:02:12] <Kyomi> ME
[21:02:14] <Kyomi> ?
[21:02:15] * Noir|X thinking "what the hell" and start to cuddles with everyone
[21:02:17] <the_JinX> __moog__: lol. .. Idon't have it on my harddisk anymore (see first tune played)
[21:02:20] <ToM> Was Comic Bakery played yet?
[21:02:22] <Ffrenzy> __moog__ : be grateful......VERY grateful !
[21:02:23] <FuzzyWolf> !find tetris
[21:02:24] <SLAYRadio> FuzzyWolf: Song ID .1301.) THC Flatline - Tetris (Playing in my mind). Played at 2006-07-20 13:09:22 CET (played 220 times)
[21:02:25] <Thaumiel> hehe
[21:02:26] <Squirrley> Noir|X:aw,i've went all warm inside:)
[21:02:35] <Sinner1_> brrrzzzt
[21:02:36] <Artlace> "Shape" was the group who used this tune in a demo
[21:02:36] <ZiphOnAir> Jes_: Yes... :) ;)
[21:02:37] <FuzzyWolf> !request Song ID 1301) THC Flatline - Tetris (Playing in my mind). 
[21:02:37] <Kyomi> Hehe
[21:02:40] <Geeezus> !request Puffy64 - Last Ninja Hymn
[21:02:41] <the_JinX> Ffrenzy: still no cover though.. but will have a good cover for it before X :)
[21:02:41] <Geeezus> :)
[21:02:42] <herbaculu> ZiphOnAir: Right, at the 25th. ;-)
[21:02:43] <Kyomi> Oooo
[21:02:45] * Thaumiel is now known as Tham|afk
[21:02:49] <Kyomi> It's like really windy outside
[21:02:51] <Tham|afk> i'm still listening ZiphOnAir
[21:03:00] <__moog__> Ffrenzy:   Dj Subslash and Dj Dajova     is the same league ?
[21:03:00] <ZiphOnAir> herbaculum: Ahh, there we go, yes... ;) A day before me... ...and on the same day as Ollas... ;)
[21:03:00] * Kyomi probably wont get to hear her metal request :/
[21:03:01] <Squirrley> Noir|X:u could've put teddy down 1st b4 u done it;-)
[21:03:02] <the_JinX> !request 21:03 < FuzzyWolf> !request Song ID 1301) THC Flatline - Tetris (Playing in my mind).
[21:03:07] <Jes_> I don't believe you ZiphOnAir.. It MUST be a Yes! :P
[21:03:07] <Ffrenzy> the_JinX : let's try it out naked first.....after that we'll cover up ;)
[21:03:08] <Misser> herbaculu 25th ah the same as ollas :)
[21:03:08] * Spl- (spl@sta3-213-139-171-76.psoasnet.fi) Quit (Connection reset by peer.)
[21:03:18] <the_JinX> !spank Ffrenzy: oww... 
[21:03:18] <SLAYRadio> the_JinX: *brings out the leather belt*
[21:03:20] * Tham|afk gives Noir|X another hugs before he leavs the keyboard
[21:03:24] <Misser> Ffrenzy the_JinX ?? owh mmc thingy ? 
[21:03:27] <Misser> !gay
[21:03:28] <SLAYRadio> Misser: Is it uncensored gay porn I spot there?
[21:03:33] <the_JinX> hehe Misser :)
[21:03:44] * Kyomi gives everyone a hug
[21:03:48] * Kyomi kisses Noir|X
[21:03:54] * FuzzyWolf takes two hugs
[21:03:55] <Kyomi> I'll be off for a bit now
[21:03:57] <Noir|X> I think my Teddy is lost under a pillow right now
[21:03:57] <Misser> almost another naughty addquote there
[21:03:59] <the_JinX> will have an RR on it then too.. to be able to 'mount' D64 images .. nearly 0 load time on some 70% of software :)_
[21:04:01] <Sinner1_> !request Reyouwah - Shape
[21:04:01] * Kyomi (~Listener@24-196-196-108.dhcp.hckr.nc.charter.com) Quit (Quit: SLAY Radio roxx.)
[21:04:03] <Ffrenzy> the_JinX : even got a C64 in original packaging....but i think i'll leave that at home ;)
[21:04:06] <Squirrley> Kyomi:at same time?you must have long arms:)
[21:04:19] <the_JinX> Ffrenzy: I'm only taking a C64C ;)
[21:04:20] <ShaMan_> !request Firefox - Sleepwalk (Firefox Original Remix)
[21:04:28] <Ffrenzy> the_JinX : i thought you could mount the D64 images with the MMC alone ?
[21:04:40] <the_JinX> Ffrenzy: yeah.. but only single-load stuff
[21:04:47] <the_JinX> Ffrenzy: or specially converted ones
[21:04:51] <Squirrley> Noir|X:u sure u ain't suffocating him,accidently on purpose?:)
[21:04:53] <Ffrenzy> the_JinX : aah, no multi disk stuff ?
[21:04:57] <the_JinX> with the RR you get some extra cache and stuff
[21:05:11] <the_JinX> Ffrenzy: nope.. need to write to disk (80 seconds / side)
[21:05:13] <Ph0B1uS> the_JinX, what are you guys talking about?
[21:05:16] <Noir|X> Squirrley: I do that, every night, with my boobs I guess :P
[21:05:19] <Ffrenzy> the_JinX : let's try the MMC first......having the complete HVSC on your SX-64 is great as it is !
[21:05:41] <the_JinX> Ph0B1uS: http://jinx.etv.cx/item/29
[21:05:42] <Ffrenzy> the_JinX : ah well.....it's a great way to get the stuff on disks !
[21:05:52] <Squirrley> Noir|X:i guess he goes deaf everynight then.with one over each ear:)
[21:05:54] <the_JinX> Ffrenzy: that too ;)
[21:05:56] <lex_> is there anywhere a great page on net where all soundtools are listed ? Exoctia i know.
[21:05:58] <Jes_> He's not gay?
[21:06:07] <Kyoshin> lies!
[21:06:08] <Kyoshin> He is!
[21:06:15] <Jes_> !quote 64
[21:06:15] <SLAYRadio> Jes_: Quote .64.) <DJ_Skitz> HELLO I'M GAY :)
[21:06:18] <the_JinX> Ffrenzy: the RR (not RRnet) is like the ultimate freezer cartridge (flashable with loads of weirdness)
[21:06:21] <Chtulu> !destination
[21:06:21] <SLAYRadio> Chtulu: Gay Gay!
[21:06:21] <lex_> soundtools refering to C64.
[21:06:25] <jbevren> !quote skitz
[21:06:25] <SLAYRadio> jbevren: Quote .57.) <[makke]> skitz looks so huggable in his beard :D
[21:06:29] <jbevren> !quote skitz
[21:06:31] <mxlews> !np
[21:06:31] <SLAYRadio> jbevren: Quote .121.) <Vaynen> !request to be on top | <fnordpojk> Vaynen: I thought Skitz said he wasn't gay?
[21:06:32] * mrbrad (~dasdasd@148-141-33-212.mtulink.net) has joined #SLAYRadio
[21:06:33] <SLAYRadio> mxlews: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: SHD of WST - !quote 64 (Homophobia Remix)
[21:06:37] <mrbrad> hello all!!!!
[21:06:38] <Noir|X> Squirrley: Lol :P
[21:06:40] <Jes_> Ohwheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee njä njä
[21:06:41] * Listener2 (~Listener@24-196-196-108.dhcp.hckr.nc.charter.com) has joined #SLAYRadio
[21:06:42] <Ph0B1uS> the_JinX, nice.. going to use the c64 as a http-server? :)
[21:06:43] <the_JinX> lex_: tried the CSDB ??
[21:06:44] * mrbrad is now known as Jostein_
[21:06:44] <Artlace> whoa! Did I hear some Beavis and Butthead sample?
[21:06:44] <lex_> hello
[21:06:46] * Listener2 is now known as Kyomi
[21:06:46] * p3ndrag0n (~p3ndrag0n@host-81-191-7-245.bluecom.no) Quit (EOF of client.)
[21:06:47] <Kyomi> :D
[21:06:50] <Ffrenzy> the_JinX : i see we have a lot to talk about at X!
[21:06:51] <Kyomi> I <3 this song
[21:06:51] <the_JinX> Ph0B1uS: lol .. erm.. no ;)
[21:06:54] <Noir|X> Kyomi: back again? :D
[21:06:56] <Kyomi> Yes
[21:06:58] * Jostein_ unz unz unz
[21:06:59] <Ph0B1uS> the_JinX, :)
[21:07:00] * ZiphOnAir sets mode: +v Kyomi
[21:07:02] <Jes_> wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeheheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeheheeheeeeeeeeeeeeee njääää njä njä
[21:07:05] <lex_> lol A-team
[21:07:05] <Kyomi> This song made me come back ^^;
[21:07:06] <Jes_> !destination
[21:07:07] <SLAYRadio> Jes_: Gay Gay!
[21:07:13] <Jostein_> !listeners
[21:07:15] <SLAYRadio> Jostein_: Current number of listeners on SLAY Radio: 211
[21:07:17] <Kyomi> Although I need to leave shortly :/
[21:07:18] <Noir|X> Kyomi: Good to know ;)
[21:07:19] <the_JinX> Ffrenzy: well .. at X there will be people that actualy wrote the plugins and stuff for those things :)
[21:07:26] <Ffrenzy> DAMN, when will they publish the schedule for X2006 !
[21:07:28] <Kyomi> :P
[21:07:31] <the_JinX> Ffrenzy: so it'll be pretty bad indeed ;)
[21:07:35] <Jostein_> 211! that's a lot! fscking hell!
[21:07:41] <the_JinX> yeah.. I agree..
[21:07:44] <Kyoshin> Make you move and make you gay!
[21:07:46] <Squirrley> Noir|X:he can't hear nething but he probably likes wot he sees:)
[21:07:46] <Kyoshin> WAY CATCHY
[21:07:49] <ZiphOnAir> Jostein_: Nah, something like a regular show... :)
[21:07:55] <Ffrenzy> Jostein_  ONLY 211 ?
[21:08:00] <FuzzyWolf> "Fuzzy wants to make you move, make you gay..." 
[21:08:00] <Jes_> I'm not gay, not gay
[21:08:01] <FuzzyWolf> um?
[21:08:09] <Jes_> Ooohh yes, gay for FuzzyWolf
[21:08:10] <Noir|X> Squirrley: Probably ;)
[21:08:14] <the_JinX> lex_: http://noname.c64.org/csdb/forums/ <= try here !!
[21:08:15] <Jostein_> ZiphOnAir: great show! as allways :)
[21:08:17] <Kyomi> !quote 64
[21:08:19] <SLAYRadio> Kyomi: Quote .64.) <DJ_Skitz> HELLO I'M GAY :)
[21:08:25] * brutus- (~petrus_tu@ Quit (Ping timeout: 366 seconds.)
[21:08:28] <Jes_> He's so gay
[21:08:31] <Zider> 211 listeners, almost as bad as <insert certain german station here> ;)
[21:08:31] <Kyomi> !quote 114
[21:08:33] <SLAYRadio> Kyomi: Quote .114.) <DJ_Skitz> and just to confirm - I'M NOT GAY! :)
[21:08:36] <lex_> thanks Joinx
[21:08:49] <Kyomi> I just did it :P
[21:09:00] <Kyomi> Now my metal thingy!
[21:09:01] <Kyomi> :)
[21:09:01] <Sinner1_> Ziphoid: any nachos present nearby today?
[21:09:04] <Kyomi> Pretty please
[21:09:06] <Ffrenzy> !top live
[21:09:07] <SLAYRadio> Ffrenzy: #1 on the Top Live chart: Boz - Bowness Bit o' Bollocks (max: 328, avg: 288)
[21:09:07] <[makke]> The sad thing is that in quote 64 Skitz is actually quoting me...
[21:09:15] <the_JinX> Ph0B1uS: I did chat here on the real C64 .. it's not practical .. ut fun :)
[21:09:16] <Kyomi> I missed his yesterday ;_;
[21:09:18] <Ph0B1uS> [makke], haha
[21:09:24] <Jostein_> ZiphOnAir: ;-*
[21:09:24] <the_JinX> lex_: no problem.. 
[21:09:41] <Squirrley> !request worst fuck as usual:)
[21:09:46] <Ffrenzy> ZiphOnAir : i even got a mention on C64.com !!!
[21:10:05] <Sinner1_> ;)
[21:10:17] <Kyomi> Oh yeah
[21:10:39] <Geeezus> for the love of the game...
[21:10:40] <Geeezus> :)
[21:10:41] <Kyomi> ZiphOnAir: I got Motorhead to work on WindowsXP ^_________^
[21:10:51] <Ph0B1uS> the_JinX, well ill try to get my a1200 online later on and im sure that it will be a bit more practical than on the c64 :)
[21:10:57] <LarsecSOH> *BOING*
[21:11:06] <ZiphOnAir> Kyomi: Oh??? Cool! :D
[21:11:11] <Jostein_> lovely tune...
[21:11:16] <Artlace> ZiphOnAir: it was me, I think. Anyway, it's cool :DDDD
[21:11:23] * Lammet (~Lammet@s200h50o1tcm9.dyn.tyfon.se) has joined #SLAYRadio
[21:11:39] * Misser licks hit lips. Hello Lammet :)
[21:11:41] <ZiphOnAir> Artlace: You're right about that... :)
[21:11:42] <Squirrley> u should b playin this on the wind-down Ziph:)
[21:11:43] <Kyomi> All you have to do is just install it like normal, then set compatibility mode for win95/98 on the motorhead.exe :)
[21:11:51] <Misser> his even
[21:11:52] <Lammet> Hello Misser
[21:11:52] <Lammet> =)
[21:11:59] <[makke]> LarsecSOH! Are you coming to the gothenburg gathering (say yes and mean it!)?
[21:12:04] <ZiphOnAir> Squirrley: Well, it stomps a bit too much, but in the beginning of the winddown it'll work, I presume... :)
[21:12:10] * Chilli_UK (SLAYRadioJ@cpc1-port2-0-0-cust799.cos2.cable.ntl.com) has joined #SLAYRadio
[21:12:15] <Kyomi> And I just remembered... Motorhead is the HARDEST FREAKING RACING GAME EVER >_<
[21:12:16] <Jostein_> slay radio is keeping the scene alive! loving this show! :)
[21:12:16] <ZiphOnAir> Heya Chilli_UK!
[21:12:24] <the_JinX> Ph0B1uS: yeah.. with a simple 3com pcmcia card..   that amiga is great for internetting :)
[21:12:33] <Lammet> ZiphOnAir is my BUDDY ;)
[21:12:34] <Noir|X> Hey Chilli_UK :)
[21:12:35] <ZiphOnAir> Kyomi: It rocks totally!
[21:12:38] <ZiphOnAir> Heya Lammet! :)
[21:12:39] <Kyomi> Yes
[21:12:42] <Kyomi> But its hard :/
[21:12:43] <Lammet> :)
[21:12:46] <Squirrley> Chilli_UK:hiya:)
[21:12:47] <LarsecSOH> [makke]: I am still trying to make it work... I really REALLY want to go, but some trouble at work has arisen so I don't know... Still trying to get it all together though...
[21:12:50] <Ph0B1uS> the_JinX, well ill have to get a 16bit pcmcia and that aint easy nowadays
[21:12:51] <Kyomi> First level I can never get first :(
[21:12:52] <Chilli_UK> hi ZiphOnAir sorry im late i did say id be late
[21:13:02] <Chilli_UK> !request any song you like ZiphOnAir to cheer me up
[21:13:07] <mxlews> !request 64 Bacardis
[21:13:07] <the_JinX> Ffrenzy: \o/
[21:13:12] <Chilli_UK> hi Noir|X - hi Squirrley mate
[21:13:16] <[makke]> LarsecSOH: I hope you can go! Been too long since we met. :(
[21:13:16] <Misser> Ph0B1uS pcmcia nic ?
[21:13:18] <Kyomi> Graphics and music are fun :)
[21:13:20] <ZiphOnAir> Chilli_UK: I've been waiting for you so welcome you are... :)
[21:13:29] <chip-pwl> !request palace gardens loader (tonka)
[21:13:31] <Ph0B1uS> Misser, pcmcia Network Interface Card
[21:13:33] <the_JinX> Ph0B1uS: A friend of mine ( ranzbak ) bought one (second hand) for 20 euro's some two months ago..
[21:13:36] <ZiphOnAir> LarsecSOH: Yeah, it's about time we get to meet you again... :)
[21:13:43] <Squirrley> Chilli_UK:hows u,your mum,Sharon?all fine,i hope:)
[21:13:47] * Kyoshin (UPP@c-9f27e055.630-1-64736c11.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se) Quit (Read error 54: Connection reset by peer.)
[21:13:54] <Misser> Ph0B1uS hmmm type II eh? Hmmm i might have one left, the other i gave to sonic
[21:13:56] <Chilli_UK> thank you ZiphOnAir - i just put in a random request for ANY song and i mean any song lmao pls just something to cheer my day up 
[21:14:00] <Ffrenzy> the_JinX : it's strange seeing your name in the little c64.org newsbox on the SLAY site ;)
[21:14:02] <Ph0B1uS> the_JinX, well the second hand market isnt that big here
[21:14:06] <Ph0B1uS> Misser, niice
[21:14:07] * bero (SLAYRadioJ@81-232-126-89-no20.tbcn.telia.com) has joined #SLAYRadio
[21:14:09] <Kyomi> Squirrley: I just got the mental pic of Ozzy screaming "SHARON!!"
[21:14:12] <Chilli_UK> Squirrley both fine mate thanks - just go in from work mate -hows you and the burns
[21:14:12] * Lammet (~Lammet@s200h50o1tcm9.dyn.tyfon.se) Quit (Quit: SLAY Radio roxx.)
[21:14:14] <LarsecSOH> [makke]: Yeah, I know :( ...But at least now I have a job, I have just upgraded my computer to the max of my wishes, so I can save up money... So if I don't make it this time I will be able to make it to the next meeting, whenever and wherever it may be :)
[21:14:19] * Kyoshin (UPP@c-9f27e055.630-1-64736c11.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se) has joined #slayradio
[21:14:27] <ShaMan_> !np
[21:14:29] <SLAYRadio> ShaMan_: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: J Krafft - The Human Race Goldrush RMX
[21:14:31] <[makke]> I still haven't decided if I'm bringing the REPORTER KIT (tm) this year.
[21:14:33] <Squirrley> Kyomi:lmao.scary image:)
[21:14:34] <bero> hi, i just wanted to ask if and where i can download those "swedish lessons" those r hilarious :P
[21:14:37] <[makke]> To the gathering that is
[21:14:40] <ZiphOnAir> [makke]: Please do... :) 
[21:14:44] <Artlace> [makke]: it sounds dangerous :)
[21:14:52] <Geronimoo> :D
[21:14:57] <[makke]> ZiphOnAir: Last show turned out pretty ok, though it was a lot of work...
[21:15:00] <ZiphOnAir> [makke]: There'll be a LOT of people to pester, you know... ;)
[21:15:03] <Ph0B1uS> bero, try !swedish
[21:15:06] <Ffrenzy> bero : just type !swedish
[21:15:06] * Lammet (~Lammet@s200h50o1tcm9.dyn.tyfon.se) has joined #SLAYRadio
[21:15:10] <[makke]> ZiphOnAir: Ture. There's more people this time. ;)
[21:15:10] <bero> ok, thx
[21:15:12] <bero> !swedish
[21:15:13] <Ffrenzy> KEBAB !!!!!!
[21:15:13] <SLAYRadio> bero: Need some Swedish lessons? Don't worry! Visit http://www.slayradio.org/mastering_swedish.php and you'll be fluent in a matter of minutes!
[21:15:15] <Squirrley> Chilli_UK:i'm fine.kids been at their mums for the past week
[21:15:16] <[makke]> ture = true ;)
[21:15:17] <Lammet> Fan att kunna göra musik som ZiphOnAir =D
[21:15:25] <the_JinX> Ph0B1uS: they weigh next to nothing .. you could allways get one from some other country that has plenty (like .nl or .de)
[21:15:27] <Ph0B1uS> ture björkman? :)
[21:15:36] <[makke]> Ph0B1uS: Hahaha! ;)
[21:15:49] <FuzzyWolf> !hyeah
[21:15:49] <SLAYRadio> FuzzyWolf: <makke>HYEAH!</makke>
[21:15:52] <Chilli_UK> !request anything by that swedish masterpiece makke
[21:15:56] <[makke]> HYEAH!
[21:16:04] <Lammet> jag hatar min mIRC, den autojoinar Quakenet :'(
[21:16:05] <FuzzyWolf> ooh, a REAL one ;)
[21:16:05] <Artlace> Original hyeah! :)
[21:16:05] * Brad-CA (~B@rrcs-67-52-168-118.west.biz.rr.com) has joined #SLAYRadio
[21:16:08] <FuzzyWolf> :)
[21:16:12] <Chilli_UK> hi Brad-CA
[21:16:17] <Jes_> Hey Brad
[21:16:17] <ShaMan_> !hyeah
[21:16:18] <Misser> Ph0B1uS coming to GBG?
[21:16:19] <Chilli_UK> good to hear Squirrley
[21:16:19] <SLAYRadio> ShaMan_: <makke>HYEAH!</makke>
[21:16:19] <[makke]> ;D
[21:16:19] <Kyomi> Its the sex song :P
[21:16:21] <Jes_> Hyeah.
[21:16:24] <Brad-CA> Hey Chilli, wass up?
[21:16:26] <Ph0B1uS> the_JinX, true but my sys isnt working very well atm due to some fuckup on the previous owners hand and lack of wb-disks
[21:16:34] <Brad-CA> Hey Jes
[21:16:34] <Ph0B1uS> Misser, hell yeah
[21:16:42] <Jes_> There's no need to push
[21:16:48] <Jes_> There's plenty of room for eeeeeveryone
[21:16:49] <the_JinX> Ph0B1uS: ow.. sucks..  
[21:17:03] <Ffrenzy> there's plenty of room for everyone....UNTIL ME AND MISSER GET THERE !@
[21:17:13] <Jes_> LOL
[21:17:13] <the_JinX> hehe
[21:17:20] <the_JinX> fat dutch bastards ;)
[21:17:24] * Jostein_ wave your hands in the air!!!
[21:17:28] <Misser> Ph0B1uS i actually got to xircom cards left one 10/100 +56k modem and on 10/100. But only one tcp dongle
[21:17:37] <Lammet> *got no hands*
[21:17:44] <lex_> oho :)
[21:17:52] <Jes_> Rub Knobhard, YAY
[21:17:53] <Ph0B1uS> the_JinX, tell me about it :( ive been dying to play some pinball * and downloaded bout 40gigs of amiga s/w to my ws to find out that my amiga wont read pc disks
[21:17:54] <Jostein_> wave your hands in the air!!!
[21:17:55] <Chappers> it's all those "special" cake shops that make the dutch fat, allegedly ;)
[21:17:56] * Jostein_ waving
[21:17:56] <Squirrley> Chilli_UK:been gettin peace,except for these flippin noisy live shows,or mayb that volume button on me woofer does something:)
[21:18:04] <Ph0B1uS> Misser, thats not very practical :)
[21:18:08] <Ffrenzy> misser : kebab again tonight ? or shall we go for some juicy lambchops ? ;)
[21:18:13] <Lammet> heey
[21:18:13] <the_JinX> Misser: yeah .. those should work too..  btw.. I think I got an adress for some of those dongles for you.. will check saturday ;)
[21:18:14] <Misser> Ffrenzy heheh, i had a meeting today with appie. Ah the heavewights have arrived. We both went yes pysical and tactical :)
[21:18:30] <Ffrenzy> misser : appie ?
[21:18:32] <Misser> Ffrenzy i licked my lips the moment Lammet joined :)
[21:18:35] <Kyomi> apple?
[21:18:39] * Kyomi (~Listener@24-196-196-108.dhcp.hckr.nc.charter.com) Quit (Quit: SLAY Radio roxx.)
[21:18:47] <Misser> Ffrenzy my big boz
[21:18:53] <lex_> A nice remix. of giana sisters. :)
[21:18:53] * Dimmi-afK is now known as Dimmignat
[21:18:56] * Lau (~Lau@a80-126-168-187.adsl.xs4all.nl) has joined #SLAYRadio
[21:19:03] <Ph0B1uS> wb Dimmignat 
[21:19:08] * bero (SLAYRadioJ@81-232-126-89-no20.tbcn.telia.com) Quit (Quit: SLAY Radio roxx.)
[21:19:09] * FuzzyWolf licks Slaygon 
[21:19:10] <Dimmignat> lex_: Indeed =)
[21:19:14] <Dimmignat> Ph0B1uS: Thanks m8
[21:19:19] <the_JinX> !like
[21:19:19] <SLAYRadio> the_JinX: ... Slaygon & ziza
[21:19:20] <Chappers> !hyeah
[21:19:21] <Lau> lo peeps
[21:19:21] <SLAYRadio> Chappers: <makke>HYEAH!</makke>
[21:19:29] <Ffrenzy> lo lau !
[21:19:36] <the_JinX> he Lau 
[21:19:37] <Ph0B1uS> Dimmignat, see, i dont think less of you because youre tone deaf :)
[21:19:39] <Chappers> hi Lau :)
[21:19:45] <Dimmignat> Ph0B1uS: ROFL
[21:19:56] <Lau> pfew, naps on the couch are deadly with these temperatures
[21:19:58] <Wenchie> !request The Blipp-Bloppers - Unloved (please!)
[21:20:01] <Ffrenzy> Ph0B1uS : AND he can't play any guitar either ! ;()
[21:20:01] <Misser> the_JinX owh that would be cool, Ph0B1uS could buy a dongle and i might have the card then. I'm actually needing one coz thinging of buying an a1200 also. Before i never tought about putting a nic inthere
[21:20:02] <Ffrenzy> ;)
[21:20:10] * Zvenne (~user@ has joined #SLAYRadio
[21:20:18] <the_JinX> hehe Misser :)
[21:20:26] <Wenchie> ZiphOnAir: Thank you :D
[21:20:29] <Ph0B1uS> Ffrenzy, i know but dont mention it again.. its annoying the poor soul :)
[21:20:32] * Netwalker (sentinel@c-68-52-48-169.hsd1.tn.comcast.net) has joined #slayradio
[21:20:32] <the_JinX> I'll check.. it's a friend of mine that deals in old IBM stuff ;
[21:20:33] <the_JinX> )
[21:20:41] <Netwalker> !request PowerTrace - Zoids (In the Better Days mix)
[21:20:42] * Lau follows his other head to the WC
[21:20:45] <Artlace> Ph0B1uS: if you want, we can do a walk around in your WB
[21:20:46] <the_JinX> and also those kinds of converters and cables and stuff
[21:20:48] <Netwalker> hey ZiphOnAir 
[21:20:48] <Squirrley> use the force!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[21:20:49] <Netwalker> :)
[21:20:50] <Artlace> Ph0B1uS: what is missing and from where
[21:20:55] <Brad-CA> !np
[21:20:56] <ZiphOnAir> Heya Netwalker!
[21:20:57] <SLAYRadio> Brad-CA: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: Larsec - Dark Side (Temptation) [WIP-Alpha02]
[21:21:01] <Jes_> Come to the Dark Side. We have cookies! >:D
[21:21:08] <Chappers> use the bowl, Luke!
[21:21:10] <Netwalker> hehehe
[21:21:10] <ShaMan_> Vader rulz ^^
[21:21:11] * maros (maros@shell.plemnik.pl) has joined #SLAYRadio
[21:21:14] <Ffrenzy> !slaygon
[21:21:15] <SLAYRadio> Hello Ffrenzy. Here's a cookie for you.
[21:21:16] * Dimmignat going for a bath.. smell ya later
[21:21:18] <[makke]> I would just love it this tune turned into German umpah right about NOW!
[21:21:21] <Ph0B1uS> Artlace, well if youve got the time...
[21:21:21] <Ffrenzy> we DO have cookies !
[21:21:22] <Jes_> Vader F'ing PWNS
[21:21:27] <ShaMan_> gotta have this one! \o/
[21:21:28] <the_JinX> nice LarsecSOH !!!!! (atleast the 01, will see about this one ;))
[21:21:41] * ninan is now known as ninanAFK
[21:21:49] <Squirrley> Use the force! but not with constipation after takin a laxative:)
[21:21:54] <the_JinX> [makke]: yeah.. that's what the remix scene is missing ..  more humpa !!
[21:22:07] <Ffrenzy> the_JinX : well, Combat Crazy has some
[21:22:15] <the_JinX> [makke]: like elekalaiset (or something) for C64 remixes..
[21:22:21] <Brad-CA> Larsec: I hope that SOH doesn't stay for Son Of a Hoe
[21:22:22] <[makke]> Ooooh! Nice touch with the Imperial March there
[21:22:23] <the_JinX> Ffrenzy: that's the fine line between humpa and unz ;)
[21:22:28] <Lammet> Is the adress to EFnet, EFnet.org?
[21:22:40] <Ffrenzy> the_JinX : Hunza ?
[21:22:41] <Ph0B1uS> Lammet, are you after a server address?
[21:22:42] <the_JinX> I think it is ;)
[21:22:43] * Sinner1_ hears Come and claim it sounds?
[21:22:47] <LarsecSOH> lol... It stands for Sort Of Here
[21:22:49] <the_JinX> Ffrenzy: Unza ?
[21:22:53] <the_JinX> !unza
[21:22:54] <Lammet> Im trying to get on this channel on my mIRC
[21:22:55] <Squirrley> Someone get Darth some lozenges:)
[21:22:55] <SLAYRadio> the_JinX: Forza UNZ-unz-Unz-uNz-unZ-uNz-Unz-UNz-UNZ!!!
[21:22:57] <Misser> the_JinX ahh please ask and tell the price to Ph0B1uS. I could buy it if needed. I'll donate the nic then i think :)
[21:23:05] <Ffrenzy> the_JinX : naah : humpa + unz -> Hunza
[21:23:12] <the_JinX> kk
[21:23:29] <the_JinX> Misser: I will..  (it might even be free .. depending on stock etc ;))
[21:23:31] <[makke]> I wonder what James Earl Jones sound like when he inhales helium and then speak. Probably like a normal person.
[21:23:32] <Ph0B1uS> Lammet, the server im using is irc.dataphone.se
[21:23:36] <Sinner1_> Lammet: just baaa it ;)
[21:23:41] <ZiphOnAir> [makke]: Hehe... ;)
[21:23:43] <the_JinX> lol [makke] 
[21:23:45] <Ph0B1uS> [makke], haha
[21:23:51] <Chtulu> !np
[21:23:53] <SLAYRadio> Chtulu: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: Larsec - Dark Side (Temptation) [WIP-Alpha02]
[21:23:54] <Lammet> Ph0B1uS um.. Im comming to Quakenet.org or something =S
[21:24:07] <Lammet> Sinner1 baaah=S
[21:24:09] <Ph0B1uS> i think hes immune to helium
[21:24:16] <Chappers> LarsecSOH: when is this going to be released? it's great! :D
[21:24:17] <Ph0B1uS> Lammet, try irc.du.se then?
[21:24:19] <Squirrley> I heard joe pasquale on helium on tv the other day.no voice difference!
[21:24:22] <Ph0B1uS> or irc.prison.net
[21:24:23] <Misser> Ph0B1uS  the jinxer and me will try to figure something out for you
[21:24:30] <Ph0B1uS> Misser, thatd be grand
[21:24:44] <the_JinX> will be cheap/free ;)
[21:25:00] <Ph0B1uS> the_JinX, :)
[21:25:03] <LarsecSOH> Chappers: Once I get my act together, sit down one lazy afternoon and zip through all 6 Star Wars movies, ripping quotes :)
[21:25:09] <Misser> i might even get rid off all the unused stuff which i find a shame to throu away :)
[21:25:14] * Lammmet (~Lammet@s200h50o1tcm9.dyn.tyfon.se) has joined #SLAYRadio
[21:25:16] <the_JinX> LarsecSOH: heheh.. cool !!
[21:25:17] <Misser> trow even
[21:25:22] <Misser> throw
[21:25:23] <Misser> zucht
[21:25:25] <the_JinX> yey Lammmet .. did it work ??
[21:25:26] <Lammmet> thanks Ph0B1uS
[21:25:26] <Ffrenzy> LarsecSOH ; the RIAA is going to have a fieldday if they ever hear this ;)
[21:25:31] <Misser> tijd voor een neut of toch nog maar een fles sparood
[21:25:31] <Lammmet> It worked : )
[21:25:35] <Lammmet> Now I can see the highlights
[21:25:42] <Misser> wb lammet
[21:25:45] <Ph0B1uS> Lammet, anytime.. which sever worked?
[21:25:46] <Lammmet> BUT, I need help with autoconnect
[21:25:50] <Zakarius> Oh fuckit, not again
[21:25:53] <LarsecSOH> Ffrenzy: lol... Yeah, but it is not used commercially, so I don't think they'll make too big a fuss :)
[21:25:53] <the_JinX> Misser: I still need an internal amiga (500) 3.5" drive .. 
[21:25:54] <the_JinX> :)
[21:25:54] * Zakarius tunes in
[21:25:54] <Jes_> Hmm, Zak?
[21:25:58] <Ph0B1uS> Lammmet, what about it?
[21:25:58] <Misser> Lammet thats an option in mirc
[21:25:58] <Lammmet> Ph0B1uS i tried irc.du.se
[21:25:59] <Jes_> Mad Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllssss
[21:25:59] * the_JinX chears !!
[21:26:04] <the_JinX> !makke
[21:26:05] <Ph0B1uS> Lammmet, i see
[21:26:09] <Ffrenzy> LarsecSOH : i hope so too, for your sake !
[21:26:11] <Netwalker> :D
[21:26:12] <Kyoshin> weee
[21:26:14] <Zakarius> I always seem to miss shows these days
[21:26:15] <Misser> the_JinX and i and internal a4000 hd floppy ;)
[21:26:15] <the_JinX> and the best version there is :)
[21:26:18] <Jes_> OldSchool too, lol
[21:26:18] <Chtulu> !albatross
[21:26:19] <SLAYRadio> Chtulu: There is no albatross. It is imaginary. See !makke for information.
[21:26:24] <Ph0B1uS> Misser, have you got wb 3.1 or 3.0-disks at home?
[21:26:25] <Sinner1_> special mix, eh? =)
[21:26:31] <the_JinX> Misser: those don't take mini ata ??
[21:26:43] <Squirrley> soz to say but this tune sounded better on speccy 128 version IMO:)
[21:26:47] <Lammmet> Ph0B1uS pm..
[21:26:48] <Misser> the_JinX normal floppy connection iirc
[21:26:57] <Misser> Ph0B1uS yes, you still didn't get them ?
[21:27:01] <Chappers> LarsecSOH: ah, fair enough :) looking forward to the release whenever that will be :)
[21:27:02] * Niknstien (~Nick@cpc5-stkn4-0-0-cust229.midd.cable.ntl.com) has joined #slayradio
[21:27:03] <the_JinX> ah.. cool..
[21:27:06] <Jes_> Albatross!
[21:27:11] <Squirrley> cors u don't get bloody wafers with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[21:27:14] <Niknstien> Albatross!
[21:27:20] <Ffrenzy> Niknstien : hi there you TWAT ! * HUG*
[21:27:24] <Zakarius> Nice mixing ;O)
[21:27:32] <Ph0B1uS> Misser, nah im still wb-less
[21:27:34] <Sinner1_> nice falsetto
[21:27:37] <Misser> the_JinX i've rebuild some nec pc floppy's to work in amiga years ago.
[21:27:49] <Niknstien> Ffrenzy, Hello KAAAAAANNNT    :D  *hug*
[21:27:56] <the_JinX> Misser: ah.. cool :)
[21:27:56] <Misser> Ph0B1uS well remind me before i get to GBG and we'll firgure soemthing ou then
[21:28:03] <[makke]> LarsecSOH: Yes, Lars! Sounds great so far! :D
[21:28:04] <Chappers> Niknstien: AAAAAALLLLRRREEEETTTT FELLA :D
[21:28:12] <LarsecSOH> Thank you, guys :)
[21:28:12] <Ffrenzy> Oompa-Loompa ?
[21:28:12] <Brad-CA> NickC: wassup?!?
[21:28:14] <ZiphOnAir> Excellent work, LarsecSOH! :)
[21:28:17] <Netwalker> lol
[21:28:18] <Ph0B1uS> Misser, sure. ive got loads of disks but ive got it on my pc..
[21:28:19] <Netwalker> :)
[21:28:27] <Kyoshin> Yay
[21:28:28] <Niknstien> ZiphOnAir, Ello matey :D
[21:28:29] * deegee (~deegee@sta3-213-139-183-178.psoasnet.fi) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer.)
[21:28:31] <the_JinX> I do have an LS100 3.5" drive somewhere..  shuffles thrue muck..
[21:28:33] <Ffrenzy> OMG, Bandle Bobble !
[21:28:34] <ZiphOnAir> Ahoy there, Niknstien! :)
[21:28:35] <Wenchie> Niknstien: Hi there :) umm......I mean.....AAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET???!!!!
[21:28:37] <Sinner1_> clink clink
[21:28:39] <Niknstien> YAY!!  Its Bandle-Bobble!!!!!!!!!!!!
[21:28:42] * Ataru_ (Afthartos@ has joined #SLAYRadio
[21:28:49] <Misser> the_JinX old 720k floppy, just need to solder one connection for diskchange iirc and it works in amiga. But not the HD floppy's those where special and turned at 75rpm instead of 150rpm in hd mode
[21:28:52] * Jes_ (Jes@0x535f8d55.abnxx5.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk) Quit (Quit: I say "Slay" when I mean "Nay", Err I mean "Slay"... Whatever!.)
[21:28:53] <Kyoshin> ty, ZiphOnAir
[21:28:54] <Kyoshin> xD
[21:28:58] <Ph0B1uS> !np
[21:28:59] <SLAYRadio> Ph0B1uS: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: Bandle Bobble Live
[21:29:00] <Chappers> I wish my school band had played something like this
[21:29:01] <Ffrenzy> ah well, if a scholl can make a play of Monkey Island, then why not play Bubble Bobble !
[21:29:02] <EchelonIV> http://www.gadget-box.com/product_info.php?cPath=182&products_id=4018 hehehe
[21:29:08] <the_JinX> Misser: weird..
[21:29:11] * FuzzyWol1 (~fuzzy@ has joined #SLAYRadio
[21:29:29] <Ph0B1uS> twas a long time since one heard a bubble bobble-rmx
[21:29:41] <Geeezus> ZiphOnAir: We need Bubble Bozzle after this ;)
[21:29:41] <FuzzyByte> omg
[21:29:43] <Ffrenzy> lau : bloody macs !
[21:29:46] <Ffrenzy> ;
[21:29:47] <Ffrenzy> ;)
[21:29:49] <Sinner1_> welcome to the club FuzzyWol1
[21:29:52] <Zakarius> Shit, now he cant hear us on IRc...
[21:29:52] <FuzzyByte> lemmings
[21:29:56] <ZiphOnAir> Geeezus: Hehe... I don't know about that, though...
[21:29:58] <ZiphOnAir> ;)
[21:29:59] <Lau> REBOOT REQUIRED
[21:30:04] <Geeezus> :)
[21:30:07] * Lau (~Lau@a80-126-168-187.adsl.xs4all.nl) Quit
[21:30:12] <Sinner1_> Lau: no, it's just Band....
[21:30:12] <Ffrenzy> new zealand story
[21:30:15] <the_JinX> YEY for newzealad story
[21:30:16] <the_JinX> :)
[21:30:23] * FuzzyWol1 hmms
[21:30:30] <Misser> the_JinX 1.76HD floppy where just a hack made by c= coz the hardware could handle it only when having the rpm. Cheapest option to do it, else the chips had to be redesignd
[21:30:37] * FuzzyWol1 growls
[21:30:39] * Noir|X cuddles FuzzyWol1
[21:30:47] * Zvenne (~user@ Quit (Ping timeout: 360 seconds.)
[21:30:47] <the_JinX> Misser: hehe.. sick..
[21:30:59] <Ffrenzy> the_JinX : there's going to be a remake of New Zealand story, for the Wii !
[21:31:00] * Sinner1_ howls at the light
[21:31:08] <Niknstien> I wish i went to this school!!!!!!
[21:31:09] <the_JinX> Ffrenzy: owwww..  cool !!!
[21:31:23] <the_JinX> Ffrenzy: Now I wanna get a WIIIIIII !
[21:31:27] <the_JinX> shite 
[21:31:31] * xt0rt[a] is now known as xt0rt
[21:31:41] <xt0rt> shiite?
[21:31:42] * FuzzyWol1 pokes the shadow of himslef
[21:31:43] <Misser> everyone needs a Wii
[21:31:46] <xt0rt> they blow themselves up lolz
[21:31:48] <Ffrenzy> the_JinX : ooh, sorry, it's called "New Zealands Story Revolution", but it's for the DS !
[21:31:49] <Chilli_UK> the band of the coldstream guards have really gone down hill
[21:31:58] <maros> !makke
[21:32:00] * deegee (~deegee@sta3-213-139-183-178.psoasnet.fi) has joined #SLAYRadio
[21:32:01] * Marble_Ar yawns
[21:32:06] * FuzzyWolf (~fuzzy@wolfden.msi.vxu.se) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer.)
[21:32:08] <Squirrley> how much are the Wii's gonna cost?
[21:32:09] <Ffrenzy> the_JinX : no screenshots yet, but here's some info : http://games.fok.nl/news.php?newsid=12441
[21:32:10] * FuzzyWol1 wonders when it'll time out
[21:32:17] <Marble_Ar> Morning ppl. :)
[21:32:18] <Sinner1_> you already did
[21:32:22] <Misser> FuzzyWol1 it did already
[21:32:22] * FuzzyWol1 is now known as FuzzyWolf
[21:32:23] <Chilli_UK> hi Marble_Ar
[21:32:26] <FuzzyWolf> yarr!
[21:32:30] <the_JinX> Ffrenzy: h'm.. I should kick my sister to give me her DS and buy that game :)
[21:32:32] <Ffrenzy> the_JinX : maybe i should take my DS with me to X too ? ;)
[21:32:33] <FuzzyWolf> BAAA!
[21:32:34] <[makke]> the_JinX: I'm not getting a Wii, simply because of the name. I'm not going to walk into a store and say "One Wii, please." If I was the clerk I'd just go "WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" and then charge $500
[21:32:36] <Netwalker> Squirrley: not that expensive.
[21:32:41] <Sinner1_> a fuzzywolf you're meant to be
[21:32:45] <lex_> ohhhhh fuzzy wolf u look so cute :)
[21:32:47] <Netwalker> they're saying 250 EUR or less
[21:32:55] <Ph0B1uS> finally :)
[21:32:56] <Gulrak> *lol*
[21:32:57] <lex_> just like the pet in FireNIce tee hee
[21:32:57] <the_JinX> lol [makke] 
[21:32:57] <Geeezus> wiee :)
[21:32:57] <Chtulu> o.0
[21:33:00] <Sinner1_> harrharr
[21:33:00] <Chtulu> 0.o
[21:33:01] <FuzzyWolf> :P
[21:33:09] <xt0rt> i call it a "Y"
[21:33:11] <Chtulu> !np
[21:33:13] <SLAYRadio> Chtulu: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: Dj Fina feat. Mc Pattar - Bubble Bozzle
[21:33:17] <Artlace> [makke]: easy money, nonetheless.
[21:33:20] <xt0rt> er say it that way
[21:33:22] <Ph0B1uS> ZiphOnAir, thnx.. havent heard this one for ages :)
[21:33:23] <Squirrley> Netwalker:thats good.better than the ps3's £500 price tag:)
[21:33:26] <Geeezus> [makke]: I bet there a bhig job market for people willing to go into shops buying Wii's for people ;)
[21:33:28] <[makke]> Artlace: True.
[21:33:33] <Sinner1_> is this one done drunk? ;)
[21:33:39] <xt0rt> better off modding a ps2
[21:33:47] <xt0rt> and using that until the ps3 is better priced
[21:33:50] * HiSPeed (ident@dslb-084-056-092-216.pools.arcor-ip.net) Quit (Excess Flood.)
[21:33:58] <xt0rt> or be like me and still use dreamcast
[21:34:01] <xt0rt> :)
[21:34:03] <lex_> FuzzyWolf how can u bear the heat with taht costum ? haha
[21:34:04] * HiSPeed (ident@dslb-084-056-092-216.pools.arcor-ip.net) has joined #SLAYRadio
[21:34:05] <Artlace> [makke]: you may get the laugh for a few extra bucks :)
[21:34:06] <Sinner1_> so when is PS3 coming along?
[21:34:07] <[makke]> Geeezus: Hahaha, true! If I'm getting one, I'll gladly hire someone else to go get it for me. ;)
[21:34:11] <Netwalker> hey ZiphOnAir
[21:34:12] <the_JinX> I'd proppably go into the shop and just go.. Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii hehehe wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii neh neh neh   wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii       (storekeeper:  SHUT UP !!)
[21:34:15] * Lammmet (~Lammet@s200h50o1tcm9.dyn.tyfon.se) Quit
[21:34:18] <Netwalker> could you send me PPOT's live Pumpkin Man performance?
[21:34:20] <Netwalker> :)
[21:34:20] * Ataru (~Afthartos@dsl-olubrasgw1-fe48fb00-37.dhcp.inet.fi) Quit (Read error: Operation timed out.)
[21:34:34] * Lammmet (~Lammet@s200h50o1tcm9.dyn.tyfon.se) has joined #SLAYRadio
[21:34:36] <[makke]> Artlace: I'll start selling Wiiiiii's at ebay for a bargain price!
[21:34:41] <Ffrenzy> Netwalker : buy the Bitlive DVD, it comes with a CD with that tune on it !
[21:34:44] <Sinner1_> is that Sara or Ziza screaming?
[21:34:50] <Lammmet> =D
[21:34:52] <ShaMan_> hahaha
[21:34:53] <Lammmet> thanks Ph0B1uS
[21:34:55] <chip-pwl> ZiphOnAir: it's the women after hearing that boz was moving here ;)
[21:35:02] <Netwalker> Ffrenzy: can't afford it. haven't you heard the exchange rate from GBP to USD is rather HIGH ?
[21:35:02] <Ph0B1uS> anytime Lammmet 
[21:35:16] <Netwalker> like almost double the dollar?
[21:35:18] <Netwalker> :P
[21:35:24] <Geeezus> [makke]: hehe :) I'm probably buying mine via tha intarnet anyway, can't be bothered to go to a shop ;)
[21:35:25] <[makke]> Excellent!
[21:35:26] <Netwalker> !request Xenomorph - Brubaker Loader
[21:35:33] <lex_> Lol great intro
[21:35:37] <Artlace> Netwalker: nice request!
[21:35:43] <Chilli_UK> n1 Netwalker
[21:35:46] <Zakarius> Fucking hell, any old excuse to play this again, eh Zippy? :O)
[21:35:47] <Netwalker> !request Puffy64 - Lightforce
[21:35:50] <the_JinX> Netwalker: it's just that the dollar is devaluing faster then the lira's were ;)
[21:35:50] <[makke]> Geeezus: Good plan. You won't have to talk to anyone. ;)
[21:35:50] <Sinner1_> this is on my top 1 list of ompa tracksa
[21:35:50] <Netwalker> thanks, mates
[21:35:51] <Kyoshin> Ompa Ompa <3
[21:35:51] <Sinner1_> -a
[21:35:52] <ZiphOnAir> Zakarius: Sorry mate... ;)
[21:36:00] <ShaMan_> oompa loompa?
[21:36:03] <Ffrenzy> Netwalker : still, 19.99 GBP is good value for 2 DVD's and a CD
[21:36:05] <Lammmet> Oh yeah
[21:36:06] <Sinner1_> congo bongo
[21:36:16] <Netwalker> the_JinX: that's not my fault - i'm gonna move to canada as soon as i graduate from college.
[21:36:17] <Misser> the_JinX i'll join you in going to the shop like that
[21:36:23] * Alex| (EoE_Cedric@220-132.surfsnel.dsl.internl.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds.)
[21:36:24] <Misser> maybe just order online :)
[21:36:25] <Artlace> oopmha
[21:36:27] <Netwalker> ZiphOnAir: add Skitz - I'm Not Gay to this. it fits perfectly. lol
[21:36:29] <the_JinX> hehe ;)
[21:36:36] <Zakarius> Zippy: Ahh, its ok. It could be MUCH MUCH WORSE! You could play some Honorabilli... ;O)
[21:36:36] <Netwalker> !boing
[21:36:36] <Ffrenzy> Misser : you'll be going "PFFFFT" then ?
[21:36:38] <Netwalker> You saw my boing?
[21:36:49] <ZiphOnAir> Netwalker: I can't do it, you know... ;) Boz & Skitz are better at that... ;)
[21:36:50] * Khisanth (~thurstanj@82-42-107-175.cable.ubr05.live.blueyonder.co.uk) has joined #SLAYRadio
[21:36:52] <the_JinX> Zakarius: I allready requested honora ;)
[21:36:55] <Misser> Ffrenzy indeed, i might just order 2 to be sjure :)
[21:36:56] <Netwalker> Ffrenzy: yeah, but is 34.99 still a good deal?
[21:36:57] <the_JinX> Zakarius: and dajova
[21:37:00] <Netwalker> plus shipping
[21:37:01] <Artlace> ZiphOnAir: not even a "wheeee" ? :)
[21:37:03] <Khisanth> heyyyyy hello everyone
[21:37:08] <Artlace> hi Khisanth!
[21:37:09] <Zakarius> Christ, not Dajova. 
[21:37:15] <Khisanth> howdy artlace!
[21:37:18] <Squirrley> Khisanth:ello:)
[21:37:18] <Khisanth> !np
[21:37:19] <SLAYRadio> Khisanth: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: Ollas And Ziphoid - Combat Crazy
[21:37:20] <Ffrenzy> Netwalker : don't forget P&P !
[21:37:23] <the_JinX> !request ZiphOnAir could you please play some of the new Dajova stuff on R:K:O queueueueue ??
[21:37:23] <Lammmet> damn.. I love this music
[21:37:25] <Zakarius> !Request some Ep wuz eeh uh cha
[21:37:28] <Geeezus> [makke]: hehe :) i kinda like the name nowadays actually. it's hard to say Wii without smiling ;)
[21:37:30] <Netwalker> Ffrenzy: nah, i talked to chris and he'll throw in a 4.99 GBP cost cd for free for my patronage
[21:37:31] <Ph0B1uS> ZiphOnAir, good call. its much more fun when ppl have their own style rather than try to emulate another person
[21:37:35] <Netwalker> i've bought from him before
[21:37:35] <Khisanth> !request wobbler - last ninja 2 minimal mix
[21:37:37] <Sinner1_> ooompa
[21:37:38] <Netwalker> PPOT's first album :)
[21:37:41] <lex_> latly i played R-type on Amiga again...i so suck now. I was much better compitation as teenie.
[21:37:42] * Zvenne (~user@ has joined #SLAYRadio
[21:37:44] <Khisanth> hi squirrely
[21:37:48] <Ffrenzy> Netwalker : then go for it !
[21:37:55] <Misser> Netwalker thats a good deal there !!
[21:38:02] <Netwalker> Ffrenzy: when i can pay for my own utilities again FIRST !
[21:38:03] <Netwalker> :P
[21:38:03] <Artlace> [makke]: it's easy, just say it narrow : "woooeeee" 
[21:38:04] <Artlace> :)
[21:38:07] <Netwalker> that starts when i have a JOB !
[21:38:09] <Misser> Netwalker and you support the scene :)
[21:38:09] <Netwalker> :P
[21:38:10] <ZiphOnAir> the_JinX: Nah, won't bug you with that... ...and don't want to give him the airtime... ;)
[21:38:11] <Khisanth> !8ball am I really that hungry?
[21:38:11] <SLAYRadio> Khisanth: Concentrate and ask again.
[21:38:21] <the_JinX> lex_: I had total opposite with outrun..  picked it up and .. wel.. finished it in one go ;)
[21:38:24] <Sinner1_> this one has a relaxing unz to it
[21:38:26] <Artlace> there it goes!
[21:38:26] <[makke]> Geeezus: True. It does make you smile. ;)
[21:38:27] <Kyoshin> WEEE
[21:38:28] * Netwalker is now known as Kimahri
[21:38:30] <Kimahri> ;)
[21:38:30] <Squirrley> !8ball should i get more pringles?
[21:38:31] <SLAYRadio> Squirrley: Yep.
[21:38:32] * Kimahri is now known as Netwalker
[21:38:38] <lex_> U so lucky Jinx :)
[21:38:43] <Ffrenzy> Netwalker : aye.....sometimes i tend to forget that there are people less fortunate than me....
[21:38:46] <lex_> or god given talents. ;)
[21:38:49] <Sinner1_> grooving and relaxing thing that I don't grow tired of
[21:38:49] <the_JinX> lex_: I used to suck at it ;)
[21:38:53] <Khisanth> !honk noir
[21:38:55] <SLAYRadio> Fina pattar, noir. *honk honk*
[21:39:02] <Misser> [makke] heheh indeed it does, just go in with the wheee sample and order a wii that way ;)
[21:39:06] <Noir|X> Oh, a honk ;)
[21:39:10] <Geeezus> [makke]: It's not all evil ;) And you finally get to see the kids waving the controllers in racing games actually affect the gameplay ;)
[21:39:10] <FuzzyWolf> lex_: by drinking LOTS of water (over three litres that afternoon ;)
[21:39:12] <Khisanth> lol
[21:39:14] <the_JinX> lex_: might be that I now actually drive a car and stuff ;)
[21:39:30] <lex_> i wish a great comeback to my old games. Only Turrican is the one game i could play blind too.
[21:39:30] <Ph0B1uS> !request that there trolls tune by summpi ft. makke from imortal 3
[21:39:32] * Wenchie is going to make coffee..any takers?
[21:39:33] <[makke]> Misser: I wonder if they're making a smaller version of it, like Sony did with playstation, and I wonder if they'll call it the Wee-Wii ;)
[21:39:35] <the_JinX> ow.. bbiab
[21:39:44] <the_JinX> lol [makke] :)
[21:39:45] <Misser> lol @ makke
[21:39:45] <lex_> Lol Jinx that could be indeed. hehe
[21:39:50] <Misser> now you're getting into the mood
[21:39:52] <Ffrenzy> Geeezus : i have that on my DS already...with the GBA game "Yoshi's Universal Gravitation"....that game has a tilti sensor !
[21:40:01] <Ffrenzy> Wenchie : yes please !
[21:40:02] <the_JinX> HUMPA HUMPA 
[21:40:02] <Sinner1_> spot on
[21:40:03] <the_JinX> HUMPA HUMPA 
[21:40:04] <[makke]> Ompah! :D
[21:40:11] <Khisanth> OOMPAH LOOMPAH
[21:40:11] <FuzzyWolf> hump a oompah loompah...
[21:40:11] <Wenchie> Ffrenzy: Coming right up ;)
[21:40:18] <Khisanth> dumpedy doo
[21:40:25] <Netwalker> !whee
[21:40:32] <Zakarius> Zippy: Was that a Skitz-To-Boz fade on that last bit?
[21:40:36] <Geeezus> Ffrenzy: Ok :) some old kirby game was supposer to have tilt functionality too if i recall correctly
[21:40:42] <Noir|X> !honk Wenchie
[21:40:43] <SLAYRadio> Fina pattar, Wenchie. *honk honk*
[21:40:53] * Rhapsody| (Rhapsody@CPE000c41c15402-CM013459903130.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #SLAYRadio
[21:40:54] <Squirrley> !request wizball hi score (SID cover)
[21:41:03] <Sinner1_> so Ollas=olof blaizer eh
[21:41:05] <Lammmet> I LIVE 7 MILES FROM ÅRE!!!
[21:41:07] <Sinner1_> me so slow
[21:41:12] * FuzzyWolf needs to head off in the car for a couple of hours... meh
[21:41:18] <Ph0B1uS> Sinner1, aye
[21:41:21] <FuzzyWolf> will miss the rest of the show... bugger
[21:41:22] <lex_> tFUZZY WOLF ! :)
[21:41:24] <herbaculu> Wenchie: Coffee? For me anytime! ;-)
[21:41:31] <Lammmet> =D=D
[21:41:31] <FuzzyWolf> thye should have net connections in all cars ;)
[21:41:35] <Rhapsody|> It is 3:45 PM (15:45) here.
[21:41:37] <FuzzyWolf> *they
[21:41:38] <Khisanth> hi fuzzy man
[21:41:39] <Lammmet> yes
[21:41:42] <FuzzyWolf> :)
[21:41:45] <FuzzyByte> hi
[21:41:49] <Lammmet> =)
[21:41:50] <Rhapsody|> I am on my PowerBook 1400.
[21:41:51] <Netwalker> !request Tiff Lacey - Why Keep On (Firefox remix)
[21:41:54] <lex_> a autogramm pls Fuzzywolf. tee hee
[21:41:57] * MPMPMP (~metal.pan@c-68-53-75-252.hsd1.tn.comcast.net) has joined #SLAYRadio
[21:42:01] <lex_> an*
[21:42:03] * FuzzyWolf blinks
[21:42:03] * Spl- (spl@sta3-213-139-171-76.psoasnet.fi) has joined #slayradio
[21:42:06] <Ffrenzy> ZiphOnAir : 7 miles is about 11 km
[21:42:17] <[makke]> Mmm...firefox
[21:42:20] <Sinner1_> !tl
[21:42:21] <Netwalker> !request Amiga tune - Chris Huelsbeck - Turrican II Title
[21:42:21] <SLAYRadio> Sinner1_: http://www.slayradio.org/shows.php?show_id=341
[21:42:29] <Lammmet> Lets say I ment 7 swedish miles
[21:42:35] <Netwalker> !request SID - VARIOUS\A-F\Agemixer\Freestyler.sid
[21:42:36] <ZiphOnAir> Ffrenzy: Yes, but I think Lammet meant swedish miles, which is 70 kms... ;)
[21:42:36] <ShaMan_> heehee..^^
[21:42:47] <Lammmet> haha
[21:42:49] <Ffrenzy> Lammet : aaah, swedish miles.....Strange folk, those swedes !
[21:42:54] <Lammmet> ^^
[21:43:02] <Lammmet> and youuu are?
[21:43:03] <Ph0B1uS> Ffrenzy, you dont know half of it :)
[21:43:03] <Misser> land miles, sea miles swedis miles? goodgrief, how confusing. Metric ftw ;)
[21:43:05] * thefRont is now known as thefront
[21:43:07] <Khisanth> BORK! BORK! BORK!
[21:43:12] <Sinner1_> ditto
[21:43:28] <Ph0B1uS> Misser, dont mind the latter : )
[21:43:30] <lex_> @Zip: Which sequencer do u prefer most ?
[21:43:31] <Sinner1_> reminds me... should grab a bit
[21:43:34] <Sinner1_> bite :P
[21:43:35] <Lammmet> I wanna hear FIKA again :D it's so cool
[21:43:44] <Sinner1_> Fika off! ;)
[21:43:45] <Ffrenzy> Lammmet : we are ALL strange in here....otherwise we wouldn't even get in !
[21:43:55] <Marble_Ar> Oh so true Ffrenzy :)
[21:43:59] <Misser> Ffrenzy indeed, although 10sek ~ 1 euro, seems the swedish ppl just multiply everything by 10 and give it a confusing name :
[21:44:01] <Ph0B1uS> Ffrenzy, nor stay :)
[21:44:02] <Lammmet> Ffrenzy maybe you are right
[21:44:04] <lex_> yes we must appear as unnormal ;)
[21:44:06] <lex_> thats good
[21:44:13] <Rhapsody|> I am having a fika right now.
[21:44:14] <Ph0B1uS> Misser, haha
[21:44:24] <FuzzyWolf> toodle-oo folks...
[21:44:29] * FuzzyWolf heads out... 
[21:44:32] <lex_> :(
[21:44:33] <Sinner1_> Rhapsody|, please share a teeny weeny bit?
[21:44:39] <Khisanth> cya fuzzywolf
[21:44:42] <Sinner1_> cya Fuzzy
[21:44:47] <lex_> ma dear fuzzywolf has gone. :(
[21:44:49] <Rhapsody|> I am on my PowerBook 1400 running Mac OS 7.6.1 in my kitchen, connecting over WiFi.
[21:44:50] <Misser> have a nice walk FuzzyWolf
[21:44:51] <Ph0B1uS> bye FuzzyWolf 
[21:44:52] * FuzzyWolf tailwaves as he pads out of the door
[21:44:54] <Lammmet> =(
[21:44:54] <lex_> byebye sweat pet.
[21:45:07] <FuzzyWolf> eew :P
[21:45:09] <Ffrenzy> misser : strange indeed......so, there's swedes with 150 cm long penises ? ( swedish centimeters off course )
[21:45:12] <Lammmet> sweat?
[21:45:13] <Squirrley> If this was my request ur playin Ziph,thnx:)
[21:45:14] <lex_> FUZZY :)
[21:45:21] <lex_> yes look on the fotos :)
[21:45:27] <lex_> Fuzzy has so big eyes.
[21:45:28] <Misser> who is FuzzyByte anyway ? normally i could just typ fuz and do a tab, now all of a sudden there is a FuzzyByte !?!?
[21:45:45] <Misser> Ffrenzy yeh that would be about 14cm then :)
[21:45:46] <Ffrenzy> bye FuzzyWolf
[21:45:49] <FuzzyWolf> 21:46:04 [efnet2] -!- FuzzyByte [~fuzzybyte@a88-112-13-128.elisa-laajakaista.fi]
[21:45:52] <FuzzyWolf> 21:46:04 [efnet2] -!-  ircname  : Juhani Ã…hman
[21:45:53] <Ffrenzy> misser : exactly
[21:45:54] * FuzzyWolf leaves :)
[21:45:56] <ZiphOnAir> You're welcome, Squirrley
[21:45:56] <FuzzyWolf> 21:46:04 [efnet2] -!-  channels : #SLAYRadio
[21:45:58] <FuzzyWolf> 21:46:04 [efnet2] -!-  server   : efnet.cs.hut.fi [HUT CS-lab EFNet Server]
[21:46:02] <Khisanth> get outta here fuzzywolf !
[21:46:04] <Khisanth> go go go !
[21:46:06] <FuzzyByte> Misser: hello
[21:46:06] <Khisanth> :)
[21:46:13] * FuzzyWolf might be back before the end of the wind-down, but probably not...
[21:46:19] * FuzzyWolf is gone ;)
[21:46:25] <lex_> :(
[21:46:26] <Misser> bye FuzzyWolf *pet*
[21:46:31] <Misser> hello FuzzyByte
[21:46:31] <Ffrenzy> !de-request Sarah's song ;)
[21:46:32] <lex_> sniff
[21:46:34] <Ph0B1uS> Misser & Ffrenzy im not sure why you guys are so interested in that limb.. the fact that you are is indeed kinda scary :)
[21:46:34] <Squirrley> ZiphOnAir:this tune is great.many thnx to firefox for makin it:)
[21:46:37] * RazzG (asjop@a80-186-161-106.elisa-laajakaista.fi) Quit (Client Quit.)
[21:46:38] * Lammmet is away: The crap is almost comming out of my butthole, and I need to visit the bathroom REALLY fast before it comes out... GAH
[21:46:38] * Lammmet is now known as LammmetCr
[21:46:45] <Misser> damn it's the heat or i'm getting really confused the last few days
[21:46:46] <ShaMan_> no FuzzyLyrics tonite?
[21:46:56] <Sinner1_> is firefox a relative of yours FuzzyWolf?
[21:47:08] <Chilli_UK> thx ZiphOnAir
[21:47:08] * colmarr (colmarr@cable-kmi-fef0f900-48.dhcp.inet.fi) has joined #SLAYRadio
[21:47:14] <colmarr> I AM HERE
[21:47:26] <Ffrenzy> !np
[21:47:27] <Ph0B1uS> colmarr, obviously :)
[21:47:27] <SLAYRadio> Ffrenzy: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: Firefox - Remember C64 [WIP]
[21:47:28] <LammmetCr> wtf
[21:47:28] <Sinner1_> yes you are
[21:47:31] <lex_> fuzzy could be also the fox from FireNIce. Unsure. :/
[21:47:33] <LammmetCr> LammetCr???
[21:47:35] <Misser> Ph0B1uS hahaha
[21:47:39] <Marble_Ar> Heh. I guess I'm far from fully awake still.. :)
[21:47:40] <LammmetCr> where did the AP go?
[21:47:42] <colmarr> I have Xbox 360 :3
[21:47:45] <LammmetCr> BUUU
[21:47:46] <Misser> jsut playing the measure game :)
[21:47:50] <Noir|X> !request Chronblom - Block'n Bubble (Carbonated version) [is that whistle tune if i'm not wrong?]
[21:47:52] <Sinner1_> went into the too many letters bin
[21:47:52] <Misser> !np
[21:47:53] <SLAYRadio> Misser: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: Firefox - Remember C64 [WIP]
[21:47:53] <Marble_Ar> !np
[21:47:54] <Artlace> vocoder action!
[21:47:55] <SLAYRadio> Marble_Ar: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: Firefox - Remember C64 [WIP]
[21:47:56] <Misser> yeahhh 
[21:48:02] <ShaMan_> was that Dark Side remix a W.I.P.?
[21:48:02] <LammmetCr> !unz
[21:48:03] <SLAYRadio> LammmetCr: Unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz.
[21:48:03] <Misser> this one is cool ZiphOnAir!
[21:48:07] <ZiphOnAir> ShaMan_: Yup...
[21:48:20] <Sinner1_> shaman:  "Larsec - Dark Side (Temptation) [WIP-Alpha02]"
[21:48:25] <ShaMan_> aw man...I just gotta have it =)
[21:48:27] <__moog__> ZiphOnAir: i can't look all the time on the irc channel, but i'm constantly listening :)
[21:48:28] <Chilli_UK> !np
[21:48:29] <SLAYRadio> Chilli_UK: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: Firefox - Remember C64 [WIP]
[21:48:30] <ZiphOnAir> Misser: I'll need to borrow that stimulator-thingy to get Firefox to finish it... ;)
[21:48:33] <ZiphOnAir> __moog__: Coolio... ;)
[21:48:42] <Gulrak> This one is really cool.
[21:48:54] <Marble_Ar> ZiphOnAir: Electric cattleprod!
[21:49:01] <Sinner1_> bam di di bam di di
[21:49:11] <FooFighte> Cye ALL  nad Goodnight
[21:49:13] <Ph0B1uS> good tune but still no siddish sounds in it
[21:49:16] <Misser> ZiphOnAir i'll send you the schematics in a bit.
[21:49:18] <Ph0B1uS> nite FooFighte 
[21:49:23] * Spoike (~spiked@81-234-252-119-no40.tbcn.telia.com) Quit (..12(. www...nnscript...de .12.::. .N.o.N.ame.S.cript 3...81 .12.::. www...XLhost...de. .12.)..)
[21:49:24] <Sinner1_> nad FooFighte
[21:49:29] * FooFighte (FooFighter@dkd209.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl) has left #SLAYRadio
[21:49:47] <Misser> ahhhh unz
[21:49:49] <Misser> more more
[21:49:51] <Gulrak> !unz
[21:49:51] <SLAYRadio> Gulrak: Unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz.
[21:49:55] * Squirrley holds his woofer down:)
[21:49:56] <EchelonIV> wot
[21:50:01] <Ffrenzy> !listeners
[21:50:02] <SLAYRadio> Ffrenzy: Current number of listeners on SLAY Radio: 222
[21:50:19] <Marble_Ar> !np
[21:50:21] <SLAYRadio> Marble_Ar: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: KOiN - Mindfeeder
[21:50:44] * Ffrenzy suspects some doo wap wah wah after this ;)
[21:51:06] <Artlace> bass time :)
[21:51:08] <Misser> Ffrenzy a reading minds again
[21:51:10] <Ph0B1uS> ZiphOnAir, any chance of a massdebate-tune soon?
[21:51:13] <jbevren> !unz
[21:51:15] <SLAYRadio> jbevren: Unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz.
[21:51:19] <ZiphOnAir> Ph0B1uS: Sure thing... :) In a bit...
[21:51:41] <Ph0B1uS> ZiphOnAir, good. my bros gone away and i need to feed his cat at his place :)
[21:51:48] <Artlace> it's a typical "loud" tune :)
[21:51:48] * Wenchie pours coffee for everyone :)
[21:51:51] <Misser> ahhh i'll join that massdebate with a smoke in the garden, it actually feels like there is a little cool breeze getting
[21:51:59] <lex_> what was the absolute listener record sofar ?
[21:52:00] <ZiphOnAir> Ph0B1uS: Hehe, ok... ;)
[21:52:06] <ZiphOnAir> !top live
[21:52:07] <SLAYRadio> ZiphOnAir: #1 on the Top Live chart: Boz - Bowness Bit o' Bollocks (max: 328, avg: 288)
[21:52:15] <ZiphOnAir> lex_: ^^^^
[21:52:24] <lex_> doh
[21:52:30] <Marble_Ar> !listeners
[21:52:31] <SLAYRadio> Marble_Ar: Current number of listeners on SLAY Radio: 221
[21:52:43] * Hwired` (~Sure@c83-248-89-170.bredband.comhem.se) has joined #SLAYRadio
[21:52:49] <Chtulu> YESH!!!  :D
[21:52:49] <Ffrenzy> YES !
[21:52:50] * Gulrak wished his subwoofer would have more unz.
[21:52:51] <lex_> amazing & it still brings a good connectoin.
[21:52:51] <Ph0B1uS> youre gaining on the him ZiphOnAir :)
[21:52:52] <Misser> Ye s!!!!!!!!!!!
[21:52:54] <lex_> no lag to me.
[21:52:55] * Chtulu sings along
[21:53:11] <ZiphOnAir> Ph0B1uS: Well, I think my record is 274 or so... :)
[21:53:12] <andrewf> ohyea! love this one
[21:53:16] <Ph0B1uS> !request a pirate i was meant to be - michael land
[21:53:17] * Artlace wishes he had less neighbours...or none at all :)
[21:53:19] <Brad-CA> !np
[21:53:21] * HiSPeed (ident@dslb-084-056-092-216.pools.arcor-ip.net) Quit (hub.uk irc.efnet.pl.)
[21:53:21] * maros (maros@shell.plemnik.pl) Quit (hub.uk irc.efnet.pl.)
[21:53:21] * __moog__ (~Miranda@apu146.internetdsl.tpnet.pl) Quit (hub.uk irc.efnet.pl.)
[21:53:21] * Intuition (~jjkoch@subbuteo.nosism.org) Quit (hub.uk irc.efnet.pl.)
[21:53:21] * Hwired (~Sure@c83-248-89-170.bredband.comhem.se) Quit (hub.uk irc.efnet.pl.)
[21:53:22] * Hittis (hittis@ Quit (hub.uk irc.efnet.pl.)
[21:53:22] * anjaa (anjaa@ircgeeks.net) Quit (hub.uk irc.efnet.pl.)
[21:53:22] <Gulrak> bab ba-da-da
[21:53:23] <SLAYRadio> Brad-CA: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: The Blipp-Bloppers - Unloved
[21:53:25] * Twin_ (twin@h91n5c1o1043.bredband.skanova.com) has joined #SLAYRadio
[21:53:25] <Chtulu> I'm gonna kill myself. Da-la-la-la
[21:53:30] <Misser> need to get the lyrics and sing this when drunk in GBG with some ppl
[21:53:34] <lex_> a nice one. U seem to have constant 200.
[21:53:35] <Ph0B1uS> ZiphOnAir, quality over quantity :)
[21:53:35] * marxtet (Cyberninja@c-157371d5.029-4-736b651.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se) has joined #SLAYRadio
[21:53:41] <ZiphOnAir> Ph0B1uS: Definately... ;)
[21:53:41] <Chtulu> Cross my heart and hope to DIE!!!!  
[21:53:45] <Misser> colmarr goodevening :)
[21:53:55] <Ph0B1uS> heya maxie
[21:53:57] <Ffrenzy> Misser : good idea, a Live version of this.
[21:54:08] <ZiphOnAir> Chtulu: Check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_songs_about_suicide and search for Unloved ;)
[21:54:08] <Misser> Ffrenzy with about 10 ppl or so  :)
[21:54:11] <Artlace> ZiphOnAir: is it KOiN singing?
[21:54:18] <ZiphOnAir> Artlace: Nope, a friend of his... :)
[21:54:52] * tyyyke (SLAYRadioJ@ has joined #SLAYRadio
[21:55:25] * __moog__ (~Miranda@apu146.internetdsl.tpnet.pl) has joined #SLAYRadio
[21:55:30] <[makke]> Oh, btw. I finished that James Pond 2 remix. Now all we have to wait for Amiga Remix to update. :)
[21:55:32] <__moog__> wb 
[21:55:38] <[makke]> re moog
[21:55:43] <__moog__> i had connection problems
[21:55:48] <Artlace> [makke]: cool! with lyrics?
[21:56:14] <Misser> lizzete & wheeeeeeeee
[21:56:14] <[makke]> Artlace: Nah, didn't add any lyrics. Just a bit of "HEY! HEY! HEY!" and claps. But no real lyrics.
[21:56:20] <chip-pwl> ohh, james pond 2
[21:56:37] <Misser> ZiphOnAir i actually saw the video this
[21:56:37] <Kyoshin> haha
[21:56:39] * qual (askdjak@dna22-114.tampere.customers.dnainternet.fi) Quit (Ping timeout: 310 seconds.)
[21:56:39] <Kyoshin> nice singing
[21:56:43] <Misser> it's fun :)
[21:56:50] <Ffrenzy> Misser: cool video, isn't it ?
[21:56:50] <ZiphOnAir> Misser: Definately... ;)
[21:56:59] <Misser> Ffrenzy yeah laught my ass of
[21:57:10] <Geeezus> hu? he was me?
[21:57:15] <Geeezus> hmmm
[21:57:17] <Geeezus> ;)
[21:57:20] <Misser> Ffrenzy shame they don't come to GBG nice ppl
[21:57:24] <Artlace> [makke]: I'll check it out as soon as it becomes public.
[21:57:29] <Ph0B1uS> ZiphOnAir, this song isnt about you is it? :)
[21:57:36] <Ffrenzy> OUCH
[21:57:37] <Marble_Ar> ;)
[21:57:38] <Artlace> !np
[21:57:39] <SLAYRadio> Artlace: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: Lizette & - Worst Fuck
[21:57:45] <Kyoshin> ZiphOnAir, this is a nice destructive & disturbing song :)
[21:58:02] <Misser> must remember to buy the cd
[21:58:07] <Artlace> ZiphOnAir: what's Lizette's homepage?
[21:58:14] <Ffrenzy> www.lizetteand.com
[21:58:21] <Artlace> thanks :)
[21:58:23] <Misser> http://www.lizetteand.com/
[21:58:28] <Artlace> I'm gonna publish her a bit :)
[21:58:37] <Misser> ahhh walking bookmark got there first
[21:58:46] <[makke]> Sending the finished tune over to Ziph now, so he can play it live ;)
[21:58:53] <Ffrenzy> Misser: it's a bit less hot today....i'm faster !
[21:58:57] <Misser> seems you're up to speed again Ffrenzy, weather not bothering you so much anymore?
[21:59:06] <Misser> hahaha get out of my head !
[21:59:09] * Intuition (~jjkoch@subbuteo.nosism.org) has joined #SLAYRadio
[21:59:14] <chip-pwl> yay
[21:59:25] <Ffrenzy> Misser : oops, sorry. i sometimes forget to turn of my psychic powers ;)
[22:00:03] <ranzbak> hi 
[22:00:13] * tyyyke (SLAYRadioJ@ Quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer).)
[22:00:35] <the_JinX> hey ranzbak !!!!
[22:00:41] <the_JinX> YEY
[22:00:42] <Gulrak> *g*
[22:00:44] <the_JinX> trolls !!
[22:00:45] <Chilli_UK> this is quality
[22:00:47] <Geeezus> i'm leaving, cya all
[22:00:52] <Geeezus> nice show ZiphOnAir
[22:00:52] <[makke]> Later Geeezus
[22:00:55] * the_JinX bounces !
[22:00:59] <Artlace> "Please don't feed the troll"
[22:01:01] <Brad-CA> see ya geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezus
[22:01:01] <Gulrak> Great piece!
[22:01:02] <ZiphOnAir> Thanx, Geeezus! :)
[22:01:03] <Misser> ~\o/~ Geeezus
[22:01:04] <__moog__> nite Geeezus :)
[22:01:06] <Ffrenzy> Immortal 3 : a few good tracks, a few Excellent tracks, 2 bloody awfull tracks....Overall : Well worth the money !
[22:01:07] * Geeezus (~gee@84-217-55-149.tn.glocalnet.net) Quit (Welcome back to reality....)
[22:01:15] <EchelonIV> ZiphOnAir: add paypall payment and more wil buy :p
[22:01:24] <the_JinX> Don't feed the troll !!
[22:01:27] <ZiphOnAir> Ffrenzy: That's what my review will state, yes... :)
[22:01:30] <Artlace> Ffrenzy: this track is a reason for buying it :)
[22:01:38] <ZiphOnAir> EchelonIV: Oh, he haven't got that? I'll tell Chris right away...
[22:01:50] <Ffrenzy> ZiphOnAir : the awful tracks : Defender of the crown...and the second track of disc 2
[22:01:51] <Squirrley> i'm goin the now.will no doubt be back later:)
[22:01:57] <Ph0B1uS> Artlace, that and the pinball-tracks
[22:01:57] <Squirrley> c y'all
[22:02:05] <Ph0B1uS> bye Squirrley 
[22:02:06] <Artlace> Ffrenzy: DOTC was a mistake
[22:02:06] <mxlews> if i could buy individual tracks on C64Audio, i would def purchase some stuff
[22:02:07] <EchelonIV> ZiphOnAir: wanst last time i looked no ...
[22:02:10] <Ffrenzy> Artlace : just wait till you hear "Death mask".....that's THE best track on the album !
[22:02:16] <ZiphOnAir> Ffrenzy: Definately, yes.
[22:02:16] * Squirrley (~Squirrley@80-192-48-181.cable.ubr02.glen.blueyonder.co.uk) Quit (Quit: SLAY Radio roxx.)
[22:02:16] <Dimmignat> !np
[22:02:17] <Artlace> Ffrenzy: I have it :)
[22:02:18] <SLAYRadio> Dimmignat: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: Sumppi Ft Makke - Trolls
[22:02:20] <the_JinX> !! PINBALL !!
[22:02:33] <[makke]> Ph0B1uS: I would've bought it for Ollas tracks alone! But I got a freebie as I was on the album myself. ;)
[22:02:36] <the_JinX> erm.. wrong chan '_
[22:02:37] <Ffrenzy> ZiphOnAir : i get goosebumps everytime the guitar kicks in.....
[22:02:37] <Artlace> Ffrenzy: I like it for "Pinball Fantasies", that's why I bought it :)
[22:02:43] <ZiphOnAir> the_JinX: Fantasies and Trolls are _THE_ best tracks, yes...
[22:02:54] <Ph0B1uS> im quite happy with buying cds.. dont like to pay for .mp3s feels like paying for a plastic bag imho
[22:02:55] <the_JinX> ZiphOnAir: yeah.. I agree !
[22:03:06] <Ph0B1uS> [makke], i bet :)
[22:03:20] <Dimmignat> where can I get this tune ??
[22:03:26] <ZiphOnAir> Dimmignat: Buy Immortal 3... ;)
[22:03:32] <Artlace> "What did I say, what did I say, say..." :
[22:03:33] <Artlace> :)
[22:03:38] <Ffrenzy> the pinball tracks and trolls are excellent....but i must say that *I* think that death mask is THE best tune.
[22:03:40] <colmarr> Ph0B1uS yeah and if your hd goes kabut and you just loose your mp3 and you cant get em back
[22:03:42] <[makke]> Ph0B1uS: I agree. I don't pay for MP3's. I don't see why I should pay high prices for something I dont' get a hard copy of. Plus, the quality sometimes absolutely stink!
[22:03:43] <ZiphOnAir> "All 32 of them..."
[22:03:46] * ninanAFK is now known as ninan
[22:03:53] <Misser> wow it's actually cooling down a bit, 23c outside
[22:04:01] <ZiphOnAir> Ffrenzy: Death Mask is excellent as well... :)
[22:04:08] <ninan> Misser: nice :)
[22:04:14] <[makke]> Ph0B1uS: Nice deal metallica has though, where you can download all the live shows from their tour in flac format! That's actually worth paying for instead of shitty MP3s.
[22:04:20] <the_JinX> the pinball games made me leave the C64 for the PC (286)
[22:04:20] <ZiphOnAir> Ffrenzy: I get naucious of the violin at a couple of places, though...
[22:04:34] <Ffrenzy> ZiphOnAir : hmm, doesn't bother me
[22:04:35] <Ph0B1uS> [makke], well i doubt that chrises tracks would lack quality but i prefer hard copies too over just files
[22:04:37] <Artlace> I also succeeded in making my coworkers crazy by playing "Uridium 2" loud :D
[22:05:00] <Ph0B1uS> [makke], too bad metallica went bad then :)
[22:05:10] <Kyoshin> I'm leaving you guys now
[22:05:12] <Kyoshin> Gonna watch Jarhead
[22:05:15] <the_JinX> those pinball games are one of the few good Amiga -> PC conversions imo..
[22:05:19] <Artlace> nite Kyoshin 
[22:05:21] <[makke]> Ph0B1uS: Haha, true. But at least their on the right path for download sales ;)
[22:05:23] * Kyoshin feels bad for leaving during live
[22:05:56] <Kyoshin> T.T
[22:05:57] <Kyoshin> Yay!
[22:06:00] <Kyoshin> I'll be back :)
[22:06:01] <Ph0B1uS> [makke], aye, digital downloads are good but i hope they never make the discs go away
[22:06:15] * the_JinX doesn't care ;)
[22:06:16] <[makke]> Ph0B1uS: I'm with you on that.
[22:06:18] <Misser> exclusive !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[22:06:49] <lex_> lol james pond
[22:06:52] <Ph0B1uS> [makke], i was a bit late to buy the first ppot so im out of luck unfortunatly.. the mp3-alternative isnt sufficient for me
[22:06:52] <goteborg_> tunununuununu
[22:06:56] <Ph0B1uS> robocop
[22:06:56] <Sinner1_> oooooo
[22:07:00] <the_JinX> The problem with CD's and DVD's imo is that if they scratch you should get near free replacement..  since all the companies are saying it's not the disks you buy but the content
[22:07:03] <LammmetCr> wieou
[22:07:03] <EchelonIV> haha
[22:07:07] * MPMPMP (~metal.pan@c-68-53-75-252.hsd1.tn.comcast.net) Quit
[22:07:10] <Sinner1_> hey hey hey
[22:07:11] <lex_> exellent remixed :)
[22:07:14] <Jostein_> Ph0B1uS: cod.. ;)
[22:07:18] <Dimmignat> !top top
[22:07:18] <Ph0B1uS> the_JinX, good point
[22:07:19] <the_JinX> as soon as that happens I'm buying more DVD's 
[22:07:19] <SLAYRadio> Dimmignat: It's top toppity top top!
[22:07:23] <Sinner1_> top cod
[22:07:26] <Cedex__> Makes me want to play the game actually
[22:07:26] <lex_> the robocod strikes back harharhar
[22:07:27] <ZiphOnAir> lex_: Tell it to [makke]... ;)
[22:07:27] <the_JinX> this remix is great !!
[22:07:32] <Ph0B1uS> sounds like the cop version.. the theme is that of the robocop
[22:07:35] <Chilli_UK> !request Chimera sub tune 2 by some wanna be swede called boz
[22:07:35] <Dimmignat> [makke]: Good work on this one m8 !!!
[22:07:44] <lex_> @Makke u are fucking talented ;)
[22:07:45] <Artlace> the_JinX: first thing I did was encoding the whole album into ogg
[22:07:46] <Sinner1_> Makke: love your skaishness
[22:07:48] <Chappers> !np
[22:07:49] <SLAYRadio> Chappers: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: Makke - James Pond 2: RoboCod (Fishy Agent Mix)
[22:07:54] <the_JinX> Artlace: yuh .. :)
[22:08:06] * BWf56REsw (~Xmas@c83-252-118-54.bredband.comhem.se) has joined #SLAYRadio
[22:08:07] <[makke]> Dimmignat: Thanks. I skipped the lyrics idea though, and just added some "HEY's" and claps. :) Couldn't really fit anything singable in there. Works best without it in my opinion.
[22:08:09] <Ph0B1uS> makke good tune this
[22:08:11] <ZiphOnAir> [makke]: Cubase? Renoise?
[22:08:13] <[makke]> lex_: Thanks ;)
[22:08:16] * CharlieB (~charlie@81-178-227-8.dsl.pipex.com) has joined #SLAYRadio
[22:08:17] <Ffrenzy> finally some good tunes on amigaremix....it's about time !
[22:08:27] <[makke]> Sinner1: Yeah, I think I captured the SKA great in this one. :d
[22:08:27] <Ph0B1uS> it would be kinda corny with lyrics imho
[22:08:30] <[makke]> ZiphOnAir: Renoise
[22:08:33] <Dimmignat> [makke]: I think I must agree with you on that one !! 
[22:08:33] <Ffrenzy> [makke] : the blippy instrument is a bit too harsh, IMHO
[22:08:35] <Sinner1_> and in Qix
[22:08:36] <Jostein_> [makke]: smooth tune! great work!
[22:08:58] <Jostein_> goooooood work!
[22:09:03] <[makke]> Ffrenzy: Really? Hmm...I thought that was too low. :)
[22:09:04] <EchelonIV> nice one!
[22:09:11] <Frurry> damn makke thats awesome
[22:09:15] <[makke]> Jostein_: Cheers. :D
[22:09:20] <[makke]> Frurry: Thanks :)
[22:09:21] <Ffrenzy> [makke] : it hurt my ears a bit !
[22:09:24] <the_JinX> YEY 
[22:09:26] <Frurry> !makke
[22:09:28] <Artlace> another need for bass!
[22:09:31] <Ffrenzy> [makke] : but that's just my opinion...
[22:09:31] <lex_> lol
[22:09:32] <Ph0B1uS> aah
[22:09:50] <[makke]> Ffrenzy: :( Damn... Well, I don't get that here, but my speakres aren't exactly perfect.
[22:09:52] <Dimmignat> ZiphOnAir: What did Olof thought when getting back to his old tracks ?
[22:09:52] <Sinner1_> should I watch Day after tomorrow or Xmen 2?
[22:10:05] <Misser> save the whales ? save the whales. or is amiga balls amiga balls ?
[22:10:09] <Jostein_> Sinner1: xmen2...
[22:10:09] * XeNoMoRp (SLAYRadioJ@host-87-251-195-71.wtnord.net) has joined #SLAYRadio
[22:10:11] <Dimmignat> Sinner1: Day after tomorrow !
[22:10:15] <Ffrenzy> [makke] : but the tune is fine OVERALL, a lot better quality than the averaga amigaremix tune !
[22:10:17] <ZiphOnAir> Dimmignat: Well, this was a bit of a pain-in-the-arse to remake, actually... ...but he have thought of it earlier on...
[22:10:25] <lex_> good to hear olof tracks too :)
[22:10:28] <Dimmignat> ZiphOnAir: ahh
[22:10:34] * dvoid (~krawwz@c-b081e255.2010-1-64736c10.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se) has joined #SLAYRadio
[22:10:37] <the_JinX> Ffrenzy: duh..
[22:10:38] <Sinner1_> it's a tie
[22:10:42] <Dimmignat> [makke]: Been thinking anything of the track ?
[22:10:42] * Bittin^ (~Karlssonp@h236n1fls33o823.telia.com) has joined #SLAYRadio
[22:10:42] <Rhapsody|> I have only one little speaker on this 1996 laptop.
[22:10:44] <the_JinX> lex_: yeah.. it's great stuff !!
[22:10:45] <Bittin^> Now Playing: 006.50hertz - intergrill [03m05s] [320kbps] mp3 From The Album: Music Intended for the Occasion of Killing Your Son EP
[22:10:49] <[makke]> Ffrenzy: Yeah, I decided to do it because the Immortal 2 remix of JP2 left me very unimpressed... Despite being made by Richard Joseph himself. :/
[22:10:54] <lex_> perfekt ! I must play it again !
[22:10:59] <ZiphOnAir> http://ziphoid.com/pinballfantasies.jpg
[22:11:14] <Sinner1_> Makke: what would Pantera sound like if they were a ska band?
[22:11:27] <Ph0B1uS> ZiphOnAir, wow
[22:11:32] * AnotherG (SLAYRadioJ@mkb-145-172-209-82.3.cust.bredband2.com) has joined #SLAYRadio
[22:11:35] <__moog__> ZiphOnAir:  hehe :)
[22:11:40] <ZiphOnAir> :)
[22:11:40] <Sinner1_> yikes
[22:11:47] * Ov3RL0aD (~Intestine@ has joined #slayradio
[22:11:50] * XeNoMoRp (SLAYRadioJ@host-87-251-195-71.wtnord.net) Quit (Quit: SLAY Radio roxx.)
[22:11:52] <Misser> that actually fit on my screen ZiphOnAir ;)
[22:11:55] <AnotherG> Thanks for that Pinball Fantasies. :-) just what I needed. :-)
[22:12:01] <Ffrenzy> [makke] : Immortal 2 is a so-so ambum overall....i do like the battel squadron remix though...a LOT !
[22:12:03] <Ph0B1uS> ZiphOnAir,  how many versions did he make?
[22:12:04] <[makke]> Sinner1: Hahaha, that I don't know. ;)
[22:12:05] <ZiphOnAir> That screengrab was done 28/10 -04 so it's a bit old...
[22:12:10] * Lammet (~Lammet@s200h50o1tcm9.dyn.tyfon.se) Quit (Quit: SLAY Radio roxx.)
[22:12:11] <Dimmignat> ZiphOnAir: Looks like a real pain in the arse :/
[22:12:20] <the_JinX> Misser: same here ;P
[22:12:21] <ZiphOnAir> Ph0B1uS: 2, actually..
[22:12:24] <Ffrenzy> AAARGH, my fingers don't want to type correctly.....
[22:12:25] <[makke]> Ffrenzy: Yeah, Immortal 2 has its moments, but over all... I don't know. 
[22:12:40] <Ph0B1uS> ZiphOnAir, big differences?
[22:12:47] <[makke]> Ffrenzy: Immortal 3 is way way betteer!
[22:12:56] <Bittin^> Now Playing: 50 Hertz - Älskat Ivor (Häst & Handboll) [03m50s] [128kbps] mp3 From The Album: Fyfan i Helvetet Skitfitta EP
[22:12:58] <Jostein_> !current
[22:12:58] <Ffrenzy> [makke] : the C64 albums are better than the Amiga albums....as with the SID versus MOD !
[22:13:04] <Cedex__> Would it be possible to request track 18 (ambermoon) from the immortal3 album ?
[22:13:07] <Jostein_> !playing
[22:13:09] <Ffrenzy> [makke] :i agree, Immortal 3 is way better !
[22:13:09] <SLAYRadio> Jostein_: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: Olof Gustafsson - Pinball Fantasies Remix
[22:13:09] <ZiphOnAir> Bittin^: Stop that, please.
[22:13:10] <Ph0B1uS> Bittin^, visbygubben ftw :)
[22:13:21] <Ffrenzy> Cedex__ : use !request <songname>
[22:13:26] <lex_> so gustafson used cubae ....interesting.
[22:13:31] <Ph0B1uS> id sure like to hear this track in 5.1
[22:13:35] <Ffrenzy> !request amberSTAR ( disk 2 of Immortal 3 )
[22:13:36] <herbaculu> I'll be back later... sorry...
[22:13:37] <Frurry> i want immortal 3 :)
[22:13:38] <lex_> wish i could see which vsti he has used
[22:13:39] * herbaculu (~herbaculu@p5499D492.dip.t-dialin.net) Quit (Quit:  .HydraIRC. -> http://www.hydrairc.com <- The professional IRC Client.)
[22:13:57] <Cedex__> !request track 18, ambermoon from immortal3 disc1
[22:13:58] <the_JinX> lex_: you could just mail and ask ;)
[22:14:01] <__moog__> 225 bars / 140 bpm * 4 =    about 6,4 minutes :D
[22:14:06] <lex_> matthias steinwachs is also adorable artsit too.
[22:14:17] <Cedex__> Ffrenzy: thats my alltime amiga fav game actually (star and moon)
[22:14:23] * Zorix (zorix@saturn.lunarshells.com) Quit (Excess Flood.)
[22:14:26] * BWf56REsw is now known as AirWolf
[22:14:31] <lex_> @jinx to whom especaily....i do not know email from olof .)
[22:14:40] <Ffrenzy> Cedex__ :don't know the games actualle, but amberstar is a bloody good tune !
[22:14:41] * Zorix (zorix@saturn.lunarshells.com) has joined #SLAYRadio
[22:14:41] * Zorix (zorix@saturn.lunarshells.com) Quit (Connection closed.)
[22:14:51] <ZiphOnAir> lex_: I do... :)
[22:14:59] <the_JinX> lex_: ask ZiphOnAir ..  he must know a public adress of Olas
[22:15:01] <Sinner1_> hmm, I have a cd I haven't touched yet... Merregnon Soundtrack - Vol1. Any good?`
[22:15:01] <lex_> tee hee can u ask him :)
[22:15:03] <Cedex__> Ffrenzy: thalion.amiga.tm
[22:15:05] * Zorix (zorix@saturn.lunarshells.com) has joined #SLAYRadio
[22:15:06] <ZiphOnAir> lex_: I can forward it otherwise... :)
[22:15:23] <Cedex__> damn seems dead ;:(
[22:15:25] <lex_> yes do it because im too shy. tee hee
[22:15:34] <the_JinX> hehe :)
[22:15:39] <Ph0B1uS> ZiphOnAir now with mail-relay? :)
[22:16:11] <Frurry> merregnon is awesome
[22:16:14] <__moog__> i can see Reason wired as well
[22:16:19] <Frurry> i`m still waiting for vol 3
[22:16:19] <the_JinX> lex_: you'll see that 90% of people here are really friendly !!   (I mailed with a lot of remixers and they are all amazingly friendly and giving) !!
[22:16:40] <Sinner1_> !request some Bjorn Lynne
[22:16:45] <Dimmignat> ZiphOnAir: Say thanks to your daughter !!! 
[22:16:55] <chip-pwl> Cedex__: bah, the admin of amiga.tm doesn't resolve the subdomains any more it seems... he's a lazy bastard so no wonder.. :)
[22:16:58] <Dimmignat> ZiphOnAir: I really appreciate that she gave me a sample =)
[22:17:05] <lex_> yes no doubt :) I'm realy suprised how easy that is to get in on this fantastic community Jinx :)
[22:17:30] <Dimmignat> =)
[22:17:40] <Cedex__> http://alexh.umcus.org/ it is then
[22:17:47] <Misser> talking on irc, dj'n and using skype / msn / icq ZiphOnAir?
[22:17:49] <Sinner1_> but was it enough ompa ompa?
[22:18:10] <lex_> oho :)
[22:18:37] <Bittin^> Now Playing: Acid Dance Feat. EcO - Kärringarna från Uppsala [02m09s] [192kbps] mp3 From The Album:
[22:18:39] <__moog__> http://zsi.tech.us.edu.pl/~moog/1.pdf --- testing LilyPond here :),    it's some Metal's piece 
[22:18:57] <lex_> Thought so that Olof is a Reason fan too :)=)
[22:19:08] * EchelonIV (~ech_prose@ti511110a080-0020.bb.online.no) Quit
[22:19:10] <Ph0B1uS> sheet music.. seems fast paced
[22:19:15] <Artlace> !np
[22:19:18] <SLAYRadio> Artlace: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: Chronblom - Block'n Bubble (Carbonated version)
[22:19:19] <Netwalker> !find chronblom
[22:19:21] <SLAYRadio> Netwalker: Song ID .2014.) Chronblom - Heartland (Tranciano remix). Played at 2006-07-14 05:34:52 CET (played 211 times)
[22:19:23] <Netwalker> !find chronblom
[22:19:26] <SLAYRadio> Netwalker: Song ID .2089.) Chronblom - Bomb Jack 6 (violin version). Played at 2006-07-17 15:32:11 CET (played 209 times)
[22:19:37] <Netwalker> !request Binster - G and G
[22:19:38] <lex_> because somewhere i read that he uses Reason too. And Fm7, Vanguard are exellent Vsti's. Thanks Zip for the info :)
[22:19:43] <Misser> Olof ola ollas, strange names. Now for some real swedish girl names. inga just doesn't cut it :)
[22:20:18] <lex_> Hmmmm waht is the cutest name for a girl in sweden ?
[22:20:27] <hagar> lex_: pussgurka
[22:20:27] <Ph0B1uS> Misser, olof isnt that strange.. its an old viking name
[22:20:29] <AirWolf> Sötnos of course
[22:20:31] * the_JinX likt een ola ijsje
[22:20:32] <lex_> I dont know because im from Autria.
[22:20:34] <chip-pwl> hagar: hoho :)
[22:20:43] <Misser> Ph0B1uS but the other 2 are ? :)
[22:21:07] <Ph0B1uS> ola is prolly a short form of olof
[22:21:08] <Misser> snotneus? AirWolf who would call there kid that ?
[22:21:08] <Ffrenzy> Misser : probably derived from olof
[22:21:13] <Ph0B1uS> ollas isnt a name
[22:21:19] <AirWolf> Misser: everyone
[22:21:26] <Artlace> so is "Blaizer" ?
[22:21:27] <Misser> heheh
[22:21:31] <lex_> olof g. used to have long hair in his amiga days.
[22:21:40] <lex_> i can remember old magazin fotos.
[22:21:41] * Hrun is consciously listening again.
[22:21:47] <Misser> i vote for sweds as the strangest but very nice ppl of scandinavia :)
[22:21:57] <Dimmignat> Misser: ;)
[22:21:58] <Bittin^> Yepp ;)
[22:22:02] <chip-pwl> lex_: he didn't the last time I saw him :)
[22:22:09] <Ffrenzy> AirWolf : Misser means that "Sötnos" looks like the dutch word "snotneus" which means a runny nose !
[22:22:12] * BusyMeis is now known as meis
[22:22:20] <lex_> yes he has short hair. lol chip-pwl :)
[22:22:24] <Ffrenzy> meis *HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUG*
[22:22:29] <meis> *snuggles!!!*
[22:22:31] <AirWolf> well, I'm not dutch, I'm not using dutch, hence, it is NOT dutch ;)
[22:22:35] <Ph0B1uS> wb meis 
[22:22:39] <meis> thanks!
[22:22:42] <Dimmignat> ninan: Hello honey =)  
[22:23:07] <Ffrenzy> Dimmignat : today i'm the one who's been put among the females ;)
[22:23:07] <ninan> Dimmignat: hello ;)
[22:23:08] <AirWolf> and a snotty nose could be cute too though
[22:23:12] <AirWolf> on the right....thing
[22:23:23] <Dimmignat> Ffrenzy: ahhh.. watch out for Boz then ;)
[22:23:33] <Misser> AirWolf hahah on the right thing everything could look cute
[22:23:35] <Ffrenzy> Dimmignat : YIKES !
[22:24:08] <AirWolf> I was going to say "girl" but that'd be sexist, thus, "thing"
[22:24:15] <AirWolf> give a lot more options
[22:24:20] <AirWolf> (and/or fantasieS(
[22:24:22] <the_JinX> burp
[22:24:24] <Misser> AirWolf nice diplomatic :)
[22:24:32] <Dimmignat> ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[22:24:33] <[makke]> WOOOHOOO!
[22:24:33] * Nonlinear (~opera@dsl-195-138.hive.is) has joined #SLAYRadio
[22:24:33] <Misser> wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee t2
[22:24:35] <lex_> SUPER !!!
[22:24:36] <Ffrenzy> Turrican 2
[22:24:37] * Dimmignat feel love
[22:24:40] <Sinner1_> yumyum
[22:24:41] <lex_> HAIL HUELSBECK !
[22:24:44] <ranzbak> nice !!
[22:24:45] <Misser> see i don't even have to request anymore all nice tunes get played
[22:24:46] <the_JinX> ow.. orig. yeah !!
[22:24:47] <Artlace> hail!
[22:24:50] <the_JinX> HAIL !
[22:24:53] <Artlace> tfmx one!
[22:25:02] <lex_> yes with 7voice :)
[22:25:18] * pkf (~p@ame250.internetdsl.tpnet.pl) has joined #SLAYRadio
[22:25:18] * Hittis_ (hittis@magnum.serverpark.se) has joined #SLAYRadio
[22:25:18] * anjaa (anjaa@ircgeeks.net) has joined #SLAYRadio
[22:25:18] * HiSPeed (ident@dslb-084-056-092-216.pools.arcor-ip.net) has joined #SLAYRadio
[22:25:24] <Misser> lex_ i actually ripped that tune years ago just to listen to it more, even made a small demo with it.
[22:25:29] * ZiphOnAir sets mode: +v anjaa
[22:25:38] * ShaMan_ (~ShaMan_@adsl-82-141-117-48.kotinet.com) Quit (Quit: SLAY Radio roxx.)
[22:25:52] <Netwalker> i should remix this =)
[22:25:59] <lex_> @Misser yes it is very worth for it. Did u make a remix for it ?
[22:26:08] * AirWolf is trying to drain kwed.ord of all the bandwidth
[22:26:20] <AirWolf> I lost all my happy tunes in a hd crash :(
[22:26:21] <lex_> because i remember someone did a tracker song that sounded very original as this.
[22:26:23] <Misser> lex_ i'm just a coder owh and tone def :)
[22:26:39] <defiance> oh god
[22:26:44] <Ffrenzy> yes ?
[22:26:45] <defiance> I'm starting to sober up anyway
[22:26:49] * honk99 (~xyz@p54BA3CC9.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) has joined #SLAYRadio
[22:26:57] <Ffrenzy> !honk ?
[22:26:59] <lex_> This song is very complex build. I watched it in TFMX 7voice.
[22:26:59] <Misser> defiance ahhh get something to drink stat
[22:26:59] <SLAYRadio> Fina pattar, ?. *honk honk*
[22:27:14] * Noir|X cuddles defiance
[22:27:15] <defiance> Misser, hehehe, naaah. I just had a nice evening at kvilles. :)
[22:27:21] <Misser> tfmx had some very nice effects
[22:27:22] * defiance cuddles Noir|X back
[22:27:22] <defiance> Hi hun
[22:27:28] <Ph0B1uS> Misser, ive heard that you write virii that kill all the infected comps soundfiles, because if you cant hear a tone right noone else should either, is that true? :)
[22:27:34] <Misser> defiance playing pool with yourself again? Get some friends ;)
[22:27:47] <defiance> Misser, well, I went there by myself, but boz and linda showed up.
[22:27:59] <Misser> Ph0B1uS only when it's AirWolf's computer ;)
[22:28:04] * Kelativo (~tapo@nat04.dsl.ssp.fi) Quit
[22:28:12] <Misser> defiance ahhh lucky sod
[22:28:14] <Ffrenzy> !listeners
[22:28:15] <SLAYRadio> Ffrenzy: Current number of listeners on SLAY Radio: 217
[22:28:20] <Ph0B1uS> Misser, i see so it was partially true then :)
[22:28:35] <Misser> Ph0B1uS heheh just talking bollocks with you there ;)
[22:28:42] <Ph0B1uS> Misser, no shit :)
[22:28:46] * kob0lt (~kobolt@ti300720a080-0998.bb.online.no) has joined #SLAYRadio
[22:28:47] * Zakarius (~Z@cpc2-rdng9-0-0-cust682.winn.cable.ntl.com) Quit (Quit: I've learned SO much from my mistakes, I'm thinking of making a few more....)
[22:28:53] <Ffrenzy> misser: shall ii take the laptop with me tomorrow ?
[22:28:54] <Misser> Ph0B1uS shit talk is for after hours :P
[22:29:08] <Misser> Ffrenzy well there won't be a show, but can't hurt
[22:29:08] <defiance> Misser, heh, well, it was a nice evening.. :P
[22:29:08] <AirWolf> Misser: was no virus I'm afraid. just a 5 year old well used 40GB IDE IGM drive ;)
[22:29:10] <Ph0B1uS> Misser,  :)
[22:29:16] <Ffrenzy> misser : that's true
[22:29:16] <AirWolf> s/IGM/IBM
[22:29:18] <lex_> oh my i wish i could have the turrican suite just for once to fly with it like in the credits.
[22:29:24] <the_JinX> aw.. sod it .. the wife wants to go for round two..   it's way too hot for this kind of . .. ..      bbl
[22:29:25] <Misser> AirWolf ah a ibm deathstar ?
[22:29:26] <Ph0B1uS> AirWolf, IBM? gah
[22:29:32] <defiance> !np
[22:29:33] <SLAYRadio> defiance: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: Chris Huelsbeck - Turrican II Title
[22:29:36] <the_JinX> Misser: lol
[22:29:40] <defiance> oh ffs
[22:29:49] <defiance> sorry ZiphOnAir, forgot you're on air >_< *tunes in*
[22:29:52] <lex_> SHOOT OR DIE ! :)
[22:29:56] <ZiphOnAir> defiance: Twat! ;)
[22:29:59] <Niknstien> !request ZiphOnAir - Sweet'n'Sour
[22:30:01] <ZiphOnAir> the_JinX: Go for it, mate... ;)
[22:30:02] <AirWolf> Misser: da. I have two of them, so I'm going to try the precision surgery and move the magnetic disks over to the other one and get the files back
[22:30:04] <Misser> defiance i bed it was, see you there in 2 weeks time
[22:30:06] <AirWolf> Misser: someday...
[22:30:12] <Ffrenzy> my father once had an IBM HDD which tended to spin down, BEEP, and spin up again, for no apparent reason
[22:30:16] <defiance> Misser, of course! ^ ^ 
[22:30:28] <Ffrenzy> and YES, it was the HDD beeping !
[22:30:31] <Niknstien> !request Skvvv Skvv Skvvvnevnivsonson - Terra Cresta (Razmo's Robot doodaa whatsit majiny)
[22:30:33] <Misser> AirWolf you lost the mp3's ?
[22:30:37] <Niknstien> !request Skvvv Skvv Skvvvnevnivsonson - Tiikerihai
[22:30:39] <Ph0B1uS> AirWolf, dont do it.. youll head crash it
[22:30:40] <[makke]> Holy smeg it's hot in here!
[22:30:43] <chip-pwl> Ffrenzy: parking the head perhaps?
[22:30:43] <Niknstien> !request Kraku - Speedball
[22:30:45] <Misser> AirWolf i got 5GB of them :)
[22:30:46] <defiance> Ello [makke] 
[22:30:48] * IRQBrkr (~IRQBreake@h50n4fls309o1039.telia.com) has joined #SLAYRadio
[22:30:58] <[makke]> I've got every window in the flat open, but it doesn't do a bit of good since there's no wind what so ever!
[22:31:00] <AirWolf> Misser: it was the system disk (of courses, what else?)
[22:31:00] * CZ-Tunes (SLAYRadioJ@dslb-084-062-160-107.pools.arcor-ip.net) has joined #SLAYRadio
[22:31:04] <Bittin^> !request Slagsmålsklubben
[22:31:04] <__moog__> Niknstien: howdy mate :)
[22:31:05] <[makke]> Hey defiance :)
[22:31:10] <Ffrenzy> chip-pwl : while the comp was running ? even when you were reading from the disk itself !
[22:31:15] <lex_> u must oppen all windows to have a wind.
[22:31:19] <AirWolf> Ph0B1uS: I do it for a living. so I'm okay with it. ;)
[22:31:21] <Ph0B1uS> [makke], have you heard of fans?
[22:31:22] <lex_> otheriwse the heat is killing.
[22:31:23] <Misser> ahhh even have 2 honorbilli tunes inthere
[22:31:25] <CZ-Tunes> Good Evening !
[22:31:31] <chip-pwl> Ffrenzy: yes.. a friend had a 2.5" hdd that did something similar
[22:31:36] <__moog__> CZ-Tunes: ello :)
[22:31:43] <lex_> thank you :)
[22:31:45] <CZ-Tunes> Hi moog.
[22:31:45] <Ph0B1uS> AirWolf, i see. well thats changes things :)
[22:31:49] <CZ-Tunes> Hi Zipo!
[22:31:50] <Sinner1_> greeeeet track
[22:31:54] <[makke]> Ph0B1uS: Yeah, I've got tons! Oh, you mean those spinning things? Yeah, I have one of those, but I need to buy more. ;)
[22:31:59] <Niknstien> __moog__, howdie fella  :D
[22:32:00] <Ffrenzy> chip-pwl : well, i put the drive into my comp, and never had a problem...so it was probably an issue with the power.
[22:32:12] <Niknstien> !request __moog__ - Rubican 84
[22:32:18] <__moog__> :)
[22:32:20] <Misser> it gets confusing more and more, lex DeLex
[22:32:22] <[makke]> Rubican't ;)
[22:32:24] <CZ-Tunes> ;)
[22:32:28] <CZ-Tunes> Thanx.
[22:32:30] <__moog__> Rubicould
[22:32:31] <defiance> okay, I won't make any requests tonight, they'll just sound odd.
[22:32:32] <Niknstien> !request CZ-Tunes - Robocop Title Remix
[22:32:33] <Chilli_UK> hi CZ-Tunes hows you my friend
[22:32:40] <[makke]> __moog__: Rubiwould
[22:32:41] <Chilli_UK> !request CZ-Tunes double dragon pls
[22:32:43] <Ph0B1uS> [makke], have you tried pressing "ON" instead of spinning the rotors yourself? :)
[22:32:49] <Chilli_UK> he was a geek ZiphOnAir
[22:32:51] <__moog__> [makke] : ;)
[22:32:52] <CZ-Tunes> Hi Chilli. 
[22:32:52] <Niknstien> [makke], Rubicant
[22:32:53] * LarsecSOH (~Larsec@ Quit
[22:32:55] * patrik-- (ph@oper.irc.dkom.at) Quit (The computer fell asleep.)
[22:32:56] <[makke]> Ph0B1uS: Har har!
[22:32:59] <CZ-Tunes> Nice to meet you. ;)
[22:32:59] <Bittin^> !request Slagsmålsklubben
[22:32:59] <AirWolf> Ph0B1uS: it does, but it's still irritating when it happens. :P
[22:33:05] <Chilli_UK> hows you chris??? and your girlfriend
[22:33:18] <Bittin^> !request Slagsmålsklubben - Den Officella VM låten
[22:33:21] <Ph0B1uS> AirWolf, agreed
[22:33:22] <Misser> ahhh the worst wannabee geeks
[22:33:24] <AnotherG> Also called Lamer
[22:33:36] <Niknstien> [makke], Rbishould ?
[22:33:36] <CZ-Tunes> Fine. And you and your Girlfriend?`
[22:33:42] <defiance> Ah, I love this feeling. Perfectly drunk, not too much, not too little.
[22:33:42] <Niknstien> *rubishould
[22:33:44] <__moog__> Wouldbicon
[22:33:47] <defiance> And I can still type. Perfect. :D
[22:34:01] <Chilli_UK> we are all fine thanks CZ-Tunes - good to see you on line my friend!
[22:34:14] <Niknstien> __moog__, cantbecon
[22:34:20] <CZ-Tunes> Thank you. ;)
[22:34:20] <__moog__> :D
[22:34:28] <Chilli_UK> ZiphOnAir - is this your autobiography lmao
[22:34:32] <meis> Slaygon ?
[22:35:08] <Ffrenzy> meis : slaygon is on a eurotrip : see the topic for the URL to the holiday diary
[22:35:16] <meis> Oh :(
[22:35:17] * Marble_Ar chuckles
[22:35:28] <meis> One of my friends says he recodnizes him :P
[22:35:32] <Chilli_UK> The story of my life by ZiphOnAir in 2220 parts - part one live tonight
[22:35:36] <Misser> ZiphOnAir whahaha kewl story, you got your first groupie there.
[22:35:47] * Ogun (~ogun@81-236-225-133-no51.tbcn.telia.com) has joined #SLAYRadio
[22:35:53] <ZiphOnAir> Misser: Hehe, definately... ;)
[22:35:55] <Sinner1_> yeeeah
[22:35:57] <ZiphOnAir> Chilli_UK: Always... ;)
[22:36:04] <lex_> Interesting Story Zip. :)
[22:36:11] <ZiphOnAir> Thanx lex_... :)
[22:36:24] <Chilli_UK> ZiphOnAir - the one thing i love about your shows is that you just never fooking know what your going to do - or say or play
[22:36:33] <Netwalker> !request PPOT - Hypaball vs. Mission AD
[22:36:42] <lex_> Chris is very tall....i guess near to 2 meters.
[22:36:46] <Misser> Chilli_UK right on the spot there :)
[22:36:49] <lex_> or at least 1,95
[22:36:52] <Netwalker> !request NJoy - Stormlord
[22:36:53] <ZiphOnAir> Chilli_UK: That's the whole idea... :)
[22:37:12] <Ph0B1uS> ZiphOnAir, well then youve succeeded
[22:37:17] * colmarr (colmarr@cable-kmi-fef0f900-48.dhcp.inet.fi) Quit
[22:37:19] <Dimmignat> Did someone had a hard time understanding Irony before ?? 
[22:37:21] <ZiphOnAir> Chilli_UK: ...since I don't have a clue of what I'm doing or gonna say or anything at all either... ;)
[22:37:31] * detonator (~petrus_tu@dsl-hpo-feebfb00-243.dhcp.inet.fi) has joined #SLAYRadio
[22:38:01] <Ph0B1uS> Dimmignat, think it was one of the females.. nick starting with a "k"
[22:38:01] <AirWolf> omg! ZiphOnAir is *gasp* male!
[22:38:05] <Dimmignat> Distorted slap base =)
[22:38:09] <Ffrenzy> ZiphOnAir : doesn't that go for ALL slayradio shows ( even the slayrated you and andreas did )
[22:38:17] <Chilli_UK> ZiphOnAir - its just a pepsi max show really - too much non sugar rush lmao
[22:38:20] <ZiphOnAir> AirWolf: Well, yes... I like to think so, yes... ;)
[22:38:21] <Dimmignat> Ph0B1uS: hmm okay.. 
[22:38:22] <Dimmignat> heeh
[22:38:29] <Ph0B1uS> Dimmignat, why?
[22:38:31] <AirWolf> ZiphOnAir: ~
[22:38:33] <ZiphOnAir> Ffrenzy: Of course... ;)
[22:38:48] <Dimmignat> Ph0B1uS: just heard something on the air.. didn't see what was written atm
[22:39:04] <Chilli_UK> ZiphOnAir = sponsored by Pepsi Max or is it ZiphOnAir gives pepsi max all their profits
[22:39:11] <Ph0B1uS> Dimmignat, ok
[22:39:24] <Sinner1_> tnx for that 1 Ziph
[22:39:52] <Dimmignat> haha
[22:39:54] <LammmetCr> =)
[22:39:55] <Dimmignat> ZiphOnAir: ahhh
[22:40:00] <Ph0B1uS> oh
[22:40:08] <Ffrenzy> Misser : aah, Ziphoid does kind of a "Whose remix is it anyway" show ;)
[22:40:12] <Chilli_UK> yeah play some please ZiphOnAir 
[22:40:15] <Netwalker> !request CZ Tunes - Double Dragon Title Remix
[22:40:15] <Sinner1_> guten abend CZ
[22:40:17] <Netwalker> :)
[22:40:18] <Niknstien> !request Komet - Unstarted Synth (hole in the bucket doodaa)
[22:40:20] <CZ-Tunes> Guten Abend. Yes,you right. CHRISTIAN. ;)
[22:40:22] <Misser> Ffrenzy heheh seems like it
[22:40:29] <Misser> ello CZ-Tunes
[22:40:29] <Chilli_UK> CZ-Tunes this tune rocks 
[22:40:32] <lex_> lol another hueslbeck !
[22:40:34] <Niknstien> CZ-Tunes, Guten Abend CZ-Tunes  :D
[22:40:35] * Saben (~Aqua_Life@h111n1fls303o968.telia.com) Quit (Read error: Operation timed out.)
[22:40:38] <Ph0B1uS> !np
[22:40:38] <Jostein_> love that game. there ought to be a remake
[22:40:39] <SLAYRadio> Ph0B1uS: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: CZ Tunes - Rock'n Roll - Level 1 (Special CZ Tunes Remix)
[22:40:46] <Sinner1_> Jostein: second that
[22:40:50] * Chilli_UK bows to the german in the corner called CZ-Tunes
[22:40:57] * Chappers is off to the kitchen to fix some food and a coffee, to quieten his rumbling tum ;)
[22:40:58] * herbaculu (~herbaculu@p5499D0E4.dip.t-dialin.net) has joined #SLAYRadio
[22:40:59] <__moog__> !request  /VARIOUS/S-Z/The_Syndrom/Future.sid
[22:41:00] * n3Afk is now known as n3mo
[22:41:02] <Ph0B1uS> brb going to make me something to devour
[22:41:04] <n3mo> ello!
[22:41:05] <lex_> I was so bad in RockNRoll. Traps were very heavy. hehe
[22:41:08] <n3mo> Soz I'm late ZiphOnAir, visiting parents too.. :)
[22:41:08] * ZiphOnAir sets mode: +v herbaculu
[22:41:10] * Chappers is now known as ChapsFood
[22:41:10] <herbaculu> Hello again! ;-)
[22:41:13] <CZ-Tunes> mmmhhh,i think i know of it. ;)
[22:41:20] <ZiphOnAir> n3mo: Well ok, then... It'll do for now... ;)
[22:41:25] <__moog__> n3mo:  ello :)
[22:41:26] <ZiphOnAir> Welcome back, herbaculum... :)
[22:41:26] <Dimmignat> This sound very much like the original.. except the drums
[22:41:40] <defiance> ZiphOnAir, can you make me some coffee so I can sober up faster? :P
[22:41:43] * maxlevin (SLAYRadioJ@e0177.cust.networksab.com) has joined #SLAYRadio
[22:41:44] <lex_> yes as huelsbeck would have made it himself.
[22:41:44] * n3mo bows to ZiphOnAir.. -.-
[22:41:45] <Dimmignat> which is kinda repetetive :(
[22:41:48] <ZiphOnAir> defiance: Sure thingy... ;)
[22:41:56] <Dimmignat> sorry if I complain.. just in that mood today
[22:41:57] * Gulrak smooches herbaculum.
[22:41:58] <maxlevin> CZ! Did you get my mail?
[22:41:58] <ZiphOnAir> Oi maxlevin! :)
[22:42:00] <n3mo> lo __moog__ :)
[22:42:08] <maxlevin> Ziphiiihihihi :D
[22:42:10] <defiance> Hello Gulrak and herbaculu! :)
[22:42:22] <defiance> ZiphOnAir, much appreciated. ;)
[22:42:28] <Chilli_UK> defiance - drink bleech - you throw up really quickly and all the alcohol leaves your system - however thats cos they pump your stomach but you are sober really quickly
[22:42:29] <Gulrak> Hi defiance!
[22:42:36] <CZ-Tunes> Yes,Do you get my answer?
[22:42:36] <Sinner1_> name some weird amiga adventure/puzzle game with 4, 5 or 6 letters!?
[22:42:46] <Misser> hmmm just noticed that GBG is only 1100km by car.
[22:42:47] * n3mo tries to figger some light in teh crib..
[22:42:50] <defiance> Chilli_UK, hahah. :P I'll live, I'm not feeling ill or anything. :)
[22:42:55] <Niknstien> Sinner1 - LOOM
[22:42:56] * AirWolf just looped SLAYRadio into his own shoutcast server and got a bit confused
[22:42:59] <Ffrenzy> sinner1 : atomix
[22:42:59] <herbaculu> Hello defiance!
[22:43:01] <AirWolf> maybe I should cut down on the windows
[22:43:02] <Sinner1_> nik:nah
[22:43:04] <Sinner1_> ff: nah
[22:43:11] <maxlevin> CZ: no :(
[22:43:23] <Misser> stockholm 1420 and a bit
[22:43:27] <Misser> hamburg about 510
[22:43:30] <Ffrenzy> misser : ONLY 1100 km.
[22:43:42] <Misser> Ffrenzy 1100 km hmmm 9 hours drive :)
[22:44:04] <Niknstien> Sinner1 - Dizzy
[22:44:09] <Ffrenzy> misser : sorry, only have a DRIVERS license, not a PILOT license !
[22:44:22] <Gulrak> *lol*
[22:44:29] <CZ-Tunes> :( Sorry,i check it.
[22:44:30] <Misser> Ffrenzy lol, you don't need to fly
[22:44:37] <maxlevin> thanks
[22:44:38] <lex_> Does someone know if the PLay!Videomgame concert will be ever on stage in Vienna / Austria too ?
[22:44:38] <Niknstien> Sinner1_  - Dizzy
[22:44:44] <Gulrak> Well, as we are going over Oslo, it would be a bit hard to just drive. ;-)
[22:44:45] <Ffrenzy> misser : 1100 km in 9 hours....that's some pretty low flying !
[22:44:47] <Sinner1_> nik: nah
[22:44:48] <Misser> Ffrenzy in germany Peter and i did an avarage of 200km/h :)
[22:44:54] <Misser> okay on the bike that was :)
[22:45:01] <ZiphOnAir> lex_: Unfortunately not this tour...
[22:45:11] <Gulrak> Pirates!
[22:45:11] <Ffrenzy> HAR!
[22:45:12] <lex_> :(
[22:45:13] <Misser> 160km/h with the car is also not to much a hastle
[22:45:14] <Lumpio-> Yarr!
[22:45:15] <chip-pwl> wohoo, MI3!
[22:45:16] <Misser> Harrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
[22:45:22] * Jakuchu (~Jakuchu@dsl-olugw6-fe7af800-174.dhcp.inet.fi) has joined #SLAYRadio
[22:45:22] * Chilli_UK is now known as Chilli
[22:45:23] <Brad-CA> yarrrrrrrr
[22:45:23] <lex_> They must someday.
[22:45:25] <Misser> i wondered when this one would get played
[22:45:31] * Chilli is now known as Chilli_UK
[22:45:32] <n3mo> there... lights.. yarrh....
[22:45:42] <andrewf> sweet! thanks!
[22:45:45] <andrewf> the pirate song :)
[22:45:47] <Misser> how big is the request list anyway ZiphOnAir? again to long to scroll without risk for rsi ?
[22:45:58] <lex_> Lol lets sing together. :)
[22:46:01] <ZiphOnAir> Misser: EXTREMELY long today... :)
[22:46:27] <Ffrenzy> lyrics : http://www.worldofmi.com/features/lyrics/index.php?id=6
[22:46:36] <Frurry> i got the full ost of monkey island 3 :)
[22:46:38] <Misser> ZiphOnAir wel after 23:00 it's into just play what you want mode then ?
[22:46:54] <Dimmignat> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JT-exMKsqQ <--- the music video ??? 
[22:46:54] <ZiphOnAir> Misser: Well, I thought that was the whole idea of my show? ;)
[22:47:08] <Misser> Gulrak i actually thought hamburg was closer btw. A bit like to koblenz about 400km but its more like 520
[22:47:33] <Misser> ZiphOnAir yes it is, but after 23:00 less looking at the queue :)
[22:47:35] * maxlevin (SLAYRadioJ@e0177.cust.networksab.com) Quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer).)
[22:47:42] * Dr-Duke (user@e180168099.adsl.alicedsl.de) has joined #SLAYRADIO
[22:47:48] <ZiphOnAir> Heya Dukey!
[22:47:50] <Gulrak> Misser: From where?
[22:47:53] <ZiphOnAir> Misser: You're right... ;)
[22:47:59] <Misser> did i actually hear something about a diaphram ?
[22:48:08] <Misser> Gulrak Rotterdam
[22:48:22] <lex_> We're troublesome corsairs!
[22:48:24] <Dr-Duke> *coughs* Ello Ziphoid and everyone.. :) 
[22:48:26] * PapaDJ (~trillian@c-46c7e155.19-7-64736c14.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer.)
[22:48:26] * maxlevin (SLAYRadioJ@e0177.cust.networksab.com) has joined #SLAYRadio
[22:48:27] <__moog__> Dr-Duke:  evening :)
[22:48:31] <Misser> ZiphOnAir don't forget the pepsi max !!
[22:48:34] <Ph0B1uS> im back
[22:48:42] <lex_> All: A pirate I was meant to be! 
[22:48:44] <Ph0B1uS> hi Dr-Duke 
[22:48:49] <ZiphOnAir> Misser: I've got a lot of that... ;)
[22:49:00] <Misser> evening Dr-Duke your just in time to get hear the bigger half of the show :)
[22:49:17] <Dr-Duke> Misser: *hehe*
[22:49:19] <Misser> ZiphOnAir how about the food stuff, all done allready ?
[22:49:42] <Misser> you lot have to look at the pictures of the gathering, one big pan full with 4.8KG of meat !!
[22:49:44] <ZiphOnAir> Misser: Yup. ;)
[22:49:51] <Brad-CA> !np
[22:49:53] <SLAYRadio> Brad-CA: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: Press Play On Tape - Monkey Island (Live@TG2003)
[22:49:59] <Ph0B1uS> Misser, thats a lot of meat
[22:50:01] <ZiphOnAir> Misser: Actually, the meat was almost finished...
[22:50:08] <lex_> LOL MONKEY THEME
[22:50:09] <Dimmignat> Misser: It was fun buying all the stuff =)   blipp blipblip blipp blipp blipblip .. 
[22:50:09] <Misser> which got almost cleaned out so it didn't need to go into the dishwasher!
[22:50:15] <Misser> ZiphOnAir yeah it was
[22:50:29] <Misser> shopping is good that way!
[22:50:36] <Ffrenzy> misser : go to steakhouse Longhorn near Eindhoven and order a "crazy meat party"....then you get 4 KG of meat, and it's meant for 4 people !
[22:50:45] <Dr-Duke> Ziph: I want to apologize a bit for my quick disapearance on tuesday. And for that maybe strange behaving.. .;)
[22:50:55] <ZiphOnAir> Dr-Duke: No worries, mate... :)
[22:51:02] <Misser> Ffrenzy damn!! we must do that one time together with tron and the subversive onse
[22:51:05] <Misser> ones
[22:51:08] <Sinner1_> think I found what I was thinking of... Kult
[22:51:18] <Ffrenzy> misser : it's a great place to eat
[22:51:18] <Sinner1_> http://www.angusm.demon.co.uk/AGDB/DBA1/Kult.html
[22:51:22] <lex_> For Amiga Rudolf STember & Chris Huelsbeck converted the sound stuff.
[22:51:28] <lex_> Just as btw. info.
[22:51:40] <ZiphOnAir> lex_: Yup. :) Great conversion it was as well...
[22:51:54] <Lumpio-> Meh :\
[22:51:57] <lex_> yes the reeage songs so cute :)
[22:52:03] <Lumpio-> I still think that, IMHO, the synth part in this song sucks.
[22:52:06] <Dr-Duke> !tl
[22:52:07] <SLAYRadio> Dr-Duke: http://www.slayradio.org/shows.php?show_id=341
[22:52:10] * DrG (DrG@cyk198.internetdsl.tpnet.pl) has joined #SLAYRadio
[22:52:14] <DrG> woo
[22:52:17] <ninan> bye everyone
[22:52:19] <Lumpio-> Both the arrangement and the actual execution of it.
[22:52:19] * DrG is now known as Kronikarz
[22:52:21] <herbaculu> Misser: And how far is it to go from Rotterdam to Bonn?
[22:52:23] <ZiphOnAir> ninan? Hang on...
[22:52:26] <lex_> bye ninan
[22:52:31] <lex_> oh
[22:52:35] <lex_> tyes hangon more :)
[22:52:40] <lex_> oopsi
[22:52:41] <Misser> herbaculu lemme check 250km i think maybe 300
[22:52:43] <Ph0B1uS> bye ninan 
[22:52:54] <Dimmignat> well. time for me to go aswell =)
[22:53:04] * ninan (Ninan@c-be9de455.51-0190-74657210.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se) Quit
[22:53:05] <Ph0B1uS> nite Dimmignat 
[22:53:05] <Kronikarz> Ziphoid again?
[22:53:09] <Misser> herbaculu yeah about 290km
[22:53:11] <Kronikarz> wasn't he on last week?
[22:53:15] <Kronikarz> and the week before that?
[22:53:20] <Dimmignat> nite Ph0B1uS
[22:53:21] <Kronikarz> like 2 times a week?
[22:53:21] <lex_> lol hardrock .....well expression of. :)
[22:53:26] <Dimmignat> Good Night everyone .. take care 
[22:53:37] <Brad-CA> arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh
[22:53:37] <Gulrak> Misser: Well, if all goes well, I'm in a project in Bonn from september till december, and herbaculum would be there too, most of the time.
[22:53:38] <Dimmignat> ZiphOnAir: She'll be listening !! 
[22:53:38] <Ph0B1uS> Kronikarz, hes got a weekly show
[22:53:42] <Dr-Duke> I see there are two songs missing in the track-list.. *g* 
[22:53:51] <Kronikarz> Ph0B1uS, well it's just me then
[22:53:51] <ChapsFood> !np
[22:53:53] <SLAYRadio> ChapsFood: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: LagerMask - Angelus
[22:53:57] <Misser> Dimmignat and singing ?? ;)
[22:54:04] <maxlevin> Lagermask?
[22:54:06] <Dimmignat> Misser: I hope not ;)
[22:54:12] <Misser> Dimmignat get a tape recorder
[22:54:13] <chip-pwl> hoho
[22:54:18] <Misser> Dimmignat hahah bastard :)
[22:54:40] <Dr-Duke> !request Dafunk - Trick Bag (modified) !!! :)
[22:54:45] <Dimmignat> Misser: hihi =)
[22:54:55] <Dimmignat> Misser: Well.. she sings better then me anyways
[22:55:05] <lex_> who sang this ?
[22:55:10] <[makke]> I'm off lads and ladetts! Great show, John!
[22:55:13] <Misser> Dimmignat and play better guitar also i bet :P
[22:55:16] <ZiphOnAir> 'nite [makke]! Thanx, mate! :)
[22:55:21] <ChapsFood> bye Makke
[22:55:26] <Ph0B1uS> [makke], sweet dreams
[22:55:27] <ZiphOnAir> [makke]: I won't be able to listen on monday, though... :/
[22:55:29] <__moog__> [makke]:   nite :)
[22:55:34] <lex_> goodbye Sir Makke :)
[22:55:38] <[makke]> ZiphOnAir :( Ah well...
[22:55:40] <Dimmignat> Misser: Yupp.. since I'm tone deaf !!
[22:55:45] <Dimmignat> ;)
[22:55:47] <Ph0B1uS> ZiphOnAir, ill take your place :)
[22:55:49] <ZiphOnAir> [makke]: Btw, you're up next... ;)
[22:55:51] <Misser> Gulrak ahh so a trip to germany is an option then.
[22:56:00] <Ph0B1uS> Dimmignat, you too :)
[22:56:02] <herbaculu> Misser: So perhaps you can visit us in Bonn?
[22:56:13] <[makke]> ZiphOnAir: <Mr. Burns> Eeeeexcellent! </Mr. Burns> ;)
[22:56:14] * AnotherG (SLAYRadioJ@mkb-145-172-209-82.3.cust.bredband2.com) Quit (Quit: SLAY Radio roxx.)
[22:56:17] <Misser> Gulrak i don't mind driving about 500km i hate driving long trips for short periods (i.e. drive to gbg for jsut 4 days)
[22:56:31] <ZiphOnAir> [makke]: Hehe... ;) Tell Sara hi as well... ;)
[22:56:41] * hulken2 (~hulken@81-232-94-191-no12.tbcn.telia.com) has joined #SLAYRadio
[22:56:57] <[makke]> ZiphOnAir: She says Hi ;)
[22:56:59] <Misser> herbaculu yeah maybe, we'll talk about it a bit in GBG, might even get Tron motivated for a little 'vacation' But only if he finishes his projects offcourse :)
[22:57:15] <Gulrak> (c:
[22:57:17] <herbaculu> Misser: ;-)
[22:57:17] <ZiphOnAir> [makke]: Goodie... ;) It'll be great meeting you both again in a couple of weeks... Now, sleep tight... ;)
[22:57:22] <Ffrenzy> Misser : let's do that....let's get a "crazy meat party" at the longhorn restaurant !
[22:57:32] * Kronikarz (DrG@cyk198.internetdsl.tpnet.pl) Quit
[22:57:40] <[makke]> ZiphOnAir: Yeah, it'll be great! :D Too bad Olle couldn't make it though. :(
[22:58:00] <Dimmignat> well.. Good night folks =)
[22:58:02] * Dimmignat is now known as Dimmi-afK
[22:58:05] <[makke]> Anyway, need to dash! Night!
[22:58:12] * [makke] (Arne@ Quit (Quit: away.)
[22:59:14] <Dimmi-afK> !np
[22:59:15] <SLAYRadio> Dimmi-afK: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: Makke - Bitch
[22:59:21] * hulken1 (~hulken@81-232-94-191-no12.tbcn.telia.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 198 seconds.)
[22:59:30] <Misser> Ffrenzy yeah kebab or lam get's boring after a time.
[22:59:46] <lex_> Did Makke sung this ? :)
[22:59:51] <Misser> Ffrenzy except A0D the rest of the guys are comming over. So might mention it then
[22:59:55] <ZiphOnAir> lex_: Yes... :)
[22:59:58] * sponges (~Jerd@c-66-41-167-64.hsd1.mn.comcast.net) has joined #slayradio
[23:00:00] <Ffrenzy> lex_ : yup, it's from his album
[23:00:02] <sponges> omfg apb
[23:00:04] <lex_> crazy shit :)
[23:00:14] <Ffrenzy> misser : so...that's 2 crazy meat parties ?
[23:01:29] <Dr-Duke> !request Hazel - Forever Lost In A Dream (The Sound Of Illusion) 
[23:01:50] <Misser> Ffrenzy i'm always game for some meat.
[23:02:27] <Dr-Duke> !request KOiN-m004
[23:03:21] <lex_> nice leads & arps :)
[23:03:31] <lex_> has a jarre revolution touch
[23:03:36] <Misser> btw ZiphOnAir hope i can listen to the whole show. Going to find the cool bedroom in a bit. i have a nice little project meeting with the big man in charge about an life communicatie server implementation for 45K ppl including PKI and some archiving.
[23:03:37] <Dr-Duke> !request Komet - Human Race (tune 4) (kryddmix)
[23:03:57] <Misser> but that's from 10:00 so might just make it
[23:04:05] <Ffrenzy> Misser : you at home on time tomorrow ?
[23:04:40] <ZiphOnAir> Misser: Ohh, ok... :)
[23:04:44] <Misser> Ffrenzy well i think so, never know when talking to the man :) sometime 1 hour sometimes 8. But i'll give you a call if i think it will be after 17:00
[23:05:08] * Aky (Aky@p54B92B0A.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) has joined #slayradio
[23:05:09] * detonator (~petrus_tu@dsl-hpo-feebfb00-243.dhcp.inet.fi) Quit (Quit: ..12(. www...nnscript...de .12.::. .N.o.N.ame.S.cript 4...02 .12.::. www...XLhost...de. .12.)..)
[23:05:30] <Ffrenzy> Misser : i get off from work at 17:00....will be at your place somewhere around 18:00 !
[23:05:32] <Khisanth> this is one of my favourite wizball remixes
[23:05:39] * Netwalker (sentinel@c-68-52-48-169.hsd1.tn.comcast.net) Quit (Chatzilla 0.9.74 [Firefox 2.0b1/2006071020].)
[23:05:49] <Misser> ahhh mass debate, and walk around
[23:06:05] <Ph0B1uS> great ill be going to feed my bros cat then :)
[23:06:06] <Ph0B1uS> bbl
[23:06:14] <Misser> nice one to mass debate with. I'll open the bathroom windows and turn the volume up a bit
[23:06:15] * Ph0B1uS is now known as Pheeder
[23:06:22] <ZiphOnAir> Pheeder: Nice nick... ;)
[23:06:28] <Misser> hehe Pheeder
[23:06:30] <lex_> the guitar sounds as bjorn lynne would have played it. :)
[23:06:48] <Misser> Ffrenzy i'll make that (eta for home is about 16:00 if possible)
[23:06:54] <ZiphOnAir> lex_: I was quite disappointed of his track on Immortal 3, though...
[23:07:21] <lex_> realy ? perhaps he had lack of time.
[23:08:04] * ChapsFood is now known as Chappers
[23:08:06] <Dr-Duke> !request any Detert track... (and how I know John, he will take shades) *S*
[23:08:20] <ZiphOnAir> Dr-Duke: Hehe, Shades is in the list, yes... ;)
[23:08:32] <Chappers> full tum gooooooood
[23:08:37] <lex_> normaly lynne has very great songs. if u browse his albums through he released sofar.
[23:08:38] <ZiphOnAir> lex_: Well, yes. According to Jan Zottman there were very little time...
[23:08:51] <lex_> thught so.
[23:09:17] * Tham|afk snuggles Noir|X
[23:09:21] * Tham|afk is now known as Thaumiel
[23:09:55] * Noir|X snuggles Thaumiel
[23:10:11] <Thaumiel> everything is still ok with you Noir|X?
[23:10:14] <lex_> The cover design of immortal 3 is very genius. Who contributed it ?
[23:10:36] * __moog__ is now known as _moog_
[23:10:42] <Noir|X> Thaumiel: Not really, got panic feelings. But i'm ok. how about you?
[23:11:01] <lex_> Katakis playing now ?
[23:11:03] <Thaumiel> Noir|X, panic feelings about?
[23:11:08] <Ffrenzy> lex_ : doesn't it say in the booklet itself who did the cover ?
[23:11:19] <Dr-Duke> _-moog-_
[23:11:26] <lex_> yes but i dont own the album right now. I need to buy it soon.
[23:11:29] <Thaumiel> i'm fine, can't wait to get to gbg
[23:11:33] <Noir|X> Thaumiel: Nothing special. Just.. nah nothing.
[23:11:34] <_moog_> Dr-Duke:  good idea :)
[23:11:44] <Ffrenzy> lex_; aaah, i thought you already had it
[23:11:47] <Thaumiel> Noir|X, if you say so
[23:11:53] <Dr-Duke> moog: with some imagination that looks like a fist.. *g*
[23:12:14] <lex_> I will very soon because it would be a shame not to grab at it :)
[23:12:26] <Misser> Dr-Duke heheh
[23:12:26] * defiance bounces to the music
[23:12:39] <_moog_> Dr-Duke: : haha , indeed
[23:12:42] <Thaumiel> defiance, how is it going=
[23:12:45] <Thaumiel> ? even
[23:12:51] <defiance> Thaumiel, quite alright.. sobering up again. :) You?
[23:13:28] * n3mo dizzy after too much headbanging.. %]
[23:13:54] <lex_> Damn NoirX has a fancy gothic style. :)
[23:13:55] <Thaumiel> defiance, enjoying the show, waiting for the week when i'm going to gbg :)
[23:13:59] <AirWolf> n3mo: *Attention* Keep Head AWAY From *DESK*
[23:14:03] <defiance> Thaumiel, ahh.. nice. :)
[23:14:05] <Noir|X> lex_: Oh?
[23:14:14] <Misser> Thaumiel only 2 weeks to go
[23:14:16] <lex_> yes u look pretty :)
[23:14:18] <Misser> 14 nights :)
[23:14:25] <Thaumiel> Misser, i know :)
[23:14:27] <lex_> i browsed the fotos already from july.
[23:14:36] <n3mo> AirWolf: *dunk!* hi! ;)
[23:14:44] <Thaumiel> defiance, then ye have to buy me a beer :P
[23:14:45] <Chappers> looking forward to the gathering too, 1st trip abroad :)
[23:14:53] <defiance> Thaumiel, hehe, I'll do so. :)
[23:14:55] <Ffrenzy> Misser : 14 nigth until operation "Let's make dmtm eat his opwn guitar" ?
[23:15:04] * traceAFK is now known as PwrTrace
[23:15:05] <defiance> Haha!
[23:15:13] <AirWolf> Chappers: "You need to get out more." ;)
[23:15:13] * Squirrley (~Squirrley@80-192-48-181.cable.ubr02.glen.blueyonder.co.uk) has joined #SLAYRadio
[23:15:15] <Noir|X> lex_: those photos from sthlm gathering?
[23:15:27] <lex_> yes :)
[23:15:27] <Misser> Ffrenzy indeed, lets do something usefull with that strings
[23:15:37] <Thaumiel> defiance, wieee :)
[23:15:45] <lex_> But don't get confused just because i find u very cute. tee hee
[23:15:47] <Misser> dmtm actually asked for the hobbits.sid 3 times in one pm. grrrr
[23:16:00] <Chappers> AirWolf: aye, I'm a traditional Brit really, taken ages to actually see beyond my own shoreline ;)
[23:16:05] <Misser> after telling him when it's done it's done he even asked again .
[23:16:14] <Noir|X> lex_: Oh, I don't. I heard it many times from many people
[23:16:17] * Misser dmtm ouch do
[23:16:18] <lex_> It's just u would be the type of girl i could fall in love. hehe
[23:16:23] <Misser> ;)
[23:16:24] <AirWolf> Chappers: well, yea. the UK/US syndrome. colonial sickness. :P
[23:16:30] <lex_> Oh so uare used to it. God thanks. :)
[23:16:36] <Noir|X> lex_: Hehe, fun to know :)
[23:17:03] * Sinner1_ you dmtm misser
[23:17:14] <Misser> ahhh do i spot an oppertunity for some more lesbo action ? ;)
[23:17:19] <Squirrley> Hi evry1.said i'd probably be back:)
[23:17:24] <Sinner1_> !gay
[23:17:26] <SLAYRadio> Sinner1_: Is it uncensored gay porn I spot there?
[23:17:26] * Misser Sinner1_ indeed
[23:17:27] <Gulrak> Misser: LOL
[23:17:54] <PwrTrace> hey all again :)
[23:17:59] <Misser> trace !!!!!!!
[23:18:09] <PwrTrace> misser!!!!!!!! :P
[23:18:18] <lex_> lol don't spread it out that imk a lesbian. Won't Noir feel ashamed about. ;)
[23:18:18] <Ffrenzy> hi trace !
[23:18:37] * defiance ponders
[23:18:46] <defiance> What's everyone fascination with lesbian thingie? :P
[23:18:51] <maxlevin> TRACE!!! :D:D:D:D:D:::::::)
[23:18:51] <Squirrley> Noir|X:is evry1 talkin bout yer gathering pics again?:)
[23:18:53] <Thaumiel> defiance, i don't know
[23:19:21] <Jostein_> ZiphOnAir: gtkpod for linxu
[23:19:23] <PwrTrace> ME!!!!!!!! {:>
[23:19:31] <Jostein_> s/xu/ux/
[23:19:31] <Noir|X> Squirrley: Nothing new about it hm? ;)
[23:19:33] <AirWolf> defiance: it's not so much the lesbian thingy, it's more like two hot women doing hot things, lesbian or not, to eachother.
[23:19:34] <mxlews> http://www.copypod.net/ ?
[23:19:50] <Thaumiel> AirWolf, there is no fun in watching
[23:19:50] <defiance> AirWolf, I still don't get the point. :P
[23:19:54] <Niknstien> ZiphOnAir, Poddington-Pea's 
[23:20:15] <_moog_> www.copyTunesFromIPodAndIntoITandStuff.com
[23:20:19] <mxlews> np :) :P
[23:20:23] * Pheeder is now known as Ph0B1uS
[23:20:24] <Ph0B1uS> im back
[23:20:25] <AirWolf> defiance: well, if you try to join them, you'll get the point, after you wake up at the hospital. ;)
[23:20:28] <Misser> Thaumiel that comming from the guy who was the most lucky in the place (with your nose right on the action)
[23:20:31] <Ph0B1uS> how much did i miss?
[23:20:32] <Chappers> naughty Nick! ;)
[23:20:47] <Chappers> poddington bloody peas! :)
[23:20:47] * LammmetCr is back from, "The crap is almost comming out of my butthole, and I need to visit the bathroom REALLY fast before it comes out... GAH" Duration: 1hr 33mins 49secs
[23:20:48] * LammmetCr is now known as Lammmet
[23:20:50] <Squirrley> Noir|X:nice pics though;-)
[23:20:57] <Lammmet> =)
[23:21:02] <Thaumiel> Misser, well i didn't claim that the lesbian action made me the most luckies guy at the gathering
[23:21:03] <Noir|X> Squirrley: I guess so :)
[23:21:03] * Lammmet is now known as Lammet
[23:21:07] <mxlews> http://www.copypod.net/purchase.php
[23:21:09] <mxlews> $19.90
[23:21:11] * defiance huggles Noir|X 
[23:21:14] <Chappers> Lammmet: nice mental image btw ;)
[23:21:21] * Seb1 (~Seb1@dslb-084-060-161-143.pools.arcor-ip.net) has joined #SLAYRadio
[23:21:23] <defiance> Damnit, I need coffee to sober up completely.
[23:21:24] * Noir|X huggles defiance
[23:21:27] <Seb1> ello alltogether
[23:21:27] <Misser> http://www.copytunesfromipodandintoitandstuff.com/ ahhh still free lets get it 
[23:21:31] <Lammet> Chappers haha
[23:21:32] <defiance> Back in a little while everybody.
[23:21:33] <Squirrley> Noir|X:nice to see you in tecnicolor for a change:)
[23:21:36] <Misser> if only for the horrible silly name :)
[23:21:40] <Misser> ahhh battle squadron
[23:21:44] <Seb1> i am back from my sweden holidays ;)
[23:21:46] <_moog_> ZiphOnAir: U're welcome
[23:21:48] <Noir|X> Squirrley: Hmpf, stupid webcam
[23:21:53] <Thaumiel> defiance, still got the b/w film rolls?
[23:22:01] <Frurry> i remember poddington peas
[23:22:05] <Niknstien> ZiphOnAir,   Poddington Peas is this  -------------->   http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/6305278075/103-9190447-9828657?n=404272
[23:22:10] <defiance> Thaumiel, yeppers. Back home in falun. I'll bring them to the gathering if you want them. :-)
[23:22:16] <Misser> !np
[23:22:18] <SLAYRadio> Misser: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: Ron Klaren - Battle Squadron Medley
[23:22:24] <Thaumiel> defiance, yeah that would be great :)
[23:22:24] <ZiphOnAir> Niknstien: Hehe... ;)
[23:22:25] <Misser> ahhh medley
[23:22:25] <Niknstien> Chappers, teeheee
[23:22:36] <Squirrley> Noir|X:i know,u prefer yer b/w,don't ya?:)
[23:22:38] <_moog_> mmmm,  nice oldschoolish synths
[23:22:41] * Noir|X need some air, brb
[23:22:48] <Noir|X> Squirrley: When it comes about webcams, yes
[23:22:54] <Niknstien> ZiphOnAir, hehe, couldnt resist matey  :D     funny hearing you say "what is Poddington peee-aaayysss"   teeheee
[23:23:12] <lex_> See guyz...all ur fault...now Noir got hot. 
[23:23:16] <PwrTrace> ziph: 24hour show today? :P
[23:23:20] <Ph0B1uS> Niknstien, have you asked yer friend yet bout the bug?
[23:23:22] <Thaumiel> lex_, my fault?
[23:23:23] <_moog_> !np
[23:23:25] <SLAYRadio> _moog_: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: Ron Klaren - Battle Squadron Medley
[23:23:26] <AirWolf> lex_: and what's bad about that? :P
[23:23:37] <lex_> that she need fresh air now :)
[23:23:52] * Thaumiel gives Noir|X a bucket filled with ice cubes
[23:23:58] <Frurry> one of those "drugged up" cartoons
[23:24:01] <Misser> Thaumiel don't....
[23:24:02] <AirWolf> lex_: well, fresh air does have a perky effect....uh...well, effect, anyway. I'll shuddup now.
[23:24:09] <Thaumiel> Misser, why not?
[23:24:09] <lex_> Thaumiel give her air :)
[23:24:11] <Dr-Duke> (´¯`moog´¯`)
[23:24:14] <Misser> to late, you know what happens with hot girls and icecubes eh Thaumiel!!
[23:24:20] <Thaumiel> Misser, nope
[23:24:24] <lex_> Must not Airwolf ;)
[23:24:30] <Gulrak> *giggle*
[23:24:34] <Thaumiel> lex_, well air and ice cubes
[23:24:46] <lex_> ok ....got it. teehee
[23:24:49] <_moog_> Dr-Duke:  it seems that You have a lot of free time matey :)
[23:24:53] <lex_> yes ice makes a fresh brize. 
[23:25:08] <Dr-Duke> moog: not really.. ;)
[23:25:15] <lex_> sorry my knowledge in physik not always does.
[23:25:30] * ia (~ia@217-211-237-25-o868.telia.com) has joined #SLAYRadio
[23:25:37] * Seb1 (~Seb1@dslb-084-060-161-143.pools.arcor-ip.net) has left #SLAYRadio
[23:25:40] <Dr-Duke> moog: just playing around a bit.
[23:25:42] <_moog_> ___/\/\___ OO \_/ G ^^^^^
[23:26:04] <Niknstien> Ph0B1uS, he was not at work today mate
[23:26:04] <Thaumiel> lex_, all i know is that ice cubes are good
[23:26:12] <Ph0B1uS> Niknstien, i see
[23:26:27] <defiance> Blah, no coffee. Now I have to wait for it to finish brewing.
[23:26:47] <lex_> but slippery too  ;)
[23:26:47] * Misser starts to like this medley
[23:26:55] <Ph0B1uS> defiance, coffee and falu redroll perhaps? :)
[23:27:07] <defiance> Ph0B1uS, naah, just coffee for me now. :)
[23:27:09] * n3mo is now... Relaxed.....
[23:27:09] <Misser> wasn't this the hiscore bit ?
[23:27:13] <Thaumiel> hmm i see a problem with tenting
[23:27:14] <ZiphOnAir> CZ-Tunes: Sorry mate, but this version actually beats yours, even though yours ain't bad... ;)
[23:27:17] <Misser> n3mo good little fishy :)
[23:27:19] * Noir|X a bit relaxed now..
[23:27:22] <lex_> aprops jarre...the acutal song contains sounds from revolution probably.
[23:27:25] <Niknstien> Ph0B1uS, but i doubt he will very upset about it, (im sure he has seen it himslef)  and it was a long time ago
[23:27:33] * defiance smiles at Noir|X 
[23:27:36] <n3mo> Misser :))
[23:27:44] <Misser> Thaumiel ? tenting problem ?
[23:27:45] <Thaumiel> Noir|X, did you enjoy the bucket with ice cubes that i gave you? ;)
[23:27:47] * Ffrenzy points at n3mo and shouts "HEY, THERE HE IS !"
[23:27:49] <lex_> and if yes might it be that revolution album was mostly played by osar ?
[23:27:51] <_moog_> !np
[23:27:51] <SLAYRadio> _moog_: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: Ron Klaren - Battle Squadron Medley
[23:27:56] <Ph0B1uS> Niknstien, well the point was to see if he knew :)
[23:27:59] <Thaumiel> Misser, well electricity and net connection problems
[23:28:03] <Misser> n3mo do i need to try to take some krentenbrood with me to GBG ?
[23:28:20] <Ph0B1uS> Misser, what is that?
[23:28:21] <Misser> Thaumiel well when you're back in your tent you probably just pass out :)
[23:28:31] <Misser> Ph0B1uS ask n3mo :)
[23:28:39] <lex_> I imagine tright now how Noir is playing with ice cubes on her balcony. tee hee
[23:28:39] <Ph0B1uS> right
[23:28:40] * n3mo swims.. and makes a Ffrenzy... d'ermm.. ;)
[23:28:42] * Ph0B1uS asks n3mo 
[23:28:45] <Thaumiel> Misser, you sure? i'm not sure that i could afford to do that
[23:28:46] <Ffrenzy> Ph0B1uS : bread with raisins
[23:28:53] <n3mo> what?!
[23:29:04] <n3mo> ahh
[23:29:06] <Chappers> !np
[23:29:08] <Noir|X> Thaumiel: Indeed I did ;)
[23:29:09] <SLAYRadio> Chappers: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: Ron Klaren - Battle Squadron Medley
[23:29:12] <Ph0B1uS> Ffrenzy, we've got that here too. theres gotta be more to the story than that?
[23:29:23] <Noir|X> bread?
[23:29:23] <Thaumiel> Noir|X, good :) i got more if you need it
[23:29:30] * Noir|X got breadsex on her mind now
[23:29:33] <Misser> ahhh stop with the rain sounds please!! i makes me wanna take a dive in the garden and lay in the wet grass
[23:29:33] <Thaumiel> lol
[23:29:42] <Misser> that grass actually is dry since weeks :(
[23:29:45] <Thaumiel> wet grass + bread sex :)
[23:29:49] <Ffrenzy> Ph0B1uS : that's something between Misser and n3mo
[23:30:03] <Ph0B1uS> Ffrenzy, ok i guess
[23:30:07] <Frurry> i think we all need that misser
[23:30:12] * Squirrley wonders wot Noir|X does with all the breadcrumbs:)
[23:30:15] <Misser> Frurry i need it BAD
[23:30:21] <Niknstien> Ph0B1uS, im sure he will have seen it :D   but i will ask if he is in work tomorow :D
[23:30:23] <Frurry> me too
[23:30:29] <AirWolf> dry grass or wet sex?
[23:30:31] <Noir|X> Thaumiel: Nasty though ;)
[23:30:32] <Ph0B1uS> Niknstien, thnx
[23:30:39] * meis (~NNSCRIPT@cc756677-a.groni1.gr.home.nl) Quit (Ping timeout: 192 seconds.)
[23:30:52] <Ffrenzy> ZiphOnAir : immortal 2 is still available on C64audio
[23:30:52] <AirWolf> oh, nevermind
[23:30:54] <Thaumiel> Noir|X, hehe :) *looks innocent*
[23:31:02] <Noir|X> People should donate bread to me
[23:31:07] <Thaumiel> yeah
[23:31:33] <Frurry> cmon ziph, we need some streethawk
[23:31:33] <Thaumiel> Noir|X, well ask for a piece of bread of everyone on the gbg gathering
[23:31:34] <jbevren> haha
[23:31:36] <Dr-Duke> what? bread?
[23:31:38] <jbevren> bread for ZiphOnAir 
[23:31:39] <Chtulu> ZiphOnAir: Buns?! :D
[23:31:44] <Misser> Noir|X hahaha one krentenbrood comming up ;)
[23:31:44] <n3mo> Misser: hehe, hadn't for ages.. ;) *grins a bit* nice of you.. :))
[23:31:45] * Rhapsody2 is now known as Rhapsody
[23:31:45] <Chappers> !boobs
[23:31:45] <SLAYRadio> Chappers: Boobs is what they want!
[23:31:50] <jbevren> I like my buns pink in the middle!
[23:31:53] <Noir|X> Thaumiel: Yeah, and then I can make my breadsex photo :D
[23:31:56] * Ataru_ (Afthartos@ Quit (Quit: Lähdössä.)
[23:31:56] <jbevren> X-D
[23:31:59] <Thaumiel> Noir|X, yeah
[23:32:01] <Noir|X> Misser: Good!
[23:32:02] <Misser> n3mo i'll try not to forget and look for a spot in the suitcase
[23:32:03] <Chappers> yay! World Of Commodore :)
[23:32:03] <jbevren> (_|_)
[23:32:06] <Ffrenzy> ZiphOnAir : peiople should just buy immortal 2 AND 3, like me ;)
[23:32:12] <maxlevin> baguette-porn?
[23:32:13] <Thaumiel> wanna borrow my camera for b/w photo?
[23:32:17] <n3mo> Ph0B1uS: krentenbrood=dutch raisin-bread :)
[23:32:18] <Misser> n3mo explain krentenbrood to Ph0B1uS please :)
[23:32:24] * marxtet (Cyberninja@c-157371d5.029-4-736b651.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se) Quit (Conection reset by beer !.)
[23:32:25] * Khisanth (~thurstanj@82-42-107-175.cable.ubr05.live.blueyonder.co.uk) Quit (Quit: I am now rebooting, catch you later.)
[23:32:28] <ZiphOnAir> Btw, it's totally stereo separated now, huh?
[23:32:37] <Chtulu> Misser: that sounds good :)
[23:32:37] <Ffrenzy> yup
[23:32:39] <Misser> but different than in sweden, no it's not space raisen bread
[23:32:42] <PwrTrace> trying to get some inspiration and wonderign how to remix this tune :)
[23:32:46] <Frurry> i got immortal 1 and 2 :)
[23:32:58] <n3mo> Misser: suffering osd-kb *whine*
[23:33:02] <n3mo> :P
[23:33:15] <Noir|X> Thaumiel: Sure ;)
[23:33:22] <ZiphOnAir> Ffrenzy: XMPlay isn't set up with the join, as it seems... *S*
[23:33:33] <Thaumiel> Noir|X, if you'r going to be model in the photo i can see some problem about you taking the photo
[23:33:50] <Ffrenzy> ZiphOnAir : haven't really used XMPlay for mods yet, actually....mostly use it for SID's
[23:33:53] <Misser> Chtulu it is actually, just plain or with a bit of butter and sugar
[23:33:57] <Misser> yummy
[23:33:59] <ZiphOnAir> Ffrenzy: Now it should be better... :)
[23:34:04] <Ph0B1uS> Thaumiel, unless shes superman/superwoman
[23:34:11] <Chtulu> Misser: bring some to the gbg gathering :D
[23:34:12] <n3mo> Misser ;))
[23:34:13] <Thaumiel> Ph0B1uS, i don't thin she is
[23:34:22] <PwrTrace> i use modplug player for mods, I think it sounds great there :)
[23:34:24] <lex_> Seems taht Thaumiel has crush on Noir. I won't bother u 2 ;)
[23:34:33] <Ph0B1uS> Thaumiel, there is a 50% chance that she is
[23:34:33] <Chilli_UK> sorry ZiphOnAir - going to bed - been a very long day - thank you for the show - i will download the rest tomorrow and listen in the evening - have a good weekend mate and hope to catch you on here soon
[23:34:35] <Chilli_UK> night all
[23:34:37] <Thaumiel> lex_, what?
[23:34:37] <Misser> Chtulu i'll try. It al depends on the amount of other stuff i wanna take with me.
[23:34:39] <Ffrenzy> ZiphOnAir : seems better
[23:34:44] <lex_> I keep silence. ;)
[23:34:44] <ZiphOnAir> 'nite Chilli_UK... Take care... Love to Sharon... :)
[23:34:53] * Noir|X laughing
[23:34:54] <Ph0B1uS> nite Chilli_UK 
[23:34:55] <Chilli_UK> and sharon says night back ZiphOnAir 
[23:34:57] <_moog_> Chilli_UK:  sweet dreams :)
[23:35:01] <Thaumiel> lex_, i'm just trying to be friendly
[23:35:05] <Squirrley> Chilli_UK:nite.take care
[23:35:08] <Ph0B1uS> yeah sweet "dreams"
[23:35:08] <Misser> g'nite Chilli_UK, hug to sharon and sleep well, wake up healthy
[23:35:11] * AirWolf has a 25 sec timer release on his camera
[23:35:12] <Brad-CA> see ya Chilli UK
[23:35:13] <lex_> TOO friendly if u ask me :)
[23:35:24] <Squirrley> Nite sharon:)
[23:35:29] <Thaumiel> Ph0B1uS, well she didn't showed any super powers at the stockholm gathering
[23:35:31] * ia (~ia@217-211-237-25-o868.telia.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 600 seconds.)
[23:35:36] * ia (~ia@217-211-237-25-o868.telia.com) has joined #SLAYRadio
[23:35:38] <Chilli_UK> night _moog_ - nite Misser and Ph0B1uS - see ya Brad-CA - night Squirrley and sharon says nite as well
[23:35:43] <Thaumiel> lex_, i'm this friendly to all my friends
[23:35:43] <lex_> Breadsex & wet grass....supposed to be intim private stuff. ;)
[23:35:46] * Noir|X smooches Thaumiel for this time ;)
[23:35:55] <Noir|X> Nite Chilli_UK
[23:36:00] <Ph0B1uS> Thaumiel, of course she didnt. have you ever seen clark kent use his powers? :)
[23:36:03] <Chilli_UK> nite Noir|X
[23:36:04] <Dr-Duke> Nighty night Chilli :)
[23:36:08] <Thaumiel> lex_, breadsex is an inside joke
[23:36:10] <Chilli_UK> nite Dr-Duke lol
[23:36:16] <Chilli_UK> anyone else i missed - night to you all
[23:36:20] * Chilli_UK (SLAYRadioJ@cpc1-port2-0-0-cust799.cos2.cable.ntl.com) Quit (Quit: SLAY Radio roxx.)
[23:36:21] <Thaumiel> Ph0B1uS, yes..
[23:36:26] * Rhapsody| (Rhapsody@CPE000c41c15402-CM013459903130.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit (Going back to my eMac..)
[23:36:28] <lex_> i believe it must be. ;)
[23:36:34] <Ffrenzy> Thaumiel : aaah, so the bread is used internally !
[23:36:37] <PwrTrace> my name is kent and i uses power in trace so i use powers lol :)
[23:36:40] <Ph0B1uS> Thaumiel, have you now?
[23:36:54] <Thaumiel> defiance, help me....
[23:37:04] <lex_> Goodnite Miss Noir :)
[23:37:10] <Misser> lex_ wet grass is just me seeking a bit of a cool down after a hot day. I love rain wet grass, to just roll in and cool down :)
[23:37:13] <Noir|X> Ph0B1uS: Well, I'm a photographer, and if I really want to take photos on myself, I can ;)
[23:37:15] <Misser> <-- is a bit silly
[23:37:21] <Noir|X> lex_: I'm not going yet.
[23:37:21] <Misser> or a beached whale some might say :P
[23:37:29] <Ph0B1uS> Noir|X, so can i but i prefer not to :)
[23:37:35] <Hrun> beached whales could explose.
[23:37:36] <Squirrley> love this tune!:)
[23:37:37] <Noir|X> Ph0B1uS: Hehe
[23:37:44] <lex_> Thought so. lol Please stay. :)
[23:37:45] * Noir|X gives Thaumiel some bread
[23:37:54] <Thaumiel> lex_, bread and breadsex thing is an inside joke between me, Noir|X and defiance
[23:37:56] <Thaumiel> ooh ;)
[23:38:01] <lex_> I know waht Grass is Misser. Just wanted to have a sidejoke too ;)
[23:38:14] <n3mo> Noir|X: studied your pics at devArt.. impressive.. :))
[23:38:20] * Jkarr (ninereeds6@81-178-246-134.dsl.pipex.com) has joined #SLAYRadio
[23:38:23] <Noir|X> n3mo: Oh, thanks.. :)
[23:38:24] <Misser> Hrun well Dimmi-afK actually tried to feed me with a mix that could have been dangerous when taken after eachother :)
[23:38:26] <Jakuchu> Now you've made me hungry too *wanders to the kitchen to eat some bread*
[23:38:36] <Misser> lex_ well i found it dirty :)
[23:38:38] <Thaumiel> Ffrenzy, i'm not sure how you use bread but i prefer eat it.. :P
[23:38:43] <Hrun> ah. nice. did he tell you before or after? :)
[23:38:43] <lex_> I too ;)
[23:38:46] <Misser> lex you mowed my grass joke there :P
[23:38:56] <PwrTrace> Squirrley: I'm pretty happy with the result :)
[23:38:57] <lex_> how do u know that ß doh
[23:39:00] <Dr-Duke> lol thaumiel
[23:39:04] * Frurry (ninereeds6@85-210-2-33.dsl.pipex.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds.)
[23:39:06] <ZiphOnAir> Misser: Boooh. That was a lame one... ;)
[23:39:07] * Squirrley is never gonna feel the same when i look at bread now!;-)
[23:39:08] <lex_> Thamiel ?
[23:39:16] <Misser> ZiphOnAir indeed it was
[23:39:17] <Squirrley> PwrTrace:me too:)
[23:39:19] <n3mo> lex_ alt+225 afaik
[23:39:20] <Thaumiel> lex_, yes?
[23:39:25] <n3mo> ;)
[23:39:28] * Misser needs a drink
[23:39:37] <Misser> brb i think i actually will make it to the end of the show
[23:39:46] <lex_> @Thaumiel: Will be man enough to make Noir an offer ? ;)
[23:39:49] * Hrun needs a girlfriend with cold feet.
[23:39:52] <Chtulu> Ah, the better days :D
[23:40:01] * Noir|X wondering why she didn't thought about breadsex when she did eat bread last time
[23:40:09] <Thaumiel> lex_, what do you mean now?
[23:40:13] * qual (askdjak@83-102-26-45.tampere.customers.dnainternet.fi) has joined #SLAYRadio
[23:40:17] * SpeedySan (~pocketirc@ has joined #slayradio
[23:40:18] <Noir|X> oookay, enough breadsex for me
[23:40:29] <lex_> tee hee....somewhat like a marrige ? tee hee
[23:40:39] * Thaumiel hands Noir|X some more ice cubes
[23:40:45] <Thaumiel> lex_, uuuuh???
[23:40:47] <lex_> not a ring ? lol
[23:40:53] <Squirrley> Noir|X:so wot do u do with the crusts?hmm..;-)
[23:40:54] <Misser> back
[23:40:55] <Thaumiel> why?
[23:40:55] * Noir|X start to play with those ice cubes
[23:40:56] <SpeedySan> !request something by someone (thingy doodah mix)
[23:40:57] <lex_> Ok its ur story guyz :)
[23:41:09] <ZiphOnAir> PwrTrace: That "Here we gooooo" is it Blümchen? Sounds like her... ;)
[23:41:13] <Misser> n3mo / Chtulu i put the krentenbrood on my pre flight shopping list
[23:41:15] <SpeedySan> lo folks
[23:41:19] <Thaumiel> lex_, i'm just friendly nothing else
[23:41:22] <Thaumiel> ello SpeedySan
[23:41:24] <Misser> blame ZiphOnAir for that btw :)
[23:41:24] <lex_> Thaumiel i guess u have a big crush on Noir. ;)
[23:41:26] <Hrun> gotta go. cya. thanks for the show. :)
[23:41:28] <Dr-Duke> Squirrly: Yeah, must be hard to remove after "the fun" *hehe*
[23:41:29] * Hrun (~pieterse@stainless.xs4all.nl) Quit (Leaving.)
[23:41:37] <Noir|X> Squirrley: Yuck!! Crusts isn't nice.. :P
[23:41:43] <PwrTrace> Ziph: I don't know, i have a few smaples on my cd's and no name is given ;)
[23:41:47] * n3mo swims around... Need a cold stream.. No, not the 56kbps.. :P
[23:41:51] <PwrTrace> samples even
[23:41:57] <lex_> I was friendly too but i prefer to keep me in background when it comes to beautiful woman. :)
[23:42:01] <SpeedySan> lol
[23:42:11] * Noir|X feeling confused
[23:42:15] <lex_> I just wanted Noir to know that i find her very beautiful.
[23:42:18] * Zider (~zider@ Quit (Ping timeout: no data for 244 seconds.)
[23:42:21] <SpeedySan> smaples ftw!
[23:42:21] * Thaumiel is confused too
[23:42:25] <Squirrley> Noir|X:but crusts are supposed to put hairs on yer chest.hehe;-)
[23:42:31] <Noir|X> lex_: I know that.. 
[23:42:41] <lex_> tee hee
[23:42:47] <Misser> finally some more ppl get confused :)
[23:42:51] <SpeedySan> noir is teh cute :)
[23:43:00] <Noir|X> Squirrley: Hairs on my chest?
[23:43:04] <lex_> the cutest on remix64 probably. ;)
[23:43:08] <Thaumiel> i'm just friendly
[23:43:13] <Noir|X> Okay, enough talk about me
[23:43:13] <n3mo> SpeedySan: how do you run those.. smaples.. :P
[23:43:14] <lex_> I too
[23:43:25] <lex_> However i should hide now. hehe
[23:43:35] <lex_> OH !!!!
[23:43:38] <lex_> JIM POWER !
[23:43:38] <Squirrley> Noir|X:i don't know.is there?:P
[23:43:45] <PwrTrace> I might do stardust memories in a way like zoids :P
[23:43:45] <lex_> HAIL HUELSBECK !
[23:43:59] <Misser> trace NO :)
[23:44:06] <lex_> I wish i could be CRHIS HUELSBECK !!!
[23:44:09] <SpeedySan> lol en-three-em-oh ;)
[23:44:14] <Misser> Trace how is Lia btw ? 8 more weeks or so ?
[23:44:17] <PwrTrace> misser: hmmm what? why? :P
[23:44:21] <Jkarr> love huelsbeck
[23:44:26] * Listener7 (~ia@217-211-237-25-o868.telia.com) has joined #SLAYRadio
[23:44:28] * Jkarr is now known as Frurry
[23:44:35] * Noir|X hopes she gonna make some new photos this weekend when she will be at home again.
[23:44:35] <ZiphOnAir> lex_: I was actually watching when a friend of Olof Gustafsson recorded the guitarr in this track... :)
[23:44:37] <PwrTrace> misser: she is giving birth at the end of september...
[23:44:40] * n3mo needs air... drinks ½l. water...
[23:44:40] <lex_> Cause Chris the best videomgame musican to me. He exactly has the style i like :)
[23:44:45] <Misser> PwrTrace do something groovy with it. something unexpected
[23:44:52] <lex_> Also his sunglasses back in his kaiko times. hehe
[23:45:05] <Frurry> my 2 fave tracks, to be on top and great giana sisters
[23:45:07] <Misser> trace, ahhh you'll be an uncle soon it's fun after the first 18 months have passed :)
[23:45:12] * Noir|X cuddles n3mo
[23:45:32] <SpeedySan> hey! i need cuddles too
[23:45:39] <Squirrley> Misser:isn't that 18 'years',not 'months'?hehe
[23:45:40] * n3mo cuddles Noir|X back
[23:45:41] * hulken2 is now known as hulken_
[23:45:42] <PwrTrace> misser: hehe i am an unlce allready from my other little sis ;) but it will be fun :)
[23:45:44] <Misser> Frurry everyone wants to be on top :P
[23:45:45] * Noir|X cuddles SpeedySan also
[23:45:50] <lex_> Frurry u ust give the other huelsbeck tracks a change too !
[23:45:54] <Misser> PwrTrace owh didn't know that
[23:45:58] <lex_> I promise u won't regrit it !
[23:46:01] <PwrTrace> misser: i just say that i will do it like zoids so you will be supprised ;P
[23:46:06] <SpeedySan> thx noir :)
[23:46:13] <lex_> chance'
[23:46:19] * Thaumiel sits in his dark corner confused
[23:46:23] <PwrTrace> misser: i even have a big brother who has a kid :)
[23:46:24] <lex_> damn me with my type misstakes.
[23:46:33] * Noir|X snugglecuddles Thaumiel
[23:46:35] <SpeedySan> lol
[23:46:36] <Misser> Squirrley now that is naughty, a bit like saying your nephews can always become your 'nichtje'
[23:46:43] <Frurry> i have heard them lex, but those 2 are still my faves :)
[23:46:44] <Misser> damn hard to translate that joke :)
[23:46:47] <Frurry> i got all the cds
[23:46:57] <lex_> Ok then its ok Frurry :)
[23:46:59] * Thaumiel snuggles Noir|X back
[23:47:07] <Misser> PwrTrace but only one gifted music person till now in the family ? ;)
[23:47:11] <SpeedySan> lol missert ;)
[23:47:19] <lex_> Taumiel u are da man here :)
[23:47:31] <Squirrley> Misser:don't understand!Imeant it was fun when they were grown up and probably left home
[23:47:38] <AirWolf> man? where?
[23:47:39] <Thaumiel> lex_, all i know is that i'm confused
[23:47:41] <PwrTrace> misser: hehe yes, but I am the best lol :)
[23:47:43] * n3mo is the fish here.. :D d'ermm..
[23:48:00] <Misser> Squirrley yeah blame it on me beeing blond. Nice recovery thou ;)
[23:48:10] * Jostein_ (~dasdasd@148-141-33-212.mtulink.net) Quit
[23:48:19] <Dr-Duke> *g*
[23:48:19] <Misser> ahhh a bit of a huelsbeck special
[23:48:20] <lex_> If i remember Fabian Del Priore remixed it on Immortal 2.
[23:48:29] <lex_> refering to Jim Power.
[23:48:43] <Dr-Duke> That was Wallstrom at the gathering, right?
[23:48:55] <maxlevin> to be on top?
[23:48:56] <ZiphOnAir> lex_: Nah, that WAS from Immortal 2... ...and it was done by Chris himself, afaik...
[23:49:03] <Dr-Duke> no, the voice
[23:49:19] <Thaumiel> ZiphOnAir, played lots of sids today?
[23:49:24] <Squirrley> is thaumiel and Noir|X gonna get a private room?:)
[23:49:27] <ZiphOnAir> Thaumiel: Nope, not really...
[23:49:29] <lex_> i thought the he didnt had time ....so Del Priore mad it...
[23:49:33] * K-TYPE (homepage@p54867E68.dip.t-dialin.net) has joined #SLAYRadio
[23:49:47] <Noir|X> Squirrley: Huh? Now, don't make Thaumiel more confused
[23:50:04] <ZiphOnAir> lex_: Could be like that, of course... I know that a friend of Olof was requested to record the guitar anyway... :)
[23:50:07] * steckel (~steckel@p548B34F2.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) has joined #slayradio
[23:50:07] <lex_> Lol all make him  confused. ;)
[23:50:25] <Thaumiel> well it seems like todays game to try and make me confused
[23:50:29] <Squirrley> Noir|X:all these smoogies and cuddles....i'm getting jealous;-)
[23:50:30] <SpeedySan> now thats not nice ;)
[23:50:37] <AirWolf> confuzzled
[23:50:38] * ia (~ia@217-211-237-25-o868.telia.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 600 seconds.)
[23:50:50] <Squirrley> Noir|X:i meant smoochies:)
[23:51:00] <SpeedySan> discombobulated
[23:51:00] <Misser> Thaumiel you know how to make a blond feel confused?
[23:51:02] <Thaumiel> ZiphOnAir, oh well, i will have to listen to the torrent to hear if my requests got through
[23:51:07] * Noir|X and Thaumiel are just friendly to each other
[23:51:15] <Misser> !tl
[23:51:16] <Thaumiel> Misser, nope
[23:51:17] <SLAYRadio> Misser: http://www.slayradio.org/shows.php?show_id=341
[23:51:18] <ZiphOnAir> Thaumiel: Well, you can't... ...since it's no torrent... ;)
[23:51:19] <lex_> @Zip Yes but the Immortal 3 tracks are 100 % by Huelsbeck self-mixed...especialy the Turricans....the Apidya Theme performed by an orchestra.
[23:51:22] <Floaf> !Whee
[23:51:23] <Squirrley> wot the hell is a smoogie?:)
[23:51:25] * Floaf imitating SLAYRadio -> WeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeHeHeeeeeeeheheheehe njä njä!
[23:51:27] * n3mo searches teh bottom.. sniffles around.. searching.... O.O *jumps back in his aquarium* oO(One fish.. Got it all for myself.. *heheh*)
[23:51:30] <Misser> look there Thaumiel, ZiphOnAir actually updates it everytime
[23:51:42] <Thaumiel> ZiphOnAir, will there not be any torrent after the show?
[23:52:09] <lex_> @Zip but one thing i don't get it...what meant Chris by re-recorded / Apidya...was it recorded back in Leipzig 2004 ?
[23:52:10] * Thaumiel agrees with Noir|X
[23:52:13] <ZiphOnAir> lex_: ...and Apidya Suite will barely get passed through my review... I think it sounds HORRIBLE, I'm afraid. At the Play!-concert it was excellent, though... Not on the album...
[23:52:39] <Misser> n3mo don't drink the water fish fuck in it :)
[23:53:10] <lex_> @Zip due recording quality ? Or waht does it lack of ?
[23:53:14] <ZiphOnAir> Thaumiel: I never put up torrents, you know.. ;)
[23:53:17] <n3mo> Misser: So do human ;P *cough*
[23:53:22] <Squirrley> me can't feel his foot.been sittin on it for past 15 mins:)
[23:53:23] <Misser> owh that reminds me Ffrenzy do you still know the link of that jeroen tell goes orchestrial thingy this augustus ?
[23:53:32] <Misser> n3mo hehe
[23:53:34] <Squirrley> oops.missed the '/'
[23:53:40] <Thaumiel> ZiphOnAir, yeah now i remember
[23:53:42] * qual (askdjak@83-102-26-45.tampere.customers.dnainternet.fi) Quit (Ping timeout: 369 seconds.)
[23:53:54] <Ffrenzy> misser : www.oninternet.nl
[23:53:57] <Thaumiel> oh well no requested has been played yet :)
[23:53:58] <Dr-Duke> Ziph: And the announcer? Wasn't that Wallstrom?
[23:54:04] <SpeedySan> thingy doodahs ZiphOnAir
[23:54:07] * Squirrley can't feel his foot either:P
[23:54:19] <_moog_> i'm going out,  good nite You all !!!,   ZiphOnAir: thank U matey for awesome show , take care!!      
[23:54:27] <ZiphOnAir> 'nite _moog_! Sleep tight and thanx!! :)
[23:54:37] <Dr-Duke> Have a good night moog! :)
[23:54:37] <n3mo> nite _moog_ :)
[23:54:38] <Thaumiel> good night _moog_
[23:54:48] <Misser> Ffrenzy thanks walking bookmark thing :)
[23:54:49] <Squirrley> _moog_:c ya
[23:54:55] <Misser> Premiere
[23:54:55] <Misser> 22-09-06 Gigant, Apeldoorn
[23:55:00] <ZiphOnAir> Dr-Duke: The announcer? I think I've missed something here...
[23:55:02] <Misser> hmmm have to keep an i on that one
[23:55:09] <Ffrenzy> ZiphOnAir : it sounds a bit like "bandle bobble goes apidya" !
[23:55:11] <_moog_> Dr-Duke: , n3mo, Thaumiel, Squirrley, Ffrenzy, FuzzyWolf: nite !!
[23:55:14] <_moog_> bye
[23:55:16] <Dr-Duke> "And now for all that lovers of the real thing..." :)
[23:55:20] <Thaumiel> strange tune ZiphOnAir
[23:55:27] * _moog_ (~Miranda@apu146.internetdsl.tpnet.pl) Quit (Quit: .Miranda IM!. Smaller, Faster, Easier. http://miranda-im.org.)
[23:55:29] <SpeedySan> dobre kott, _moog_
[23:55:31] <Misser> nite _-moog-_
[23:55:32] <Ffrenzy> nite moog !
[23:55:33] <Misser> damned
[23:55:44] <ZiphOnAir> Ffrenzy: It does, yes...
[23:55:47] <Squirrley> Thaumiel:was also strange game:)
[23:55:56] <n3mo> doodahdamm.... ploinky ploynky.. neat.. :))
[23:56:09] <Thaumiel> Squirrley, i don't think i ever played it
[23:56:19] <lex_> @Zip: Sounds very fine to me... i don't know what is lacking of. :)
[23:56:28] <maxlevin> neither do i
[23:56:29] <Ffrenzy> ZiphOnAir : the mixing is a bit flat, IMHO..... should be a bit more pompous !
[23:56:39] * K-TYPE (homepage@p54867E68.dip.t-dialin.net) Quit (Quit: SLAY Radio roxx.)
[23:56:40] <Squirrley> Thaumiel:was weird.u played a bee,misquito or some kinda bug
[23:56:46] <SpeedySan> pompous ftw!
[23:56:47] <Misser> http://www.oninternet.nl/project.asp?projectId=12 (dutch)
[23:56:49] <Thaumiel> oh
[23:56:53] <Ph0B1uS> nite moog
[23:57:06] <Thaumiel> Squirrley, is it on c64.com?
[23:57:06] <Misser> http://www.oninternet.nl/projectEngels.asp?projectId=12 (english)
[23:57:10] <Misser> !bozfade please
[23:57:11] <SLAYRadio> Misser: Doing a bozfade just about n
[23:57:15] <Misser> counting down 20 seconds
[23:57:21] <jbevren> hehe
[23:57:24] <Squirrley> Thaumiel:it was on amiga,not c64
[23:57:25] <Misser> nooo
[23:57:28] <Misser> don't pause
[23:57:30] <Thaumiel> oh
[23:57:31] <SpeedySan> skitzfade!
[23:57:32] <Misser> the bozfade must be now :)
[23:57:33] <jbevren> ZiphOnAir's director's commentary
[23:58:05] <ZiphOnAir> ...don't you guys agree with me there?
[23:58:12] <jbevren> :X
[23:58:14] <jbevren> sourness
[23:58:14] <Thaumiel> ZiphOnAir,very tame
[23:58:24] <Thaumiel> more sound, louder, 
[23:58:30] <Misser> ZiphOnAir the dj and critic in one person. and yeah it's well ehhhh bland/clean/emptu. shite :)
[23:58:31] <jbevren> the winds were way out heh
[23:58:32] <lex_> ok the drums are too behind.
[23:58:34] * steckel (~steckel@p548B34F2.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) Quit (Quit: SLAY Radio roxx.)
[23:58:35] <n3mo> could be better imho.. buuut... :P
[23:58:35] <Misser> u=y
[23:58:40] <Ffrenzy> ZiphOnAir : this track could have been so much more !
[23:58:47] <SpeedySan> is this dajova? ;)
[23:58:48] <Thaumiel> alot more
[23:58:49] <Frurry> argh my ears
[23:59:02] <Frurry> my brain is leaking out
[23:59:04] <Misser> SpeedySan honorbilli meets dajova
[23:59:07] <jbevren> I think the stream's compander is flattening it tho
[23:59:09] * Noir|X agrees with Frurry
[23:59:19] <lex_> but maybe they head not much microphones ?!?
[23:59:20] <Thaumiel> oh come on, use the harmonics instead
[23:59:23] <lex_> had*
[23:59:26] <Misser> owh dear god, another of those resume spam thingies. I need to tighten the filter a bit more.
[23:59:27] * n3mo tinks could be better, but listenable... mho...
[23:59:38] <SpeedySan> honorabajova ftw!
[23:59:54] <jbevren> Told ya!
[23:59:55] <jbevren> sour!

Session Start: Fri Jul 21 00:00:00 2006
Session Ident: #SLAYRadio
[00:00:04] <jbevren> there's a time when sour is good
[00:00:07] <jbevren> I do that plenty heh
[00:00:09] <SpeedySan> (in fucking Albania)
[00:00:17] <Gulrak> (c:
[00:00:19] <n3mo> nopz
[00:00:27] <jbevren> ZiphOnAir: it was played by a 5th grade orchestra
[00:00:29] <jbevren> give em a break :)
[00:00:36] <Thaumiel> good thing i'm tonedeaf
[00:00:41] <FuzzyByte> me too
[00:00:46] <jbevren> ZiphOnAir: I can hear it
[00:00:47] * Misser runs to the garden
[00:00:47] <SpeedySan> this needs some WHEEEEEEEEEE!!! nja nja!
[00:00:48] <jbevren> and I dislike too
[00:00:52] <Misser> dammmmmmmmmmn
[00:01:00] * detonator (~petrus_tu@dsl-hpo-feebfb00-243.dhcp.inet.fi) has joined #SLAYRadio
[00:01:08] <jbevren> \o/ SID
[00:01:12] <Misser> wow this makes one person happy :)
[00:01:15] <PwrTrace> STOP torturing us! :) lol
[00:01:15] <lex_> @Zip Wonder about it as they took alot of time for the mastering.
[00:01:17] <Misser> +mega
[00:01:19] <n3mo> ahh... |))
[00:01:30] <ZiphOnAir> lex_: Yes, that's what makes me most confuzed as well.
[00:01:37] <SpeedySan> lets not get too technical zippy ;)
[00:01:38] * DuClare (~duclare_i@cable-vrk-fe5cdd00-111.dhcp.inet.fi) Quit (Nights<3.)
[00:01:41] <jbevren> ZiphOnAir: My synth can do random detunations.  It's pretty cool for creating realism.
[00:01:42] <Chappers> ZiphOnAir: who does the voiceover for your "original SID" announcements? :)
[00:01:43] <ZiphOnAir> SpeedySan: Hehe... ;)
[00:01:47] <jbevren> however, I'd never throw it that far out :)
[00:01:49] <ZiphOnAir> Chappers: Waz... :)
[00:01:59] <ZiphOnAir> Chappers: Trying to sound like Marcel... ;)
[00:02:01] <Squirrley> ZiphOnAir:u waited till Chilli was gone till u played this!.thats cruel;-)
[00:02:08] * Misser would love to hear this steethawk thingy played by a 50+ orchestra
[00:02:16] <Misser> 50+ as in ppl ;)
[00:02:18] <ZiphOnAir> Squirrley: I know... He'll get to listen to it tomorrow instead... ;)
[00:02:27] <Chappers> ZiphOnAir: crikey! would never have guessed it was Waz! :)
[00:02:30] <SpeedySan> it sounds like the national chinese communist orchestra ;)
[00:02:36] <ZiphOnAir> Misser: Oh, you're how old? 62? Ahh, the tuba section for you, then...
[00:02:38] <PwrTrace> I feel like listening to my Tangerine dremas cd's :)
[00:02:39] <Ph0B1uS> Misser, i thought you meant 50+ in age :)
[00:02:40] <ZiphOnAir> ;)
[00:02:44] <PwrTrace> deams even
[00:02:45] <Aky> Whoa! A Tangerine Dream Sid ;)
[00:02:54] <Misser> ZiphOnAir owh goodie, i still can huff and blow :)
[00:03:02] <lex_> @Zip: I mean they have a clean master of Leipzig. And the next thing that confuses me...the studio taht mastered it was the same where Turrican Soundtrack got mixed/mastered back in the 90s.
[00:03:08] <Ph0B1uS> Misser, eew
[00:03:11] <Misser> Ph0B1uS hence the second line i saw my error :)
[00:03:19] <ZiphOnAir> lex_: I'm mostly confuzed that Chris let that pass...
[00:03:34] <Ph0B1uS> Misser, hehe i understood what you meant but i just had to do that :)
[00:03:46] * GrAx (GrAx_@h67n5c1o851.bredband.skanova.com) has joined #SLAYRadio
[00:03:51] <Misser> Ph0B1uS i wouldn't have it any other way
[00:03:51] <Rhapsody> ZiphOnAir: I will try to compile a new iPod firmware tomorrow, with a MOD player.
[00:03:53] <Noir|X> Hey GrAx
[00:03:53] * Hazel_ (~Hazel@0x3e42cda1.adsl.cybercity.dk) has joined #SLAYRadio
[00:03:54] <SpeedySan> at least it doesnt have horribly stupid lyrics
[00:04:06] <GrAx> GRAAAAAAAA!!!!!
[00:04:16] <Dr-Duke> Evening GrAx and Hazel :)
[00:04:18] * GrAx runs after every one trying to eat their brains
[00:04:19] <Misser> ello Granis
[00:04:20] <Ph0B1uS> Misser, dont get mad, get even :)
[00:04:22] <Misser> GrAx
[00:04:26] <Thaumiel> hello GrAx :)
[00:04:29] <Thaumiel> hello Hazel_
[00:04:30] * Listener7 (~ia@217-211-237-25-o868.telia.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 600 seconds.)
[00:04:32] <Misser> Ph0B1uS i will, i'm keeping score :)
[00:04:35] <GrAx> hey tham and misser
[00:04:41] <Rhapsody> ZiphOnAir: I have logs of all your shows.
[00:04:41] <Thaumiel> GrAx, i got no brain..
[00:04:42] <Hazel_> hi Dr-Duke & Thaumiel :)
[00:04:42] <Ph0B1uS> Misser, hehe
[00:04:44] <Squirrley> there is two apidya tunes you could play Ziphoid.one by DHS and one by Awesome-A;)
[00:04:51] <PwrTrace> My fingers are itching, I NEED to remix!!! :) but it is late and i can't cause my brother and his kid is sleeping in the room where i uses my studio :|
[00:05:11] <Ffrenzy> WARNING : Everything you say WILL be used against you in the court of SLAY !\
[00:05:17] <jbevren> hehe
[00:05:17] <Thaumiel> ZiphOnAir, more sids :)
[00:05:23] <Lumpio-> Now you only need to include video of the webcam too and some software to sync the webcam and IRC logs with the music!
[00:05:26] <jbevren> ZiphOnAir: Have you listened to alternate scales? :)
[00:05:30] <Lumpio-> The completel SLAY Radio experience.
[00:05:35] <Misser> Ffrenzy hmmm damn i cleaned the logs after stockholm :(
[00:05:37] <Hazel_> ZiphOnAir: sorry about not listening..  just got home from work...  gagaga.. :)
[00:05:43] <Lumpio-> -l
[00:05:57] <ZiphOnAir> Squirrley: I know... :)
[00:05:59] <CZ-Tunes> Ok,i go now too bed. 
[00:06:02] <Misser> so much ppl abusing the laptop, there might have been something usefull there Ffrenzy :)
[00:06:03] <CZ-Tunes> Nite all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[00:06:04] <ZiphOnAir> Hazel_: Ohh, late nights working...
[00:06:08] <Ph0B1uS> Misser, you can have my logs if you like :)
[00:06:11] <Ffrenzy> Misser : not me....got a lot of logs
[00:06:11] <ZiphOnAir> 'nite CZ-Tunes! Thanx for being here... :)
[00:06:13] <Thaumiel> this is how it should sound ZiphOnAir :)
[00:06:18] <Thaumiel> night CZ-Tunes
[00:06:20] <ZiphOnAir> Thaumiel: Without a doubt, yes...
[00:06:30] <Misser> Ph0B1uS hahah
[00:06:39] <lex_> @Zip Indeed a dissapointment. As Chris had in In-the-mix CD but ok...all the other tracks from Immortal 3 seem to sound fine.
[00:06:45] <Thaumiel> i can hear the harmony in the music
[00:06:46] <Misser> Ph0B1uS i actually forgot if you where there or not ! :)
[00:06:46] <Ph0B1uS> this is a good tune. kinda like the tunes @ batman & batman returns osts
[00:06:48] <jbevren> like meantone, werkmeister
[00:06:49] * KoZmetiKa (~KoZmetiKa@h6n1fls31o281.telia.com) has joined #SLAYRadio
[00:06:52] <Hazel_> ZiphOnAir: yep...  worst part about that is that I can't listen to slayradio the whole week... :(
[00:06:55] <jbevren> heh had to look up the werkmeister
[00:06:57] <jbevren> its my favorite
[00:06:58] <ZiphOnAir> lex_: They do, which is even more weird... :)
[00:07:02] <CZ-Tunes> Nice evening all!
[00:07:03] <Ph0B1uS> Misser, where else would i be? :)
[00:07:05] <jbevren> (but I can never spell it)
[00:07:07] <Ffrenzy> lex_ : well.....the defender of the crown tune is bloody awful too !
[00:07:09] <Ph0B1uS> nite CZ-Tunes 
[00:07:10] <PwrTrace> Well i'm off, need to get myself some sleep, been up since 5am last mornig ;)
[00:07:12] <Jakuchu> Good night all
[00:07:13] <Chtulu> !np
[00:07:13] <SLAYRadio> Chtulu: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: Richard Jacques - Headhunter - Lab Exploring
[00:07:15] * Jakuchu (~Jakuchu@dsl-olugw6-fe7af800-174.dhcp.inet.fi) Quit (Take care folks.)
[00:07:19] * Chtulu likes this tune :)
[00:07:20] <Ph0B1uS> nite PwrTrace 
[00:07:21] * [MM]Samci (~Miranda@h106n4fls310o253.telia.com) Quit (Quit: .Miranda IM!. Smaller, Faster, Easier. http://miranda-im.org.)
[00:07:23] <PwrTrace> have a nice night all
[00:07:30] <Ph0B1uS> PwrTrace, dito
[00:07:30] <lex_> @Well at least the turricans are rescued too :)
[00:07:33] <Misser> Ph0B1uS at ziphoids place i mean :)
[00:07:35] <Thaumiel> good night PwrTrace
[00:07:37] <PwrTrace> great shwo ziph, looking forward to the log ;)
[00:07:42] <Ph0B1uS> Misser, oh. i wasnt there
[00:07:43] <ZiphOnAir> 'nite PwrTrace! ...and thanx... :)
[00:07:46] <Misser> nite trace cu in GBG
[00:07:53] <Squirrley> PwrTrace:nite
[00:07:56] <PwrTrace> misser: i hope i will make it ;)
[00:07:58] <GrAx> !honk chtulu
[00:07:59] <SLAYRadio> Fina pattar, chtulu. *honk honk*
[00:08:15] * Thaumiel offers Noir|X some tea
[00:08:15] <jbevren> anyway
[00:08:18] <lex_> Ok i guzy i'm gonna leave here too & i wish everyone a great night & much fun. Cya next time ! :)
[00:08:20] <Misser> PwrTrace i heard that, we'll see. anyway have a nice rest, wake up smiling and healthy 
[00:08:21] <jbevren> good show ZiphOnAir 
[00:08:24] <jbevren> out for the eve
[00:08:33] <PwrTrace> misser: dito :)
[00:08:34] <Ph0B1uS> bye lex_ take care
[00:08:40] <PwrTrace> c ya all :) *blip*
[00:08:40] <CZ-Tunes> And don't forget: I'll be back. ;)
[00:08:43] <Misser> !request king thingy song thingy
[00:08:43] * PwrTrace (~user@h180n2fls306o291.telia.com) Quit (http://trace.ziphoid.com/WIP.)
[00:08:50] <CZ-Tunes> Bye bye. 
[00:08:56] <Squirrley> about wot time are u starting the wind-down Ziph?
[00:08:57] * lex_ (~Lexx@ Quit (Quit: SLAY Radio roxx.)
[00:08:57] <Misser> omg i did it also, a stupid cryptic request :)
[00:08:58] <n3mo> mmm... orchestra...
[00:08:59] <jbevren> ZiphOnAir: Work day's done :)
[00:09:04] <Chtulu> !honk GrAx, och en klämvänlig häck oxå
[00:09:05] <jbevren> and nice chord on the piano
[00:09:05] <SLAYRadio> Fina pattar, GrAx, och en klämvänlig häck oxå. *honk honk*
[00:09:07] <jbevren> gone!
[00:09:14] <CZ-Tunes> May the force be with you..... and you... and you.... and you..... ;) ;)
[00:09:19] <SpeedySan> what rolls downstairs, alone or in pairs, runs over your neighbours dog, what's great for a snack, and fits on your back, it's LOG, LOG, LOG!
[00:09:19] <GrAx> hey chtulu^^
[00:09:21] <GrAx> ltns
[00:09:31] <Ph0B1uS> sounds familiar
[00:09:35] * CZ-Tunes (SLAYRadioJ@dslb-084-062-160-107.pools.arcor-ip.net) Quit (Quit: SLAY Radio roxx.)
[00:09:50] <FuzzyByte> sounds like my ears bleed
[00:09:56] <jbevren> it's canon
[00:09:57] <Marble_Ar> Hey GrAx :)
[00:09:57] <jbevren> yay
[00:10:00] <Misser> !ehm
[00:10:03] <jbevren> so many songs use Canon :)
[00:10:06] <GrAx> hey marbl
[00:10:07] <Misser> !erm
[00:10:10] <SLAYRadio> Misser: Yes, Skitz?
[00:10:11] <GrAx> howa life m8
[00:10:21] <Thaumiel> ZiphOnAir, from that orchester gaming music show?
[00:10:28] <ZiphOnAir> Thaumiel: Yup... :)
[00:10:28] <Misser> it's on the tip of my tong
[00:10:31] <OutofMem> king kong soundtrack 1933?
[00:10:32] <Misser> ehhh thong
[00:10:33] <Marble_Ar> GrAx: Hot and misser-able. *laughs*
[00:10:33] <Noir|X> GrAx: Did you guys had a good time on the cafe?
[00:10:35] <ZiphOnAir> !np
[00:10:35] <SLAYRadio> ZiphOnAir: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra - Apidya Suite [Bootleg]
[00:10:38] <SpeedySan> people leaving should be beaten up!
[00:10:39] <Misser> that licking thingy :)
[00:10:47] * Chtulu is having a cat in her arms. He keeps nagging and telling her to go to bed  :P
[00:10:49] <Thaumiel> ZiphOnAir, there will be a soundtrack form that show?
[00:10:51] <Ffrenzy> misser : tongue
[00:10:52] <maxlevin> This movie I'm downloading right now better be good, cause it forces me to listen to the isdn-stream
[00:10:57] <Misser> Ffrenzy indeed
[00:10:57] <ZiphOnAir> Thaumiel: I hope there will be... :)
[00:10:58] <GrAx> noir: yes, we meet adde and whent to my place
[00:11:07] <Thaumiel> ZiphOnAir, well so do i becouse i missed the show
[00:11:11] <Misser> Marble_Ar ? owh wrong highlight :)
[00:11:36] <Thaumiel> Chtulu, send the cat to bed?
[00:11:40] <Noir|X> GrAx: Ah :)
[00:12:02] * detonator (~petrus_tu@dsl-hpo-feebfb00-243.dhcp.inet.fi) Quit (Ping timeout: 120 seconds.)
[00:12:04] <Marble_Ar> Misser: *grins* Just had to type it that way so you got a highlight. ;)
[00:12:16] <Misser> maxlevin life is al about priorities !
[00:12:19] <Squirrley> Noir|X:give yer teddy to Chtulu's cat to stop it moanin;)
[00:12:22] <Floaf> yay! :-)
[00:12:23] <Misser> Marble_Ar naughty you :)
[00:12:28] <Dr-Duke> Yaay! :)
[00:12:54] <Chtulu> Thaumiel,: he doesn't want to go to bed until I do  :/
[00:13:00] <Marble_Ar> Chtulu: Want a kitten or two more? Were cuddling with 5 little ones today. 2 days old. :)
[00:13:01] <Ffrenzy> misser : detron will be at your place too tomorrow ?"
[00:13:03] <Thaumiel> Chtulu, evil kitten
[00:13:12] <Misser> Marble_Ar hope the heat is making you feel misserable, not something more serious btw !
[00:13:19] <Thaumiel> hmmm, *goes and makes some tea* any one wants some?
[00:13:21] <Chtulu> Marble_Ar: Already got Boromir. He's more than enough for me :P
[00:13:22] <Misser> Ffrenzy yeah about xxish
[00:13:34] * n3mo likes teh base.. subbie hum sweet.. nice one!
[00:13:37] <Ffrenzy> misser : a.k.a whenever he feels like it ?
[00:13:42] <Misser> Ffrenzy i think somewhere between ehhh 20:00 and 01:00
[00:13:43] <n3mo> bass* :P
[00:13:47] <Misser> Ffrenzy indeed
[00:13:48] * Lammet is dead
[00:13:49] <Marble_Ar> Misser: Hehehe. Not now anyway.Not with the gathering coming up. :)
[00:13:56] <Noir|X> Squirrley: My Teddy is still under the pillow
[00:13:57] <Chtulu> Thaumiel: no kitten anymore. It's his third birthday tomorrow (friday 21/7)  :)
[00:13:58] <n3mo> seabass!
[00:14:12] <Marble_Ar> Chtulu: Darn. One is spoken for. 4 have to find a home. :(
[00:14:13] <Squirrley> Noir|X:is he still breathing?
[00:14:29] <Misser> Marble_Ar and a good gathering it will be, maybe a bit to many people (yeah there can be to much ppl imho)
[00:14:34] <Thaumiel> Chtulu, oh well big cat then
[00:15:00] <Marble_Ar> Misser: Yeah. :)
[00:15:03] <Chtulu> Marble_Ar: I don't think Boromir can stand another cat :(
[00:15:06] <SpeedySan> i hit a cat with my car today, poor kitty :(
[00:15:06] * maxlevin is now known as maxdrawin
[00:15:17] <Misser> maxdarwin ? wow
[00:15:23] * HiSPeed nearly hit a drunk with his car today.. poor beer :(
[00:15:24] <Ffrenzy> Moog and Dafunk.....THE contenders for ROTY this year, i think !
[00:15:28] <n3mo> s.e.a.b.. a.aaahh, naah...
[00:15:34] <Dr-Duke> Hm, does anyone know the not modified version of this tune? ;)
[00:15:36] <Misser> we got darwin himself from the afterlife :)
[00:15:41] * Chtulu wish she could take care of more cats but she doesn't have the time, money or mental strenght  :/
[00:15:52] * Nonlinear (~opera@dsl-195-138.hive.is) has left #SLAYRadio
[00:16:11] <SpeedySan> hitting a drunk with a cat? sounds a bit pythonesque, imho ;)
[00:16:13] <Noir|X> Squirrley: He hasn't been breathing since i found him, so.. probably not :P
[00:16:17] <Marble_Ar> Chtulu: :( I was a bit tired and lay down for a while in the same room as the cats.. All of a sudden I felt something on me stomach. It was the mother who dropped off all five before she went to eat. *smiles*
[00:16:17] <Misser> Ffrenzy i think so, not only off bizar amounts of tune but more coz of the quality.
[00:16:18] * ZiphOnAir concurrs with Ffrenzy on that point...
[00:16:34] <Ffrenzy> misser : exactly...the amount AND the quality
[00:16:43] <Chtulu> Marble_Ar: Aaaaaaw, that's so sweet! :D
[00:16:47] <ZiphOnAir> ...the next track is up for a spot for Remix of the Year, though... ...imho...
[00:16:47] <HiSPeed> SpeedySan, darn they missed that one in oxford's: "to hit a drunk with a $feline" ;)
[00:16:49] <Ffrenzy> ZiphOnAir : Moog should at least be newcomer of the year !
[00:16:50] <Squirrley> Noir|X:u found him?u didn't buy him!?
[00:17:00] <Misser> no way someone with 2 or 3 really good songs can compete with those outputs and quality the robots moog and dafunk put out
[00:17:06] <Misser> Ffrenzy at least !
[00:17:07] <ZiphOnAir> Ffrenzy: Without a doubt, yes... Too bad I started remixing this year as well... ;)
[00:17:13] <Noir|X> Squirrley: No, I didn't buyed him.
[00:17:35] <SpeedySan> lol
[00:17:39] <Ffrenzy> ZiphOnAir : well, combat crazy is a good contender for remix of the year...
[00:17:44] <Ffrenzy> as is this one !
[00:17:49] <FuzzyByte> plink plonk
[00:17:57] <HiSPeed> ah btw congrats ziph :)
[00:17:57] <n3mo> Beeensterr...
[00:17:58] <Marble_Ar> Talking about ROTY now? Isn't that a wee bit too early?:)
[00:18:01] <ZiphOnAir> Ffrenzy: Well, this one r0xx0rs a bit more, though... Thanx for the kind words, though... :)
[00:18:09] <ZiphOnAir> HiSPeed: Thanx? For what? :)
[00:18:18] * Frurry (ninereeds6@81-178-246-134.dsl.pipex.com) Quit (Quit: 555, standing by! , henshin, complete.)
[00:18:22] <Squirrley> ZiphOnAir:don't u like neighbours?U always put the bassey tunes on late;)
[00:18:23] <HiSPeed> ZiphOnAir, wasnt this some kinda birthday show? ;)
[00:18:27] <Ffrenzy> Marble_Ar : it's never too early....you can vote NOW !
[00:18:33] <ZiphOnAir> HiSPeed: Ahh, nah, next week... :)
[00:18:38] <ZiphOnAir> Squirrley: Hehe... ;)
[00:18:39] <HiSPeed> ZiphOnAir, lol ok :)
[00:18:47] <Ffrenzy> Misser : do you know you are eligible for "radio personality of the year" ?
[00:18:53] * detonator (~petrus_tu@dsl-hpo-feebfb00-243.dhcp.inet.fi) has joined #SLAYRadio
[00:19:01] <Misser> Ffrenzy i know
[00:19:02] <ZiphOnAir> http://www.remix64.com/roty.html :)
[00:19:14] <OutofMem> damned i missed most of the show ://
[00:19:19] <ZiphOnAir> Check out the Radio persons at the bottom... :)
[00:19:47] <Squirrley> !request Ghouls n Ghosts level 4 SID (to compare the two,of cors;))
[00:19:54] <Misser> Ffrenzy i think ZiphOnAir might get away with it this rear, although boz is till the favorite. No more z-shows, and ZiphOnAir has done lotsa nice impromptu's and is on air only for about 10 months
[00:20:10] <chip-pwl> ZiphOnAir: you're leading the pack.. good or bad? ;)
[00:20:14] * Misser will make his vote at the last minute to decide
[00:20:24] <ZiphOnAir> Misser: Well, people can get tired of my voice, though, due to too much air time... *S*
[00:20:29] <Ffrenzy> ZiphOnAir : the thing with this tune is that it is SO DAMNED Original in arrangement....you get sidestepped everytime, it never gives you what you expect, which is a good thing
[00:20:32] * Dr-Duke will vote soon too
[00:20:41] <ZiphOnAir> Ffrenzy: Definately... :)
[00:20:50] <Misser> ZiphOnAir well stats don't lie, and activity in the channel doesn't either
[00:21:00] <SpeedySan> zippy has the most stamina when it comes to shows ;)
[00:21:06] <Ffrenzy> ZiphOnAir : but i must be honest.....the first time i heard it i dodn't like it !
[00:21:09] <Dr-Duke> Ziph: Getting tired of you voice? Nah...
[00:21:13] <Dr-Duke> your
[00:21:16] <OutofMem> this show was/is recorded as usual right?
[00:21:25] <Misser> SpeedySan hmmm new thats a whole new cat. stamina :)
[00:21:31] <Misser> OutofMem yeps
[00:21:48] <OutofMem> ^^
[00:22:04] <Marble_Ar> Hmm.. (170 days, one hour and 37 minutes left vor voting) vor voting? Sounds kinda Germanish slip there. :)
[00:22:06] <Misser> damn seems i lost my remix64 password :(
[00:22:12] <Dr-Duke> The only thing i could get tired of his when all shows are too much planned and if its the same all and over again...
[00:22:18] <Lammet> Just imagine if Slayradio could actually be a real radio thingy.. I mean, that you can listen to on the radio by entering the numbers.. ^^
[00:22:47] <Misser> and don't forget your password !!
[00:22:56] <SpeedySan> you can enter the numbers in winamp, too ;)
[00:23:06] <Ffrenzy> misser : r64 has a "forgot your password ?" option
[00:23:13] <Lammet> lol
[00:23:29] <Misser> Ffrenzy well it's in firefox, but that must be wrong :)
[00:23:37] <Thog> should not store passwords in plain text !!!
[00:23:38] <Lammet> FF <3
[00:23:46] <Misser> Ffrenzy and i hate sounding like a abuser that lost his pwd
[00:23:56] <Lammet> ZiphOnAir I love my mom
[00:24:04] <Ffrenzy> misser : fancy another kebab ?
[00:24:06] <Ffrenzy> ;)
[00:24:17] <Thog> ^_^
[00:24:24] <Ph0B1uS> im guessing MD5 hashes
[00:24:30] <Dr-Duke> your new ringtones?
[00:24:37] <Lammet> lol
[00:24:44] <Misser> Ffrenzy i got some leftovers from last night in the fridge
[00:24:47] <Ffrenzy> ZiphOnAir : continue....you'll know it when you have it
[00:24:49] <Lammet> sounds like the ringtones to n3310
[00:24:53] <Squirrley> 2 more Ziphoid
[00:25:04] <Ffrenzy> ZiphOnAir : subtune 10 ?
[00:25:05] <Lammet> again?
[00:25:33] <Ffrenzy> ZiphOnAir : ever looked at the 3D spectrograph in XMPlay when playing SID's ?
[00:25:43] <Squirrley> not a patch on Binster's but still great though;)
[00:25:48] <ZiphOnAir> Ffrenzy: Nah, not really... :)
[00:25:55] <defiance> Thaumiel, lol, with?
[00:26:01] <ZiphOnAir> Ffrenzy: This is DeliPlayer, though...
[00:26:05] <Ffrenzy> ZiphOnAir : you should do that once.....looks very nice.
[00:26:08] <Ffrenzy> ZiphOnAir : aaah
[00:26:09] <SpeedySan> !request all your base are belong to us
[00:26:18] <Thaumiel> defiance, well not it's a bit too late i think
[00:26:29] <defiance> lol ah
[00:26:40] <defiance> I was on ze phone
[00:27:00] <Ffrenzy> it might not be binsters version....but it's a DAMNED GOOD SID !
[00:27:21] <Misser> owh xmplayer
[00:27:28] <Squirrley> Ffrenzy:lvl 2 SID is catchy as heck!
[00:27:31] <Misser> hmmmm remind me 2morrow again Ffrenzy
[00:28:02] <Lammet> !request 2 hamburbers with 1 big coke and fries. thank you
[00:28:16] <SpeedySan> hamburbers ftw!
[00:28:22] <Lammet> : )
[00:28:23] <SpeedySan> rofl
[00:28:27] <Dr-Duke> lol
[00:28:38] <Lammet> roflmaolol
[00:28:43] <Chappers> !request Agent X2 tune where Tim gets the phone ringing :)
[00:28:57] <Misser> 64 bacardis
[00:29:03] <Misser> just 620 euro in sweden :)
[00:29:06] <Lammet> !request Asian Legends with something blah blah
[00:29:30] * Listener (~Listener@c-9ab1e455.70-0050-74657210.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se) Quit (Quit: SLAY Radio roxx.)
[00:29:46] * ShadowMan (~ShadowMan@adsl-82-141-117-48.kotinet.com) has joined #SLAYRadio
[00:29:48] <Misser> !request that there freestyler.sid
[00:29:50] * Ffrenzy misses the zoo in the middle of the tune
[00:30:01] <Ffrenzy> the SID version has some nice flanges in the bass !
[00:30:07] <ShadowMan> cool...I get to use my real nick ^^
[00:30:25] <Misser> Ffrenzy did you actually use the sx more after the repairs, or it's still a classic bookstand ?
[00:30:26] <Lammet> =lol
[00:30:31] <Misser> it's= is it
[00:30:40] <Ffrenzy> misser : erm.......the second ;)
[00:30:46] <SpeedySan> gnite folks, i gotta bounce :)
[00:30:54] <ZiphOnAir> 'nite SpeedySan!
[00:30:57] <Ph0B1uS> this is a nice tune.. not that far from the nes-version
[00:31:04] <Lammet> bye SpeedySan
[00:31:13] * qual (askdjak@83-102-26-45.tampere.customers.dnainternet.fi) has joined #SLAYRadio
[00:31:16] <Ffrenzy> misser : but it's a good soundung bookstand now !
[00:31:19] * Thaumiel goes and gets the tea
[00:31:20] <SpeedySan> nite zippy, great show :)
[00:31:24] <Thaumiel> so nobody want's anything?
[00:31:25] <ZiphOnAir> Thanx, SpeedySan... :)
[00:31:27] * Bittin^ (~Karlssonp@h236n1fls33o823.telia.com) Quit (Quit: ..12(. www...nnscript...de .12.::. .N.o.N.ame.S.cript 4...02 .12.::. www...XLhost...de. .12.)..)
[00:31:41] <Ffrenzy> misser : waiting to see if i can use a MMC64....then i can play the complete HVSC on my SX !
[00:31:41] <SpeedySan> ciao for now, kids :)
[00:31:46] * SpeedySan (~pocketirc@ Quit (Pocket IRC (http://pocketirc.com/).)
[00:32:21] <Misser> Ffrenzy woot
[00:32:24] <Chtulu> 64 bacardis on the rocks
[00:32:31] <Dr-Duke> The Bionic "Eye".. *tzzz* Doh!
[00:32:33] <FuzzyByte> what is a bacardi
[00:32:33] <Misser> that will be 620 euro's
[00:32:35] <Misser> wheeeeeeeee
[00:32:44] <Misser> i luv this song, it's uplifting as hell
[00:32:57] <Chappers> summertime music
[00:33:02] <Misser> FuzzyByte bacardi (rum) and cola, baco's we call them
[00:33:11] <FuzzyByte> okay
[00:34:14] <Dr-Duke> Slayradio: Any idea how long our beloved creature of the night will be on? :)
[00:34:15] <SLAYRadio> Dr-Duke: Never.
[00:34:20] * Thaumiel drinks his tea so that might help against his confusion
[00:34:27] <Dr-Duke> *hehe*
[00:34:39] <Chtulu> Thaumiel: råmm å kåla :D
[00:34:43] <Lammet> Firefly! <3
[00:34:55] <Thaumiel> Chtulu, i doesn't have any alcohol
[00:35:09] <Niknstien> c
[00:35:24] <Squirrley> Thaumiel:why confusion?Listening to great tunes surrounded by yer friends;)
[00:35:53] <Thaumiel> Squirrley, lex_ and noir part of making me confused
[00:36:28] <Marble_Ar> women. Can't live with them. Can't shoot them!
[00:36:32] <Marble_Ar> ;)
[00:36:54] <Thaumiel> Marble_Ar, i didn't mean it like that
[00:36:59] <Dr-Duke> *phew*
[00:37:13] <Marble_Ar> Thaumiel: *laughs* Couldn't resist anyway. :)
[00:37:22] <Gulrak> Someone called for hamburgers?
[00:37:25] <Dr-Duke> I think I should sit at work with sunglasses tomorrow...
[00:37:29] <Lammet> I did
[00:37:31] <Thaumiel> Marble_Ar, i know
[00:38:05] * Gulrak is from hamburg.
[00:38:12] <Misser> well it's official, i just asked for my pwd on remix64 :)
[00:38:13] <Gulrak> (c:
[00:38:24] <ZiphOnAir> Gulrak: We won't eat you, so no worries... ;)
[00:38:24] <Misser> it kan only be 1 of 2
[00:38:30] <Chtulu> Gulrak: hirr hirr ;)
[00:38:33] <Misser> or i don't have an account for voting :)
[00:38:35] * Ffrenzy points at misser and shout "HE FORGOT HIS PASSWORD !!!!"
[00:38:40] * maxdrawin is now known as maxlevin
[00:38:45] * Misser is the uber Luser
[00:38:54] <Squirrley> is this on cd or dlable Ziphiod?
[00:38:55] <Ffrenzy> Misser : it's the same as for the board, i think
[00:38:59] * Noir|X cuddles Misser the uber Luser
[00:39:12] <Kyoshin> Back
[00:39:16] <Misser> thnx Noir|X i needed that, i'm feeling old all of a sudden 
[00:39:19] * Thaumiel hands Misser a beer and pats his back
[00:39:19] <Misser> no more 18+
[00:39:25] <Misser> more like 25+ :)
[00:39:33] <Misser> Thaumiel thnxs pal
[00:39:36] <Misser> *snif*
[00:39:38] <Thaumiel> np
[00:39:44] <Ffrenzy> misser : you are 18+++++++++++++++++
[00:39:46] <Thaumiel> ye still young
[00:39:51] <ZiphOnAir> Squirrley: None, atm... I just might fix it for you some day... ;)
[00:40:00] <Thaumiel> Misser, there are older ppl then you
[00:40:02] <Kyoshin> Nice tune
[00:40:03] <Misser> Ffrenzy now is not the time to talk about my jeans size :)
[00:40:14] <Misser> Thaumiel at zippy there was yeah :)
[00:40:17] <Chappers> !np
[00:40:18] <SLAYRadio> Chappers: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: Rubikon - Why Keep On
[00:40:21] <Squirrley> ZiphOnAir:ok.great tune btw;)
[00:40:27] <ZiphOnAir> Squirrley: It is, yes... :)
[00:40:32] <Ffrenzy> Misser : you should go to the states. they have XXXXXL clothes there ! ( yup 5XL )
[00:40:36] * ZIlord (SLAYRadioJ@h210n4c1o994.bredband.skanova.com) has joined #SLAYRadio
[00:40:36] <Chappers> ZiphOnAir: where can I get this? :)
[00:40:49] * Chtulu is younger then the waist size of her jeans :D
[00:40:53] <ZIlord> play all your base are blong to ous!
[00:40:54] <Squirrley> ZiphOnAir:whos doin the singin?
[00:41:01] <Misser> Ffrenzy board still works, so i might just not have a 'vote' account
[00:41:03] <ZiphOnAir> Chappers: You'll have to wait for me... ;)
[00:41:13] <Ffrenzy> misser : hmmmm, i thought that was the same account
[00:41:13] <Dr-Duke> Anyone knows the "überkids"? http://www.flashgames.de/index.php?onlinespiele=358&todo=play
[00:41:17] <ZiphOnAir> Squirrley: Tiff Lacey. She has done a lot of singing for ATB for instance...
[00:41:18] <Chappers> ZiphOnAir: ah fair enough ;)
[00:41:25] <Misser> Ffrenzy ahh goodie, let's buy a 6xl and both take a leg :)
[00:41:40] <Squirrley> ZiphOnAir:ATB?
[00:42:03] <Lammet> =S=S=
[00:42:04] <Ph0B1uS> it does sound much like ATB
[00:42:26] <Misser> Ffrenzy diffent account, i actually put something on the board. But never got arsed to react on the main site (iirc)
[00:42:32] <Chappers> Squirrley: they did 9pm (Till I Come), I think
[00:42:48] <Lammet> I don't understand where THEY get the songs from? do they buy the cd's?`I can't fucking find anything they play :S
[00:42:48] <Misser> although i remember voting for roty last year
[00:42:51] <Misser> ahh well
[00:43:00] <Squirrley> Chappers:remember now.thnx:)
[00:43:04] <Lammet> for example, Firefly, X-files (or something) and Asian Legends
[00:43:04] <ZiphOnAir> Misser: LMan will be able to help you tomorrow... ;)
[00:43:21] <Misser> ZiphOnAir no worries. i got lotsa time till 06-01-2007 :)
[00:43:37] <Misser> time enough to make up my mind and don't do any inbetween voting
[00:43:38] <Misser> :P
[00:43:42] <ZiphOnAir> Lammet: What are you talking about? They who?
[00:43:55] <Lammet> ZiphOnAir Listening on yesterdays show
[00:44:06] <Lammet> bit'o'bollocks
[00:44:12] * Chtulu is probably getting tired... she just misread Squirrley as Spongebob  >_<
[00:44:12] <ZiphOnAir> Lammet: Ahh, ok... ...so you're listening to yesterdays show NOW? Thanx...
[00:44:14] <ZiphOnAir> *S*
[00:44:16] <Thaumiel> hehe
[00:44:22] * Thaumiel pats Chtulu
[00:44:23] <Lammet> ZiphOnAir hahaha
[00:44:28] <Thaumiel> slee alittle perhaps?
[00:44:39] * Blok (~mentalblo@ACCB44B0.ipt.aol.com) has joined #SLAYRadio
[00:44:41] <Lammet> ZiphOnAir Im listening to yours too, but I loved the Asian Legends song
[00:44:43] <Misser> Lammet most songs are from rko, some exclusive to slayradio or the dj. and others from personal contacts or just beeing a bit naughty
[00:44:47] <Blok> Ello :)
[00:44:54] <Misser> ZiphOnAir lol
[00:45:00] <Lammet> Misser rko?
[00:45:01] <Chtulu> Maybe time to hit the sack...
[00:45:04] <Squirrley> Chtulu:i'm not orange and square and porous,as far as i know.hehe
[00:45:12] <Misser> lammet owh this will open your eyes
[00:45:14] <Lammet> ZiphOnAir your show is great
[00:45:17] <Dr-Duke> Hi there Blok :)
[00:45:17] <Misser> Ffrenzy do the http thingy !!
[00:45:24] <Lammet> haha
[00:45:26] <Chtulu> Squirrley: That's okay.. since Spongebob isn't orange but yellow ;)
[00:45:27] <Squirrley> Chtulu:yellow even;)
[00:45:29] <Blok> Hello Dr-Duke :)
[00:45:30] <Chtulu> :D
[00:45:36] * Lammet is curious like a girl
[00:45:39] <Ffrenzy> misser ????
[00:45:51] <Misser> the kwed thing :)
[00:45:52] <Ffrenzy> lammet : remix.kwed.org
[00:45:58] <Lammet> wieo
[00:45:59] <Lammet> =)
[00:45:59] <Blok> Ello ZiphOnAir :)
[00:46:00] <Squirrley> Chtulu:i know,just noticed that.Guess some1 else is gettin tired too;)
[00:46:00] <Thaumiel> hehe
[00:46:03] <Misser> thnxs Ffrenzy
[00:46:10] <Kyoshin> Lammet, yesterday's show is all you need.
[00:46:17] <Lammet> thanks Ffrenzy and Misser
[00:46:32] <Lammet> Kyoshin lol, yeah ;)
[00:46:45] * qual (askdjak@83-102-26-45.tampere.customers.dnainternet.fi) Quit (Read error: Operation timed out.)
[00:46:45] <Ffrenzy> Lammet : and www.c64audio.com for buying commercial CD's
[00:46:46] <Lammet> I wish I could hear Machinae - Cryosleep sometime :(
[00:46:51] * Misser slaps Kyoshin with his modem.
[00:46:52] <Misser> *oops*
[00:46:52] <Misser> *klick*
[00:46:52] <Kyoshin> I hurt his feelings xD
[00:46:56] * Noir|X megasmooches ZiphOnAir
[00:46:57] <Lammet> Ffrenzy cool
[00:47:13] * ZiphOnAir megasnugglesmooches Noir|X... Thanx sweetie... *sobs a bit*
[00:47:21] * Misser cuddles ziphoid, here have another pepsi max, they are only newbies :)
[00:47:24] * Thaumiel goes and takes some fresh air
[00:47:34] * Thaumiel hands ZiphOnAir a pepsi maxi
[00:47:36] <Kyoshin> Well, there is one great thing about Ziph
[00:47:39] <Kyoshin> He does Oompas!
[00:47:39] <Ph0B1uS> ZiphOnAir, there are still ppl that actually listens to your shows live you know
[00:47:44] <ZiphOnAir> Cheers, Misser & Thaumiel... *sniff*
[00:47:52] <ZiphOnAir> Ph0B1uS: Oh, there is?? Cool! ;)
[00:48:01] <Thaumiel> i listen too yer show :)
[00:48:01] <Misser> !listeners
[00:48:02] <SLAYRadio> Misser: Current number of listeners on SLAY Radio: 165
[00:48:02] <Dr-Duke> Who is ZiphOnAir?
[00:48:06] <Ffrenzy> lammet : and there are a few commercial tracks freely downloadable on the "audio/video" page of www.c64.com
[00:48:07] <ZiphOnAir> !honk Dr-Duke
[00:48:07] <Ph0B1uS> ZiphOnAir, i do believe that youre live now :)
[00:48:09] <SLAYRadio> Fina pattar, Dr-Duke. *honk honk*
[00:48:14] <Lammet> Misser so.. I can listen to music on kwed?
[00:48:33] <Ffrenzy> lammet : nope, you can download the tunes there
[00:48:37] <Lammet> oooh
[00:48:40] <Lammet> right
[00:48:47] <Blok> ZiphOnAir , Unfortunately i will have to d/l tonights show , so can you hurry up and finish ;)
[00:48:48] <Lammet> thanks
[00:48:50] <Ph0B1uS> the non-commercial ones that is
[00:48:57] <Ffrenzy> Lammet : 1725 tunes by 506 artists
[00:48:58] <Misser> Lammet you know about the !request thingy ? else look at Ffrenzy's site
[00:49:00] <Misser> !help
[00:49:01] * Aky (Aky@p54B92B0A.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) Quit
[00:49:01] <Ph0B1uS> wb Blok 
[00:49:03] <SLAYRadio> Misser: http://www.slayradio.org/faq
[00:49:05] <Misser> owh damn that got changed
[00:49:10] <Ffrenzy> !triggers
[00:49:11] <Misser> !ffrenzy
[00:49:15] <Ffrenzy> !trigger
[00:49:16] <SLAYRadio> Ffrenzy: A bit too trigger happy, are you?
[00:49:25] <Ffrenzy> DUH !
[00:49:26] <Squirrley> Blok:hope ur not ditchin Ziphoid for burnout;)
[00:49:28] <Misser> Ffrenzy hahaha rotflol
[00:49:28] <Blok> Ello Ph0B1uS , good to be back :)
[00:49:32] <Ffrenzy> !trigger is actually a trigger !
[00:49:35] <SLAYRadio> Ffrenzy: A bit too trigger happy, are you?
[00:49:41] <Blok> LOL
[00:49:42] <Dr-Duke> lol
[00:49:44] <Ph0B1uS> haha
[00:49:44] <Lammet> wtf are you guys doing :D
[00:49:46] <Misser> ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[00:49:50] <Ph0B1uS> sidstyler :)
[00:49:52] <Lammet> I know about the !request thing =)
[00:49:55] <Thaumiel> wiee :)
[00:49:56] <Misser> sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet thnks ziph
[00:50:00] <Thaumiel> more sids :)
[00:50:01] <Kyoshin> Mm''kay
[00:50:20] <ShadowMan> weeeheeeeeee Sidstyler! ^^
[00:50:24] <Blok> Squirrley , nope had more important things to do than play burnout , know wot i mean :)
[00:50:34] <Kyoshin> SidSTYLER!
[00:50:41] <Squirrley> u can't beat a bit of SID in the morning.....afternoon...evening............
[00:50:41] * Marble_Ar loves this. :)
[00:50:46] <Lammet> I can't hear what boz say when he says "Ok, that was Asian Legends with OOOOUUUHH" 
[00:51:00] <Squirrley> Blok:totally understand
[00:51:01] * qual (askdjak@83-102-26-45.tampere.customers.dnainternet.fi) has joined #SLAYRadio
[00:51:05] <Misser> ahh Ffrenzy you change the site ? nice
[00:51:05] <Ffrenzy> lammet : Reyn Ouwehand
[00:51:21] * Blok thinks this tune is superb :)
[00:51:30] <OutofMem> lol this is fat ^^
[00:51:31] <Ffrenzy> http://www.ffrenzy.com/slaytriggers ( now updated with !trigger )
[00:51:36] <Misser> www.ffrenzy.com and ...
[00:51:40] <Misser> never mind ^^
[00:52:05] <Lammet> =)
[00:52:05] <Ffrenzy> misser : been using that theme on my site for a few months now
[00:52:06] <Marble_Ar> !help
[00:52:08] <SLAYRadio> Marble_Ar: http://www.slayradio.org/faq
[00:52:11] <Lammet> !help me too
[00:52:12] <SLAYRadio> Lammet: http://www.slayradio.org/faq
[00:52:16] <Lammet> =S
[00:52:27] <Misser> Ffrenzy i only went to the download bit or the trigger bit :)
[00:52:27] <Marble_Ar> Bah. Wrong window. Wrong net even. *laughs*
[00:52:29] <Lammet> um, hey! I can't find the "wank song" =D
[00:52:37] <ZiphOnAir> Lammet: You can't... :)
[00:52:48] <Ffrenzy> Lammet : there are a few liveshow-exclusive tunes
[00:52:50] <Lammet> ZiphOnAir why not =D
[00:52:54] <Lammet> oooh
[00:52:55] <Misser> Ffrenzy !help changed to the faq is good, but need a !trigger for the list also :)
[00:52:57] <Kyoshin> !kyomi
[00:52:58] <SLAYRadio> Kyoshin: Fy! Stygg kattunge!
[00:52:58] <Lammet> ... damn
[00:52:58] <Ffrenzy> ZiphOnAir :well.....i WAS downloadable on the R64 board !
[00:53:02] <Kyoshin> Haha
[00:53:03] <Lammet> I download FIka ^^
[00:53:03] <Ph0B1uS> and thnx galway for that..
[00:53:05] <ZiphOnAir> Ffrenzy: I know... ;)
[00:53:08] <Kyoshin> Kyoshin is a bad kitten xD
[00:53:08] <Lammet> it pwns
[00:53:11] <Kyoshin> ..
[00:53:15] <Kyoshin> Kyomi*
[00:53:17] <Kyoshin> Using tab ~~
[00:53:23] <Misser> ringmodulation abuse ftw
[00:53:34] <Misser> this is so cool
[00:53:40] <Ffrenzy> ZiphOnAir : i even have it in my car.......now imagine playing that tune with windows open when waiting at a trafficlight ;)
[00:53:41] <Marble_Ar> Agree Misser :)
[00:53:49] <Lammet> "And now spank it.... Spank.... Spank.... Spank
[00:53:56] <Lammet> !unz
[00:53:56] <SLAYRadio> Lammet: Unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz.
[00:54:00] <Kyoshin> !unza
[00:54:00] <SLAYRadio> Kyoshin: Forza UNZ-unz-Unz-uNz-unZ-uNz-Unz-UNz-UNZ!!!
[00:54:01] <Marble_Ar> !unza
[00:54:02] <SLAYRadio> Marble_Ar: Forza UNZ-unz-Unz-uNz-unZ-uNz-Unz-UNz-UNZ!!!
[00:54:04] <Misser> Lammet more like i want to spank you or the f word :)
[00:54:07] <Thaumiel> Misser, if i would have got my paid check i would have bought you beers at the gbg gathering
[00:54:14] <Lammet> Misser hahaha
[00:54:27] <Lammet> Misser go ahead, my gf is not here ;)
[00:54:35] <chip-pwl> ohhh, we're going commercial ;)
[00:54:38] <Misser> Thaumiel would have at the GBG? hmmm you're looking into the future already.
[00:54:46] * Misser gets Thaumiel a beverage :)
[00:54:53] <ShadowMan> original Freestyler !!! =DD
[00:54:54] * Lammet säksar med Misser
[00:55:21] <maxlevin> Ziphoid: you gonna play that Lagerfeldt-tune after this too? :(
[00:55:24] <Kyoshin> Omg! We got som säks in here!
[00:55:26] <Thaumiel> Misser, well i will not get any paycheck before the gathering so i can't buy ye any beer
[00:55:27] <Rhapsody> !np
[00:55:28] <SLAYRadio> Rhapsody: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: Boomfunk MCs - Freestyler [snippet]
[00:55:31] <Blok> Agemixer sounds better
[00:55:31] <Misser> Lammet i'll rather put a big stick in you and prepare some kebab :)
[00:55:40] * Kyoshin chants: Säks säks säks!
[00:55:40] -Marble_Ar- ZiphOnAir Spela dom overlayed. :)
[00:55:42] <n3mo> heh
[00:55:50] <Kyoshin> Ooh
[00:55:51] <Misser> Thaumiel no worries there, maybe i give another round :)
[00:55:52] <Kyoshin> Nice change!
[00:55:54] <kyhwana> wwhoops!
[00:55:55] <Kyoshin> KEBAB KEBAB KEBAB!
[00:55:55] <Blok> !3
[00:55:55] <Ffrenzy> !3
[00:55:57] <SLAYRadio> Blok: Put your helmets on, we'll be reaching speeds of 3!
[00:55:57] <Misser> Thaumiel jsut be there !!
[00:55:58] <SLAYRadio> Ffrenzy: Put your helmets on, we'll be reaching speeds of 3!
[00:56:02] * kyhwana tunes in for the end. x.x
[00:56:05] <Misser> just even
[00:56:08] <Lammet> Misser HEEY
[00:56:08] <Kyoshin> Speeds of 3!
[00:56:13] <Lammet> Misser thats not an F word
[00:56:29] <Misser> Lammet no but it is tasty
[00:56:32] <Thaumiel> Misser, well i have to be there, becouse i'm fixing the tent and the ride for Noir|X
[00:56:34] <Chtulu> Kyoshin: Kebab?! :D
[00:56:37] * Misser licks lips, dohhhhhhhhhhh kebab
[00:56:45] * Noir|X hugs Thaumiel
[00:56:45] <Lammet> :(
[00:56:49] <Kyoshin> Chtulu, Lammet kebab!
[00:56:51] * Lammet get's eaten
[00:56:53] <Kyoshin> We can share!
[00:56:57] <Marble_Ar> *laughs*
[00:56:59] * Kyoshin takes a big strip
[00:57:01] * Thaumiel hugs Noir|X
[00:57:02] <Misser> Thaumiel nothing arrange with psiborg i heard?
[00:57:03] <n3mo> lol
[00:57:04] <Dr-Duke> lol
[00:57:05] * Kyoshin eats vigorously
[00:57:08] <kyhwana> ZiphOnAir: ...
[00:57:10] <Misser> goteborg_ now :)
[00:57:10] * Lammet kisses ZiphOnAir
[00:57:15] <Thaumiel> Misser, well he can sleep in the tent
[00:57:20] <Ph0B1uS> ZiphOnAir, youve got nothing on boz :)
[00:57:22] <Dr-Duke> Ollas
[00:57:34] <Dr-Duke> beauty beatuy beauty
[00:57:37] <Dr-Duke> ups
[00:57:38] <Misser> Thaumiel make him bring the booze in his weight :)
[00:57:54] <Lammet> ZiphOnAir kiss me!
[00:57:54] <Thaumiel> Misser, well he better bring some booze
[00:57:58] <Squirrley> !request we call it w for lammet:)
[00:58:01] <Misser> ZiphOnAir fun that boz actually didn't go on longer than 02:00 also
[00:58:08] <Niknstien> ZiphOnAir, Dont be daft lad!, your great   :D
[00:58:08] <Lammet> Squirrley good ;)
[00:58:10] <Misser> Thaumiel that green stuff?
[00:58:14] <ZiphOnAir> Misser: Hehe, he died at 1:30... ;)
[00:58:21] <n3mo> and ZiphOnAir's good at it ;)
[00:58:22] <Lammet> who :S
[00:58:25] <Dr-Duke> That's Ziphs key I guess.. ;)
[00:58:26] <Brad-CA> !np
[00:58:26] <Thaumiel> Misser, nah i don't think i will bring any more green stuff
[00:58:26] <Kyoshin> ZiphOnAir, I'll give you a cookie if you keep on all night :p
[00:58:27] <SLAYRadio> Brad-CA: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: Gol - Great Oxygenated Sisters
[00:58:28] <Ph0B1uS> ZiphOnAir, if youre not DJing for real then who has been this show? :)
[00:58:35] <Misser> hahah the sissie
[00:58:43] <ZiphOnAir> Ph0B1uS: I'm just a pseudo-DJ-bot... ;)
[00:58:58] <Ph0B1uS> ZiphOnAir, you had me fooled there :)
[00:59:06] <Dr-Duke> Ziph: A well programmed one then ;)
[00:59:18] <Blok> its a shame there`s a time limit on the shows now 
[00:59:24] <OutofMem> ZIPH we are all just listeners bots anyway ^^
[00:59:35] <Chtulu> ZIPHOID!!
[00:59:35] <Dr-Duke> lol
[00:59:38] <ZiphOnAir> *hehe*
[00:59:44] * Chtulu waves her fist at ZiphOnAir
[00:59:45] <Ph0B1uS> OutofMem, and poorly programmed at that too :)
[00:59:50] <Marble_Ar> ZiphOnAir NO! Fy! 
[00:59:51] <OutofMem> but damend smart ones ^^
[00:59:56] * Epcot- (~bjo@ has joined #SLAYRadio
[01:00:09] * Epcot- (~bjo@ has left #SLAYRadio
[01:00:12] <OutofMem> Phoblus: dont be that hard on us ^^
[01:00:22] <Misser> Thaumiel heheh
[01:00:25] <LrdSqueak> !303
[01:00:25] <Lammet> !request where did my 2 hamburgers go? I haven't recived them yet.. C'mon, SOME fucking service! Hello?
[01:00:28] <SLAYRadio> LrdSqueak: Squeal-squink-blipp-blopp-szzouiiiing.
[01:00:39] <Dr-Duke> A jennem bot...
[01:00:40] * Misser just put on the ac in the bedroom, getting ready for a short winddown in a bit
[01:00:44] <Ph0B1uS> OutofMem, nah youre right :)
[01:00:55] <OutofMem> ^^
[01:01:00] <Kyoshin> Free gifflar for DJs
[01:01:00] <Thog> !!!
[01:01:04] <kyhwana> DJ Bot!
[01:01:07] <Lammet> lol
[01:01:11] <Brad-CA> and we are all listener-bots
[01:01:11] <Thaumiel> ZiphOnAir, can you behave? :P
[01:01:14] <Lammet> ZiphOnAir owns ^^
[01:01:15] <Ffrenzy> boten ziphoid !
[01:01:16] * detonator (~petrus_tu@dsl-hpo-feebfb00-243.dhcp.inet.fi) Quit (Quit: ..12(. www...nnscript...de .12.::. .N.o.N.ame.S.cript 4...02 .12.::. www...XLhost...de. .12.)..)
[01:01:19] <Kyoshin> No oomping?
[01:01:19] <OutofMem> being a bot got advantages - like - ... whatever ^^
[01:01:19] <Ph0B1uS> !pumpkin
[01:01:21] <SLAYRadio> Ph0B1uS: I'm a pumpkin man! (well, not really. I'm a bot, you see)
[01:01:23] <Misser> ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[01:01:30] <Kyoshin> Machinae's Oomping?
[01:01:33] <Blok> !unz
[01:01:33] <Misser> buzzmeeeeeeeeeeee
[01:01:35] <SLAYRadio> Blok: Unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz-unz.
[01:01:42] <Lammet> !unza
[01:01:43] * Kaiser- (~Kaiser@17.varbergkabel-net02.varberg.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 539 seconds.)
[01:01:44] <SLAYRadio> Lammet: Forza UNZ-unz-Unz-uNz-unZ-uNz-Unz-UNz-UNZ!!!
[01:01:48] <Misser> dhs unz king 
[01:01:51] * LrdSqueak passesout
[01:02:00] <Misser> owh detroned unz king, but still unz
[01:02:00] <Dr-Duke> DJ Bot John "Smoochoid" CaredaHag
[01:02:01] * Noir|X been having back hurt for a while now. Stupid back
[01:02:07] * dvoid (~krawwz@c-b081e255.2010-1-64736c10.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se) Quit (Remote host closed the connection.)
[01:02:13] <Lammet> there is a fucking GIRL singing
[01:02:16] <Thaumiel> i could give ye a massage Noir|X
[01:02:18] <Lammet> I wonder if she's hot
[01:02:22] <Ffrenzy> hmmm, this reminds me of paralax calling this tune "buzzLer" in his megamix.....which was a thing he actually did quite good, BTW !
[01:02:29] <Eman> is she hot or a secret fatty?
[01:02:39] <OutofMem> soo winddown is skipped again ... like always lately ^^
[01:02:47] <Misser> OutofMem haha
[01:03:00] <Misser> yeah go to gbg also and let's spank ziphy
[01:03:14] <OutofMem> so all the guys in bed and still tuned in are now forced to stand up and complain ^^
[01:03:38] <Misser> OutofMem owh more action on the channel ?? always good :)
[01:03:45] <Noir|X> Thaumiel: That, would really feel good right now
[01:03:51] <OutofMem> its like .. you wake up - damned - ziph were is the winddown when i need one ^^
[01:04:04] * herbaculu is dancing to the music
[01:04:06] <defiance> Hm hm hm
[01:04:10] <Ffrenzy> !boogie
[01:04:11] <Lammet> SLAYRadio is my friend. He's the only one saying my name
[01:04:11] <SLAYRadio> Lammet: Yep.
[01:04:12] <SLAYRadio> Ffrenzy: *dancingtothemusicplayingonSLAYRadio*
[01:04:13] <Lammet> !unza
[01:04:16] <SLAYRadio> Lammet: Forza UNZ-unz-Unz-uNz-unZ-uNz-Unz-UNz-UNZ!!!
[01:04:16] <defiance> More people
[01:04:17] <defiance> whee
[01:04:17] <Noir|X> defiance: hm hm hm?
[01:04:21] <Thaumiel> Noir|X, well i got a little problem doing it right now, it's very hard to find a train that goes now unfortantly
[01:04:24] * Noir|X giggles
[01:04:27] <Lammet> ok.. now he scares me
[01:04:30] * Misser rocks, go ziph go
[01:04:30] <ZiphOnAir> OutofMem: Yeah, I know... Smoothness is on it's way momentarily, though... ;)
[01:04:40] <Misser> go untill 08:00 then i can get into the car for work
[01:04:40] <OutofMem> yeah tell yourself ^^
[01:04:47] <Ffrenzy> Lammet : WHO scares you ?
[01:04:47] <Misser> and prolly fall asleep at the meeting ;)
[01:04:48] <Blok> OutofMem , Paitence , all good things come to those who wait :)
[01:04:50] <Noir|X> Thaumiel: Hehe, you can save it, until we meet again :)
[01:05:00] <Lammet> Ffrenzy Slaygon
[01:05:02] <Lammet> ops
[01:05:03] <Lammet> not him
[01:05:04] * qual (askdjak@83-102-26-45.tampere.customers.dnainternet.fi) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds.)
[01:05:08] <Lammet> Ffrenzy i ment SLAYRadio
[01:05:15] <Thaumiel> Noir|X, sure
[01:05:19] <OutofMem> ziph just tell the people in bed .. winddown will come - promise ^^ 
[01:05:21] <Ffrenzy> lammet : erm.....you DO know that's a bot....do you ?
[01:05:21] <defiance> Noir|X, hehe. :-)
[01:05:23] <Squirrley> !8ball am i gettin tired?
[01:05:24] <SLAYRadio> Squirrley: Prospect looks bleak.
[01:05:24] <defiance> Noir|X, *cuddle*
[01:05:34] <Misser> Lammet take me to the slagther?
[01:05:47] <Lammet> Misser take me out?
[01:05:50] <Squirrley> !8ball is it Ziphoid's fault?
[01:05:50] <SLAYRadio> Squirrley: Prospect looks hopeful.
[01:05:56] * defiance cuddles ZiphOnAir too ;)
[01:05:56] <Misser> Lammet whine and dine ?
[01:05:57] <Ffrenzy> Slayradio : was Lammet kebab tasty yesterday
[01:05:59] <SLAYRadio> Ffrenzy: Prospect looks hopeful.
[01:06:05] <Lammet> Misser um, yeah
[01:06:07] <Misser> hmmmm thats a disturbing image :)
[01:06:10] <Dr-Duke> shut up!
[01:06:13] <Lammet> Ffrenzy ofcourse i was
[01:06:14] <Dr-Duke> *g*
[01:06:25] <Misser> fill the kebab with wine and then have a nice grill ;)
[01:06:27] <Lammet> what is ZiphOnAir talking about?
[01:06:32] <Noir|X> defiance, *cuddle more*
[01:06:34] <Squirrley> !8ball will Noir|X's back get better?
[01:06:34] <SLAYRadio> Squirrley: No.
[01:06:40] <OutofMem> lol
[01:06:43] <Noir|X> Haha so true!!
[01:06:45] <Ffrenzy> ZiphOnAir : he did a few too flagy bits in the mix, that's for sure. But as a whole it was good
[01:06:48] * Thaumiel bigs yawn
[01:06:52] <OutofMem> i will winddown ... big joke ^^
[01:06:57] <Misser> Lammet winddown is ehhh the mellow/smooth part of the show. which use to last for about 3 hours :)
[01:07:03] <Ffrenzy> flagy -> flangy
[01:07:05] <Thaumiel> Noir|X, surely it would get better after some massage
[01:07:13] <OutofMem> hehe
[01:07:13] <maxlevin> Ziph: How many stories high is the request-list right now?
[01:07:19] <Noir|X> Thaumiel: Maybe for a while..
[01:07:20] <Lammet> Misser haha no shit
[01:07:31] <ZiphOnAir> maxlevin: 3½ gazillion... ;)
[01:07:38] <Misser> Lammet no i'm not kidding you :)
[01:07:38] <Squirrley> !8ball did kamisori contribute toward Noir|X's sore back?
[01:07:39] <SLAYRadio> Squirrley: Prospect looks hopeful.
[01:07:40] * Dr-Duke thinks that while Thaumiel will be massaging that he's gonna steal Noirs teddy...
[01:07:44] <Thaumiel> Noir|X, well i have to give some more back rubs
[01:07:57] <Thaumiel> Dr-Duke, i'm not going to steal noirs teddy
[01:07:58] <Lammet> Misser You maybe aren't but I didn't understand a shit anyway :)
[01:07:58] * Blok thinmks no chance of getting a request played then :)
[01:07:59] <Ffrenzy> Lammet : ZiphOnAir once did a 10,5 hour show......but then he got called back by slaygon, and now he's on a 2:00 AM curfew
[01:08:05] <Blok> -m
[01:08:10] <Dr-Duke> Not you Thaumiel. Me! 
[01:08:10] <Squirrley> Noir|X:that 8ball knows its stuff!;)
[01:08:11] <Lammet> Ffrenzy HAHAHA
[01:08:30] <OutofMem> alot of new songs tonight .. quit different than usual .. like it ^^
[01:08:32] <Misser> Lammet heheh, soft slow tunes=winddown
[01:08:38] <Thaumiel> Dr-Duke, and you think you will be allowed into the tent?
[01:08:41] <Noir|X> *Noir's back goes like "knak knak and more knak"*
[01:08:41] <Lammet> Misser oh
[01:08:43] <ZiphOnAir> OutofMem: I try my best, you know... :)
[01:08:45] <Dr-Duke> Hm...
[01:08:49] <Lammet> Misser I hate when it goes slow :( 
[01:08:52] <Lammet> I like it hard ;)
[01:08:54] <Lammet> ^^
[01:09:02] <Noir|X> Squirrley: If you don't mind.. don't talk about Kamisori please.
[01:09:04] <OutofMem> ZIPH: Thumps up ^^
[01:09:05] <maxlevin> Lammet: Like gabber? :D
[01:09:22] <Squirrley> Noir|X:soz.no offence intended
[01:09:32] <Lammet> maxlevin like grabber, yes ;)
[01:09:35] <Dr-Duke> Thaumiel: When you are massaging Noir... none of you will take notice of a teddy which will be stolen... *hehe*
[01:09:44] <maxlevin> :9
[01:09:47] <Ffrenzy> misser :  i'll take aa 4-pack of coca-cola with me tomorrow...good ?
[01:09:48] <Misser> knak ?? did i see knak ? ahhhh unox :)
[01:09:58] <Misser> Ffrenzy always !
[01:10:07] <Thaumiel> Dr-Duke, i will give Noir|X a back rub. with the tent doors closed so i think i would notice that
[01:10:18] <OutofMem> ziph accidently started a winddownish song ... ^^ lol
[01:10:19] <Lammet> !BAd :)
[01:10:21] <Lammet> ops
[01:10:22] <Lammet> ^^
[01:10:22] <Kyoshin> No but seriously ZiphOnAir, you're a swell DJ :)
[01:10:23] <Dr-Duke> *hehe*
[01:10:24] <Misser> Lammet after every hard part it needs a slow part
[01:10:27] <Lammet> I need trocadero
[01:10:28] <Misser> *grin*
[01:10:33] * Misser shuts up
[01:10:34] <OutofMem> guess next one is a bummer to make us pay ^^
[01:10:35] <Lammet> Misser is that a rule? :(
[01:10:38] <Dr-Duke> a back rub.. aha... *g*
[01:10:49] <Misser> ahhh the great bath
[01:10:53] <ZiphOnAir> Thanx, Kyoshin... :)
[01:10:53] * Kyoshin gives the international award to ZiphOnAir for DJing
[01:10:54] <Ffrenzy> !np
[01:10:54] <SLAYRadio> Ffrenzy: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: Chris Huelsbeck - Turrican II - The Great Bath
[01:10:58] <Blok> Ahh the original :)
[01:11:02] <Misser> more water and rain thingy's frell you ZiphOnAir
[01:11:11] <Misser> but nice tune neverteless
[01:11:18] <Misser> never the less
[01:11:24] <Kyoshin> Boz lost the title without being able to fight for it..
[01:11:31] <Misser> damn time for some keyboard into the yakuzie time :)
[01:11:33] <Kyoshin> Which gave me an idea!
[01:11:34] * Noir|X thinks she gonna start to take bath instead of shower in future..
[01:11:41] <Kyoshin> The DJ showdown?
[01:11:48] <Lammet> =)
[01:11:49] <Kyoshin> ZiphOnAir, challenge Boz to a duel!
[01:11:50] * Blok thinks of firing up winuae :)
[01:11:55] * Lammet says muu
[01:11:57] <Dr-Duke> Noir: With or without a teddy?
[01:12:12] <Ffrenzy> Lammet : don't lambs go "baaaah" ?
[01:12:20] <OutofMem> sounds wierd but this sid'ish amigaish music sounds abit like art to me ... huge huge talents to this time of technology and lifestyle
[01:12:21] <Kyoshin> They go "Bäääh"
[01:12:21] <Noir|X> Dr-Duke: No wet Teddy, only Wet Noir ;)
[01:12:23] <Misser> Kyoshin thats what get your bollocks on air is al about. next one on august 3 20:00 cet 
[01:12:28] <ZiphOnAir> Kyoshin: Nah, too much good friendship there... :) You'll hear us at the same time soonish, yes...
[01:12:29] <Lammet> Ffrenzy lambs go on their legs
[01:12:31] <Lammet> usually
[01:12:40] <Marble_Ar> Noir|X: Baths makes good for a back that act up yes. 
[01:12:43] <Kyoshin> hehe
[01:12:50] <maxlevin> Noir: 8D-----^----l
[01:13:05] <Ffrenzy> Kyoshin : erm, here in the netherlands we don't use ä !
[01:13:11] <Kyoshin> Well, you lose.
[01:13:12] <Lammet> BÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ
[01:13:15] <Kyoshin> Everyone with a brain has Ä
[01:13:19] * OutofMem hmm nice part
[01:13:24] <Kyoshin> BÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ
[01:13:27] <Misser> Behhhhhhhhhhhhh en een accent grave ?
[01:13:27] <Blok> ZiphOnAir is this one on amiga remix ?
[01:13:30] <Misser> on the e ?
[01:13:32] <Noir|X> Marble_Ar: Yeah probably.. It's like months ago since I did take a bath last time.
[01:13:32] <ZiphOnAir> Blok: Yes it is...
[01:13:40] <Thaumiel> bathing is nice, but it's nothing i could do
[01:13:41] <Lammet> baaaaaaaeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhh
[01:13:43] <ZiphOnAir> Floaf?? No comment? ;)
[01:13:48] * Dr-Duke thinks Noir don't need to bath to get.... hell, what is that? A three-headed monkey!!
[01:13:49] <Ffrenzy> misser : only sparingly.....not in every letter on a serntence !
[01:13:53] <Kyoshin> I båten Gökade två Sälar
[01:13:54] * YOgI is away (Offline)
[01:13:54] <Blok> ZiphOnAir , thanx :)
[01:14:01] <Kyoshin> That's the best way to learn Swedish.
[01:14:06] <Misser> Ffrenzy no offcourse not that would mean rsi :)
[01:14:06] <Lammet> 'lol
[01:14:07] <Ffrenzy> <!-- no commment -->
[01:14:12] <Marble_Ar> Noir|X: I used to sleep a coupl of hours in the bath. When it got cold I knew it was time to refill with hot water. ;)
[01:14:24] <ZiphOnAir> Ffrenzy: Hey, you cheater. /* That WAS a comment! */
[01:14:26] <Noir|X> Marble_Ar: Hehe, sounds really nice..
[01:14:37] <Ffrenzy> { no comment again }
[01:14:44] <Thaumiel> Noir|X, don't you get restless when bathing in the bathtub?
[01:14:49] <Misser> sleep and sheep in a bath ? hmmmm  <!-- no commment -->
[01:14:50] <Kyoshin> Noir|X, if you shave your legs I hope you do it during a bath and not shower >_<
[01:14:56] <Marble_Ar> Noir|X: Well. Kinda looked like a raisin too, but that was well worth it. :)
[01:14:57] <Chappers> ok folks, too tired to carry on here, goodnight everyone :)
[01:15:04] <Ffrenzy> ZiphOnAir : are we going to "no comment" in all languages we know now ? ;
[01:15:05] <Chappers> bedtime it is :)
[01:15:06] <Ffrenzy> ;)
[01:15:07] <Thaumiel> night Chappers
[01:15:08] <OutofMem> n8 chappers ^^
[01:15:09] <Misser> nite chappers
[01:15:12] <Squirrley> Chappers.nite
[01:15:13] <Misser> sleep well
[01:15:19] <Noir|X> Kyoshin: Hm?
[01:15:19] <Wenchie> Nighty night Chappers :)
[01:15:26] <Ffrenzy> nite chappers
[01:15:29] <OutofMem> chappers.sendtobet(now);
[01:15:35] <Dr-Duke> Oh.. what do I hear? :)
[01:15:48] <Kyoshin> Isn't the comment quite self-explaining?
[01:15:51] <Chappers> thanks folks, see you soon :)
[01:15:55] * Chappers (~grimsby.9@cpc3-grim1-0-0-cust295.nott.cable.ntl.com) Quit
[01:16:01] <Misser> * no comment, time to get my but to the cold place :)
[01:16:02] <Ffrenzy> Kyoshin : well, not EVERYONE knows html
[01:16:03] <Noir|X> Thaumiel: Yeah I do.. I kinda are restless almost all the time.. never sitting still either
[01:16:18] <Misser> okay
[01:16:22] <Misser> gheees Kyoshin
[01:16:25] * Fang (fang@ Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds.)
[01:16:25] * bachler (rakahanga@ Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds.)
[01:16:27] <Misser> * time to get my but to the cold place :)
[01:16:31] <Thaumiel> Noir|X, that's my problem with bathing, i could never lay down and just relax
[01:16:31] <Misser> so better ? :)
[01:16:37] <ZiphOnAir> Misser: +t? ;)
[01:16:45] <Kyoshin> What did I do now?
[01:16:48] <Misser> ZiphOnAir it's not that big :)
[01:16:50] <Misser> is it ?
[01:16:53] <Noir|X> Thaumiel: Doesn't sound so fun.. I mean bathing feels really nice sometimes.
[01:16:53] <Kyoshin> I feel bad for something I have no idea what..
[01:16:54] <ZiphOnAir> Misser: Oh, but of course not... ;)
[01:16:59] <Ffrenzy> Misser : oh yes it is!
[01:17:12] <Ffrenzy> misser : and ZiphOnAir got a whole gallery of proof !
[01:17:18] <Misser> thats the things with butts, you don't see them just move them around ZiphOnAir :)
[01:17:26] <Misser> Ffrenzy ah the 2 whales
[01:17:30] <Misser> that was fun :)
[01:17:32] <OutofMem> lol
[01:17:34] <Thaumiel> Noir|X, i don't know, i usually sticks to showers, becouse i gets too bored when i'm in the bathtub
[01:17:37] <OutofMem> this is mean !
[01:17:48] <Kyoshin> Thaumiel, how can one get bored in the bathtub?
[01:17:49] * [1]herbac (~herbaculu@p5499D0E4.dip.t-dialin.net) has joined #SLAYRadio
[01:17:53] <Kyoshin> Can't you just THINK for a bit?
[01:17:54] <Kyoshin> >_<
[01:17:57] * ZiphOnAir sets mode: +v [1]herbac
[01:17:58] <Kyoshin> That's what I do
[01:18:02] * Noir|X demand herself to lie down instead of sitting
[01:18:05] <Noir|X> Thaumiel: Ah okay..
[01:18:06] * bachler (rakahanga@ has joined #SLAYRadio
[01:18:07] <Kyoshin> Think about everyone I'm annoyed at, how I'm gonna get back at them
[01:18:08] <Thaumiel> Kyoshin, i need somethings else to do
[01:18:12] <[1]herbac> Ah, I'm back! ;-)
[01:18:17] <defiance> ZiphOnAir, thanks for the show!
[01:18:19] <defiance> :D
[01:18:25] <Ffrenzy> !listeners
[01:18:26] <SLAYRadio> Ffrenzy: Current number of listeners on SLAY Radio: 142
[01:18:26] <ZiphOnAir> herbaculum: You look a bit different, though... ;)
[01:18:27] <Kyoshin> That's what I do all the time, think about people I'm annoyed at >_>;
[01:18:35] <ZiphOnAir> You're welcome, defiance... :) Thanx for listening...
[01:18:39] <Kyoshin> That way I'm almost never bored
[01:18:40] <Thaumiel> Noir|X, only way i would be able to take a shower if i got something to read or something else to do
[01:19:06] <Ffrenzy> Thaumiel : you READ in the shower ?
[01:19:09] * Fang (fang@ has joined #SLAYRadio
[01:19:10] <Kyoshin> haha
[01:19:11] <Kyoshin> xD
[01:19:13] <Misser> [1]herbac you done something with your hair ?
[01:19:17] <Kyoshin> Get a PC in the shower
[01:19:21] <Kyoshin> That's what some people do
[01:19:21] <Thaumiel> Ffrenzy, i mean in the bathtub
[01:19:25] <Noir|X> Thaumiel: Ah okay. Well I think bath and shower is much trouble and annyoing.. I guess I don't like it somehow :P
[01:19:27] <Dr-Duke> I prefer some fica in the shower
[01:19:28] <Thaumiel> i'm a bit tired now Ffrenzy
[01:19:28] <Kyoshin> IRC while in the shower.. grat
[01:19:31] <Kyoshin> great
[01:19:42] <Misser> !request idiot infomercial (prolly on't have it)
[01:19:47] <Ffrenzy> Thaumiel : aaah......i was thinking you read those plastic books for little children while in the shower ;)
[01:19:47] <Kyoshin> "Guys I'm gonna take a shower" "Okay, back"
[01:19:48] <Misser> +d
[01:19:52] <Ph0B1uS> ZiphOnAir, see. there are some non-bots listening :)
[01:19:54] <Thaumiel> shower is a fast thing to do, but bathing takes really long time to do
[01:20:03] <Thaumiel> Ffrenzy, i don think so :P
[01:20:05] <ZiphOnAir> Ph0B1uS: So it seems... ;)
[01:20:06] <[1]herbac> ZiphOnAir: Had some connection-problems... and now I'm twice here, it seems... *hm*
[01:20:08] <Squirrley> i'm going.need sleep!c ya.great show btw Ziphoid:)
[01:20:17] <Squirrley> bye all
[01:20:17] <Kyoshin> What!? Non-bots listen to SLAYradio!?!?!
[01:20:21] <Dr-Duke> !request Infomercial#3  - BT
[01:20:27] <Blok> Nite Squirrley :)
[01:20:31] <ZiphOnAir> 'nite Squirrley! Thanx!! :)
[01:20:33] <Ph0B1uS> Thaumiel, i agree.. being that ive only got a shower.. it takes AGES to fill the bathroom with water :)
[01:20:35] <Squirrley> Blok:c ya
[01:20:36] <Misser> Dr-Duke shower fica always good, just remember to step away from the hot water knob ;)
[01:20:40] <Kyoshin> Yes, I do
[01:20:40] <Misser> ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
[01:20:43] <ZiphOnAir> [1]herbac: A bit schizo, if you ask me... ;)
[01:20:45] <Misser> little white darts
[01:20:47] <Ffrenzy> you belive in massdebates
[01:20:48] <Kyoshin> Yeah, white dogs. right.
[01:20:50] <defiance> ZiphOnAir, oh.. not going off yet?
[01:20:51] <Thaumiel> Ph0B1uS, yer just sensitive :P
[01:20:51] <Squirrley> nite Ziphoid:)
[01:20:54] <Misser> you can scream for any old gaot
[01:20:55] <Kyoshin> Yep, I can
[01:20:58] <Squirrley> i'm off!
[01:20:58] <Kyoshin> Sara came!?
[01:20:59] <Dr-Duke> MIsser: *hehe*
[01:20:59] * defiance hums to fuzzylyrics
[01:21:01] * Squirrley (~Squirrley@80-192-48-181.cable.ubr02.glen.blueyonder.co.uk) Quit (Quit: SLAY Radio roxx.)
[01:21:02] <ZiphOnAir> defiance: Nah, 40 more mins... ;)
[01:21:02] <Kyoshin> Oh.. she came crashing in..
[01:21:03] <Ph0B1uS> Thaumiel, nah, impatient perhaps :)
[01:21:04] <Misser> sarah allready came crashing him
[01:21:05] <defiance> ZiphOnAir, awesome :D
[01:21:08] <Kyoshin> Closed arms around me..
[01:21:11] <[1]herbac> ;-)
[01:21:11] <Misser> can't keep up :)
[01:21:12] <Kyoshin> Yeah, I shoot sometimes..
[01:21:12] * herbaculu (~herbaculu@p5499D0E4.dip.t-dialin.net) Quit (Read error: Operation timed out.)
[01:21:20] <Kyoshin> Yep
[01:21:23] <Ffrenzy> everything i want is beeeer
[01:21:23] <Thaumiel> dammit when did the clock get so much
[01:21:24] <Kyoshin> Who is SARA!?
[01:21:25] <defiance> you believe in little wide arse :P
[01:21:28] <Kyoshin> And where did she crash!?
[01:21:34] <ShadowMan> this is not the same without Fuzzy...
[01:21:37] * Trinary (~jmayo@ppp113-154.static.internode.on.net) Quit (Read error: Operation timed out.)
[01:21:42] * [1]herbac is now known as herbaculu
[01:21:43] <Ffrenzy> ShadowMan : indeed
[01:21:50] <kyhwana> damnit
[01:21:53] <kyhwana> no fuzzy :(
[01:21:57] <Kyoshin> Please stop saying sara, Who is she anyway?
[01:21:58] <Kyoshin> Thanks..
[01:22:02] <Niknstien> kyhwana, :(
[01:22:07] <Noir|X> Thaumiel: Got work tomorrow?
[01:22:11] <Misser> you belive in open ars
[01:22:13] <Kyoshin> Closed.. as I said..
[01:22:16] <herbaculu> ZiphOnAir: Now I'm normal again! ;-)
[01:22:19] <Kyoshin> Yeah, they are cute.
[01:22:19] * ZiphOnAir feels proud that he's had live Fuzzy-comments from the kitchen of his apartment... :)
[01:22:20] <Misser> you belive in little white doves
[01:22:25] <Thaumiel> Noir|X, yeah, i got to go up 06:30 atleast
[01:22:27] <Misser> everything i want is a queer
[01:22:30] <ZiphOnAir> Welcome back to your normal self, herbaculum... :)
[01:22:31] <Misser> sarah allready came crashing him
[01:22:36] <Ffrenzy> ZiphOnAir : he must be a bloody fast typer !
[01:22:38] <Misser> damn to fast for me
[01:22:38] <Niknstien> ZiphOnAir, Some of the best ones on that day too :D
[01:22:40] * Dr-Duke shouts for FuzzyWolf
[01:22:43] <Noir|X> Thaumiel: That is really early..
[01:22:45] <Misser> Ffrenzy indeed
[01:22:48] <ZiphOnAir> Niknstien: Definately... ;)
[01:22:59] <ZiphOnAir> Ffrenzy: A bit, but then again, most often you're not, you know... ;)
[01:23:05] * Trinary (~jmayo@ppp113-154.static.internode.on.net) has joined #SLAYRadio
[01:23:06] <Misser> wb herbaculu
[01:23:07] <Niknstien> ZiphOnAir, Crab-Shaped grin is still my fave one :D
[01:23:12] * ZiphOnAir sets mode: +v Trinary
[01:23:16] <Thaumiel> Noir|X, i know, and i blame everything that's happend to today to be the reason why i'm not asleep yet ;)
[01:23:19] <Kyoshin> Misser, stop messing up what I hear >_<
[01:23:27] <Kyoshin> I hear dogs.
[01:23:30] <Noir|X> Thaumiel: Hehe ;)
[01:23:30] * kob0lt (~kobolt@ti300720a080-0998.bb.online.no) has left #SLAYRadio
[01:23:39] <Misser> Kyoshin lend my ears or get the fuzzy lyrics
[01:23:45] <Misser> much room to play with
[01:23:48] <Noir|X> Thaumiel: I guess you still will be here the last half hour?
[01:23:57] <Thaumiel> Noir|X, yeah i think so too
[01:23:59] <Marble_Ar> Fuzzywolf really have remade this song for us all.:)
[01:24:01] <Misser> you belive in mascara ?
[01:24:03] <Kyoshin> You believe in Magic cars!
[01:24:05] <Misser> believe
[01:24:06] <Ffrenzy> ZiphOnAir : i TRY to be a fast typer....hence a lot of errors in my typing ;)
[01:24:07] <Noir|X> Thaumiel: Okay :)
[01:24:20] * Hazel_ (~Hazel@0x3e42cda1.adsl.cybercity.dk) Quit (Quit: I quit I tell ya'..   I QUIT.....)
[01:24:25] <Kyoshin> Misser, he says "You believe in Magic Cars."
[01:24:29] <Kyoshin> Just a bit fuzzy.
[01:24:30] <Dr-Duke> *grr* Hazel you..
[01:24:30] <ZiphOnAir> Ffrenzy: Hehe, no sweat, mate... ;) I just love the fact that I mostly outdo you... ;)
[01:24:44] <Ffrenzy> ZiphOnAir : never knew it was a contest
[01:24:46] <Thaumiel> Noir|X, so what's your plans for tomorrow?
[01:24:50] <Misser> Kyoshin that what you hear, i hear masscara :)
[01:24:59] <Kyoshin> It can't be Mascara
[01:25:01] <ZiphOnAir> Ffrenzy: Me neither, but it's so funny that we tend to type on the same things SO often... :)
[01:25:02] <Ffrenzy> ZiphOnAir : but you outdo me only by a fraction, most of the times ;)
[01:25:04] <Kyoshin> Because he has another A
[01:25:07] <ZiphOnAir> Ffrenzy: I know... ;)
[01:25:12] <Kyoshin> So if anything close it has to be "Masacara"
[01:25:21] <Ffrenzy> ZiphOnAir : yup......i do that with Boz too.....hence the brother joke !
[01:25:31] * detonator (~petrus_tu@dsl-hpo-feebfb00-243.dhcp.inet.fi) has joined #SLAYRadio
[01:25:40] <ZiphOnAir> Ffrenzy: I kinda got that... ...which is not that surprising, since I AM his father, you know... ;)
[01:25:45] <Ffrenzy> ZiphOnAir : i really like it that Boz sticks to that joke.
[01:26:05] <Ffrenzy> ZiphOnAir : so......you are my father too !
[01:26:05] <Misser> ahhhh family bonding
[01:26:09] <Ffrenzy> AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH !
[01:26:09] * Kyoshin (UPP@c-9f27e055.630-1-64736c11.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se) Quit (Magic Spaceships floating down to object Earth! .11.«..09 UPP .11.»..)
[01:26:12] <Misser> in the winddown how cute
[01:26:12] <ZiphOnAir> Ffrenzy: I must be, yes... ;)
[01:26:26] <Lammet> would you like a fika?
[01:26:29] <Misser> ZiphOnAir thats another soul to your collection
[01:26:38] <Lammet> !request Dr.Fikalover - I Would Like a Fika (Swedish Holy Ground)
[01:26:45] <Misser> glad i got mine back with just a minor shopping spree frenzy :)
[01:26:50] <Ffrenzy> misser : he already pwned my soul.....the site, remember ?
[01:26:52] <Noir|X> Thaumiel: Well going home tomorrow.. I think I will.. hm, I kinda thinking about take a bath and just relax.
[01:26:53] <Ph0B1uS> good thing i got my soul back
[01:26:55] <Misser> ja frenzy niet Ffrenzy ;)
[01:27:02] * FuzzyByte (~fuzzybyte@a88-112-13-128.elisa-laajakaista.fi) Quit (Quit: bye.)
[01:27:05] <Misser> Ffrenzy but now totally
[01:27:12] <Thaumiel> Noir|X, sounds like a lovely day
[01:27:27] <Noir|X> Thaumiel: Yeah, I need it so..
[01:27:43] <Thaumiel> then you should do it
[01:27:44] <Ffrenzy> misser :  you lost your soul to ZiphOnAir the moment you touched that mic on the ziphoid on air show you were on !
[01:27:45] <defiance> For christs sake people, stop typing so much!
[01:27:54] <Ffrenzy> what
[01:27:56] <Ffrenzy> did 
[01:27:57] <Ffrenzy> you 
[01:27:58] <Ffrenzy> say ?
[01:27:59] <Misser> Noir|X did your bf come over allready or is it this monday ?
[01:28:00] <Ffrenzy> ;)
[01:28:04] <Thaumiel> defiance, go and play with bread insted :P
[01:28:16] <n3mo> nice...
[01:28:20] <Misser> Ffrenzy i don't recollect that
[01:28:25] <Blok> nice tune :)
[01:28:38] <Wenchie> ZiphOnAir: THank you :D:D:D
[01:28:40] <Noir|X> Misser: Me and Kamisori isn't together any longer..
[01:28:56] <Ph0B1uS> !request Andy Gilmour & Lman - Robocop title
[01:29:00] <ZiphOnAir> Wenchie: You're welcome, sweetie... :)
[01:29:02] <Thaumiel> sorry Wenchie, i missed that you where online *hugs*
[01:29:08] <Dr-Duke> Noir: Sorry to say that.. but I don't wonder..
[01:29:16] * Wenchie hugs Thaumiel :)
[01:29:23] <Misser> Stroganov [romain@dublin.com] <-- damn another jog scam thingy. Whats up lately?
[01:29:34] <Misser> *mumble*
[01:29:42] <Misser> job even
[01:29:51] * Fang (fang@ Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds.)
[01:30:00] <Misser> Noir|X ? but he was about to come over ?
[01:30:06] <Niknstien> !request LMan & Sunflower - BraveStarr
[01:30:12] <Misser> stupid
[01:30:13] <Misser> fat
[01:30:15] <Misser> hobbit
[01:30:23] <Ffrenzy> !tellme
[01:30:23] <SLAYRadio> Ffrenzy: They're taking the hobbits to Isengard! Tell me where is Gandalf, for I much desire to speak with him! http://home.planet.nl/~beekv044/TheyreTakingTheHobbitsToIsengard.wmv
[01:30:40] <Ph0B1uS> Misser, i get a lot of pre-approvals from universities.. good thing ive got a special place for them.. its called the "junk e-mail folder" :)
[01:31:18] <Ffrenzy> for some reason i only get 1 spam mail per 1 or 2 months, on my main account !
[01:31:32] <defiance> Thaumiel, bah! Watch it, I'll bring the moldy baguette1
[01:31:33] <defiance> !
[01:31:36] <Ph0B1uS> i get 1 or 2 occationally too
[01:31:45] <Niknstien> Ffrenzy, thats cos even spam companies hate you   ;)   *hugs*
[01:31:46] * [1]herbac (~herbaculu@p5499D0E4.dip.t-dialin.net) has joined #SLAYRadio
[01:31:48] <Thaumiel> defiance, for me? how cute of you ;P
[01:31:53] <defiance> Haha, of course ;)
[01:31:55] * bachler (rakahanga@ Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds.)
[01:31:57] * defiance pokes Noir|X 
[01:31:58] <Misser> Ph0B1uS indeed, but you'll have look at them never the less. Lately that job thingy and that stockmarket thing get's true. Prollu needs a few days to update the rbls
[01:32:03] <Ffrenzy> just don't use your main account to register on sites....use a hotmail account for that
[01:32:03] <Noir|X> Misser: Right, he have beeing here since Monday.. Where at my place for two days and now living at grax's place.
[01:32:08] * Noir|X pokes defiance
[01:32:19] <n3mo> luvs the disolve in this #
[01:32:24] * Lammet (~Lammet@s200h50o1tcm9.dyn.tyfon.se) Quit (Read error: Operation timed out.)
[01:32:30] * Fang (fang@ has joined #SLAYRadio
[01:32:36] <Misser> Noir|X ahah okay, i got it right at the start of the week then
[01:32:39] <n3mo> thus it ended...
[01:32:42] * Thaumiel pokes defiance and Noir|X
[01:32:48] <Ph0B1uS> Misser, i can safely delete 99% of every english language-mail that enters my realm :)
[01:32:51] <Noir|X> Thaumiel, defiance: talking about breadsex again hm? ;)
[01:32:58] <Misser> Noir|X so it kinda ended irl ?
[01:32:58] <[1]herbac> ... and back again. Damn connection problems!
[01:33:02] <Thaumiel> Noir|X, we would never ;)
[01:33:05] * bachler (rakahanga@ has joined #SLAYRadio
[01:33:10] * ZiphOnAir sets mode: +v [1]herbac
[01:33:15] <ZiphOnAir> Anyone knows this one?
[01:33:22] <maxlevin> no
[01:33:25] <Ph0B1uS> nah
[01:33:26] <defiance> Noir|X, yup. Wanna join! ;)
[01:33:26] <Misser> Ph0B1uS lucky you, if only i got that option :)
[01:33:28] <defiance> ? even.
[01:33:31] <Noir|X> Misser: Yeah, I did break up with him, because i didn't feelt the same for him as he did for me.
[01:33:34] <defiance> I'm still not sober.. -_-
[01:33:43] <Ph0B1uS> Misser, i can show you how to do it if you like :)
[01:33:46] * Noir|X start to hit defiance with a stekpanna
[01:33:47] <Thaumiel> defiance, well i could fix that for you..
[01:33:54] <Floaf> !np
[01:33:55] <SLAYRadio> Floaf: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: Burkhard Dallwitz - It's A Life
[01:34:09] * Thaumiel takes forward the biggest kitchen knife he can find
[01:34:20] <Thaumiel> defiance, which toe was it now again?
[01:34:21] <Floaf> Always :-)
[01:34:22] <Lumpio-> Aaah, Truman Show.
[01:34:23] <defiance> Noir|X, hahah, thanks much. :)
[01:34:24] <Lumpio-> Sounded familiar
[01:34:27] <Lumpio-> Good movie, that
[01:34:28] <defiance> Thaumiel, HAHA! Left bigtoe >_<
[01:34:36] <Thaumiel> ok :)
[01:34:36] <ZiphOnAir> Lumpio-: Definately, yes. :) Nice soundtrack as well...
[01:34:41] <Misser> Noir|X ah okay, everything at least a bit fine after that ?
[01:34:42] <Lumpio-> Yeah :p
[01:34:43] <Niknstien> ZiphOnAir, Hehe Cheers Matey :D  Much Apreciated   :D
[01:35:11] <Thaumiel> defiance, so i'm allowed to cut it off now?
[01:35:11] <Misser> Ph0B1uS thanks but i got a lot of english work related emails
[01:35:24] <ZiphOnAir> You're welcome, Niknstien... :)
[01:35:27] <Misser> yeah even at private email i know. sick :(
[01:35:29] <Ph0B1uS> Misser, hehe i figured :)
[01:35:41] <defiance> Thaumiel, hahaha, NO! :P
[01:35:46] <Ph0B1uS> Misser, i dont get a lot of mails at all
[01:35:58] <Noir|X> Misser: Well, kinda of.. But It will be worked out.. I guess.
[01:36:01] <Thaumiel> defiance, well why did ye tell me which toe it was then
[01:36:08] <Niknstien> ZiphOnAir, :D  AWESOME tune :D
[01:36:08] <defiance> Thaumiel, you asked? :P
[01:36:15] * herbaculu (~herbaculu@p5499D0E4.dip.t-dialin.net) Quit (Read error: Operation timed out.)
[01:36:17] <Misser> Ph0B1uS i filter about 200+ a day, and thats just my private domain !
[01:36:18] <Thaumiel> defiance ah :)
[01:36:22] <ZiphOnAir> Niknstien: Without a doubt, YES! :)
[01:36:28] <Ph0B1uS> Misser, arent we popular
[01:36:30] * Noir|X giggles and thinking that Thaumiel and defiance are funny
[01:36:31] <Dr-Duke> Noir: You are on your way... 
[01:36:51] <Misser> Ph0B1uS easy targets more likey, but not blonde
[01:36:51] <maxlevin> what's she singing?
[01:36:55] <andrewf> !np
[01:36:55] <SLAYRadio> andrewf: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: Harry Gregson-Williams - Evacuating London
[01:36:57] <Thaumiel> defiance, but you know the reason why i asked, so why did you answer it?
[01:36:59] <Ph0B1uS> haha
[01:37:01] <andrewf> niice
[01:37:05] * Fang (fang@ Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds.)
[01:37:06] <Noir|X> Dr-Duke: Well, I did leave home because i needed to relax from everything.
[01:37:11] <Misser> Noir|X *hug* girlfriend, it will be allright
[01:37:31] <Misser> Noir|X we'll get dimmi to prepare some of that puke drinks for use then :)
[01:37:36] <Dr-Duke> Noir: No, you don't understand what I mean...
[01:37:46] <Noir|X> Misser: Haha yeah.. :)
[01:37:55] <Thaumiel> Misser, may i watch?
[01:37:55] <Noir|X> Dr-Duke: Tell me what you are talking about then
[01:38:07] * bachler (rakahanga@ Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds.)
[01:38:18] <Dr-Duke> Just what I said. :) You're on your way...
[01:38:45] * Fang (fang@ has joined #SLAYRadio
[01:38:51] <Noir|X> Dr-Duke: You know, I don't like when people makes me confused. I don't get it what you mean by that
[01:38:59] * bachler (rakahanga@ has joined #SLAYRadio
[01:39:14] <Misser> Thaumiel depends on what you think you get to watch :)
[01:39:37] <Ffrenzy> AGONY !!!!
[01:39:38] * Lammet (~Lammet@s200h50o1tcm9.dyn.tyfon.se) has joined #SLAYRadio
[01:39:41] <Dr-Duke> Noir: I know it sounds strange to you ;) But never mind. Just some thoughts from me
[01:39:42] <Misser> ahhhhhhhh
[01:39:46] <Misser> damn
[01:39:57] <Misser> !renick Lammet not kebab related
[01:40:00] <Dr-Duke> Noir: Don't want to confuse you
[01:40:02] * Misser gets hungry
[01:40:13] <Thaumiel> Misser, you drinking dimmig's strange alcoholic beverages
[01:40:13] <chip-pwl> ok, now I seriously have to buy this album... this tune owns
[01:40:26] <Ffrenzy> i love the part when the orchestra kicks in....too bad the tunes almost over then/
[01:40:27] <Dr-Duke> !np
[01:40:29] <SLAYRadio> Dr-Duke: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: Tim Wright - Agony
[01:40:34] <Misser> Thaumiel ahhh always, jsut get gollem there for the icky bits :)
[01:40:38] <Misser> just
[01:40:39] <Thaumiel> sure
[01:40:50] <Thaumiel> defiance, you bring gollum with you down?
[01:40:56] * Blok wonders if Ziphoid has finished his review of this album :)
[01:41:02] <Noir|X> Dr-Duke: Hm, ok..
[01:41:10] <ZiphOnAir> Blok: Almost. A couple of more things to write. :)
[01:41:27] <Thaumiel> Noir|X, some fresh air to clear yer mind?
[01:41:35] <ZiphOnAir> Blok: It's a quite thorough review. I think I must've listened carefully to the album 20 times or more now... *S* ALL the tracks...
[01:42:00] <Noir|X> Thaumiel: Almost needed.. and my back even hurt when I lie down, special when I try to relax
[01:42:01] * Gulrak is back from a very long phone session.
[01:42:16] <Blok> ZiphOnAir , at least it wil be an indepth review then :)
[01:42:32] <Ffrenzy> ZiphOnAir : where's the review going to be posted ?
[01:42:36] <ZiphOnAir> Blok: Definately.
[01:42:41] <Thaumiel> Noir|X, if i was in uppsala now, i would give ye the backrub
[01:42:45] <ZiphOnAir> Ffrenzy: It'll be the official Remix64 review...
[01:42:50] <Misser> ZiphOnAir i'm currious to the final result
[01:42:50] <Noir|X> Thaumiel: Yeah I know..
[01:42:57] <Ffrenzy> ZiphOnAir : aaah
[01:42:58] <ZiphOnAir> Misser: So am I... ;)
[01:43:07] <Misser> ZiphOnAir but isn't it your holliday in a bit?
[01:43:16] <Misser> either finish it or leave it till after.
[01:43:22] <Misser> holliday=holliday!!
[01:43:23] <ZiphOnAir> Misser: It's on now, actually... ...even though I have a bit more stuff to write...
[01:43:50] <Noir|X> This piano song does almost sounds like one of dimmu borgir's tune.. well some part of this does
[01:44:02] * Misser does another some
[01:44:04] <Dr-Duke> Noir: The only one, which confuses you, is just yourself.
[01:44:11] <Misser> 15 minutes left + some overhead time
[01:44:15] <Misser> let's say 20 :)
[01:44:19] * [1]herbac is now known as herbaculu
[01:44:28] <ZiphOnAir> Misser: ;) So many good tracks, so little time...
[01:44:39] <Noir|X> Dr-Duke: What? Would it bother you, to tell me what the hell you where talking about earlier?
[01:44:40] <Misser> damn, i'm going to be in so much trouble later ;)
[01:44:45] <Misser> ZiphOnAir indeed
[01:44:45] * Noir|X sigh
[01:44:55] * ZIlord (SLAYRadioJ@h210n4c1o994.bredband.skanova.com) Quit (Quit: SLAY Radio roxx.)
[01:45:01] <Misser> work is fine, just the bite it takes out of the spare time
[01:45:25] <Misser> !request do i have to ask for yie 2 ?
[01:45:48] <Lammet> where do I enter the false serialcode to mIRC that I have stolen??????
[01:46:20] <kyhwana> lol
[01:46:22] <Misser> *hug* Noir|X, dunno what to say over internet thingy. But we'll talk a bit in GBG
[01:46:24] <Brad-CA> you enter it in the incorrect registration field
[01:46:38] <Lammet> And where do I find it?
[01:46:44] <Lammet> ^^
[01:46:54] * Misser adopted Noir|X for a while, my little sis :)
[01:47:11] * Noir|X smiles
[01:47:26] <Ph0B1uS> radio != warez
[01:47:28] <Misser> better than my 10 years older little brother who is like 2.02 meters and me just 1.84 :)
[01:47:29] <Brad-CA> look up the help and search for -> enter stolen serial code
[01:47:37] <Misser> Noir|X goodie thats a start
[01:47:52] <Lammet> oh
[01:47:52] <Dr-Duke> Noir: By your reaction I feel that the time is not right now, to talk about that any further... Never mind and never take it as a bad thing from me. Maybe you'll see later... a few more years later maybe... :)
[01:47:56] <Lammet> found it ^^
[01:48:18] * Noir|X is getting really annoying right now.
[01:48:37] <Misser> Noir|X nooooooooooooooooooo don't take it out on teddy !!!
[01:48:45] <Noir|X> Misser: Haha..
[01:48:55] <Brad-CA> make sure to sumbit your valid email address to the publisher so they can grab you by your dishonest balls
[01:49:07] <Noir|X> Dr-Duke: Seriously.. Stop write to me like that.. if you can't be clear about stuffs
[01:49:12] <Marble_Ar> Hm.. Why do I feel like Makkes Madballs oughtta come after that? Must be some LAY Radio thingy...
[01:49:20] <n3mo> lullabyebye.. :))
[01:49:23] <Dr-Duke> Noir: I will...
[01:49:25] <Gulrak> ZiphOnAir: I love your wind-downs! (c:
[01:49:31] <Lammet> I got the 1.6.0 version of mIRC now.. If I get a newer one will I lose everything then?
[01:49:34] <Noir|X> Dr-Duke: Thanks..
[01:49:34] <Lammet> Information?
[01:49:37] <Lumpio-> Yay! Angel Room!
[01:49:42] <Ph0B1uS> !np
[01:49:43] <SLAYRadio> Ph0B1uS: Current show: Ziphoid - On Air. Now playing: Akira Yamaoka Ft. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn - Room of Angel (Silent Hill 4)
[01:49:46] <ZiphOnAir> Gulrak: Thanx, mate... :) You got your private one here as well... :)
[01:50:00] <maxlevin> Noir: Played the Silent Hill-games yet?
[01:50:13] <Marble_Ar> And I seriously gotta fix a new KB. Without the silly windowsbuttons..
[01:50:13] <Noir|X> maxlevin: If someone could buy me them, I would.
[01:50:31] <maxlevin> Ok, you got PayPal? :9
[01:50:36] * Noir|X singing
[01:50:54] <Noir|X> maxlevin: No..
[01:50:59] <Misser> damned ZiphOnAir i'm still in the hot place
[01:51:09] <Lammet> aw :(
[01:51:10] <ZiphOnAir> Misser: Hehe, I'll soon let you go to bed... ;)
[01:51:11] <OutofMem> ZIPH: dont you get trouble with slaygon for playing commercials ??? ^^
[01:51:15] * Misser needs to make tracks to get at the laptop now
[01:51:25] <ZiphOnAir> OutofMem: This one's not really in that sense, actually...
[01:51:32] * Chtulu loves this tune
[01:51:38] <OutofMem> okay this ONE but ... ^^
[01:51:44] <Chtulu> ZiphOnAir: where can I get a copy of this tune?
[01:51:54] <Ph0B1uS> good show so far ZiphOnAir. im not expecting you to fuck it up but its a figure of speech :)
[01:51:55] <Ffrenzy> ZiphOnAir : well....this IS from a commercial OST, isn't it ?
[01:52:10] <ZiphOnAir> Chtulu: There'll a lot of links out there... Google... :)
[01:52:11] <Misser> ZiphOnAir i was actually counting on a 30 minuts ac luv ;)
[01:52:13] <ZiphOnAir> Ffrenzy: It is, yes...
[01:52:13] * n3mo adds some volume... *chills* and huggles Noir|X
[01:52:21] <Misser> moving
[01:52:22] <Noir|X> Chtulu: I got this tune, but at home
[01:52:25] <ZiphOnAir> Ph0B1uS: Thanx a lot... ;)
[01:52:41] * Noir|X huggles n3mo
[01:52:47] * Misser is away getting to the nice sweet sleeping place
[01:52:47] * Misser is now known as MisserAFK
[01:52:50] <Ph0B1uS> ZiphOnAir, :)
[01:52:54] <OutofMem> ZIPH: you dont try to talk it right - right ^^ ... slaygon may not so forgiven like we are - lol
[01:52:56] <Ph0B1uS> nite MisserAFK 
[01:53:00] <Noir|X> Sleep well Misser *cuddles, smooches*
[01:53:10] <OutofMem> n8 misser
[01:53:12] <herbaculu> Good night, Misser!
[01:53:12] <Gulrak> nite Misser
[01:53:24] <n3mo> nite misser :)) *late*
[01:53:27] <Blok> Nite Misser :)
[01:53:34] <ZiphOnAir> OutofMem: Hehehe... ;)
[01:53:35] <Lammet> "Do you want to remove Boz?"
[01:53:37] <Lammet> O.O
[01:53:37] <Brad-CA> see ya misser
[01:53:45] <OutofMem> ^^
[01:53:56] <Lammet> hmf
[01:54:13] <OutofMem> man iam in love with that voice ^^
[01:54:18] <Lammet> I think im gonna play hl2dm
[01:54:32] <Blok> ZiphOnAir , sounds like i missed a great show :)
[01:54:35] <Dr-Duke> *bows*
[01:54:36] <n3mo> |))
[01:54:42] <OutofMem> blok: YOU BET ^^
[01:54:59] * Noir|X is kinda restless
[01:55:03] <Lammet> many great tunes
[01:55:08] <Blok> OutofMem , had important things to take care of :)
[01:55:10] <OutofMem> would be a good ending song for the show with the goodbye at the end ^^
[01:55:14] <Noir|X> Thaumiel: Still there?
[01:55:30] <OutofMem> Blok: more important than this - get out of town ^^ :)
[01:55:55] * Misser (~misser@ip5-128-211-87.adsl2.versatel.nl) has joined #SLAYRadio
[01:55:58] <Blok> Still think this is a superb tune 
[01:56:07] <ZiphOnAir> re Misser
[01:56:07] <ZiphOnAir> :)
[01:56:08] <Misser> wow actually made it
[01:56:10] <Blok> OutofMem :)
[01:56:13] * honk99 (~xyz@p54BA3CC9.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer.)
[01:56:17] <Misser> hureyyy for stream lag
[01:56:30] <OutofMem> ^^
[01:56:31] <Marble_Ar> ZiphOnAir: Nice show. thanks for making the Thursday less boring. :)
[01:56:39] <n3mo> wb Misser ;) not all away yet ;)
[01:56:49] <ZiphOnAir> Thanx a lot, Marble_Ar... :) I DO enjoy doing this as well, you know... :)
[01:56:53] <OutofMem> misser missed us eh?
[01:57:06] <Misser> n3mo no in the nice cold place called bedroom :)
[01:57:07] <Blok> ZiphOnAir , can hardly wait for the d/l to be available :)
[01:57:07] <Marble_Ar> ZiphOnAir: :)
[01:57:21] <ZiphOnAir> Blok: It'll be ready in a bit... :)
[01:57:34] <Ph0B1uS> Blok, so you can listen to it during makkes show right? :)
[01:57:42] <Misser> Blok wait for that little thingy in the tream :)
[01:57:54] <Misser> Ph0B1uS hahaha
[01:57:55] <OutofMem> phob: ggod one ^^
[01:57:58] <Blok> ZiphOnAir , Cool 
[01:58:05] <n3mo> Misser: ghee, i wish my bedroom were cold, but's an oven.. actually all crib is.. ´:P
[01:58:06] <Ph0B1uS> hehe
[01:58:09] <Brad-CA> gotta go now folks.........see ya all later
[01:58:17] <Blok> Ph0B1uS , Lol :)
[01:58:21] <Ph0B1uS> bye Brad-CA  have a good one
[01:58:24] <OutofMem> n8 brad-ca
[01:58:26] <Lammet> ZiphOnAir FIKA
[01:58:31] <Lammet> ZiphOnAir FIKA
[01:58:31] <Blok> Nite Brad_CA
[01:58:37] <Brad-CA> later guys :)
[01:58:37] <Thog> nice show
[01:58:38] <OutofMem> yeah a good one but not TOO big ^
[01:58:41] <n3mo> nite Brad-CA :)
[01:58:50] <herbaculu> ZiphOnAir: That was - and is - a nice show, thanks. And thanks for playing my request! ;-)
[01:58:56] <Misser> n3mo it's nice and cool now, but it makes a lot of noise and eats power like a hungry beast
[01:58:58] <Lammet> =D
[01:58:58] <Brad-CA> I'm not goin' to bed nemo...just goin'home :)
[01:59:00] <Dr-Duke> Have a good night Brad! :)
[01:59:01] <ZiphOnAir> Thanx a lot for listening, herbaculum... :)
[01:59:03] <chip-pwl> if Brad is going to bed now he's a very early sleeper :)
[01:59:08] <Misser> ahhh no yie ar kungfu 2 also ?? :(
[01:59:11] * Brad-CA (~B@rrcs-67-52-168-118.west.biz.rr.com) Quit
[01:59:18] <Misser> well request time in a bit
[01:59:19] <Marble_Ar> !nextshow
[01:59:19] <SLAYRadio> Marble_Ar: Next show: Makke - The Noble Way - Monday July 24th, 20:00 CET (USRT - Universal SLAY Radio Time or GMT+1)
[01:59:22] <chip-pwl> must be something like 17 there or so
[01:59:23] <Misser> and then zzz for me
[01:59:31] <Niknstien> ZiphOnAir, Excelent show as ever matey :D
[01:59:35] * Misser is getting to old for this shit :)
[01:59:44] <Lammet> Great show ZiphOnAir
[01:59:51] <Ph0B1uS> ZiphOnAir, as said before.. goood show and i was present and listened to the stream the whole time except for when i was feeding tha cat, y'know :)
[02:00:08] <Misser> ZiphOnAir it was a pleasure to listen passive to your show again
[02:00:18] * pkf (~p@ame250.internetdsl.tpnet.pl) Quit (Leaving.)
[02:00:18] <ZiphOnAir> Thanx a lot for your kind words, you all... :) I'll actually play two more songs before leaving you... ;)
[02:00:19] <Misser> shame i missed the one while in germany
[02:00:23] <ShadowMan> 3
[02:00:24] <ShadowMan> 2
[02:00:25] <ShadowMan> 1
[02:00:26] * ShadowMan (~ShadowMan@adsl-82-141-117-48.kotinet.com) Quit (Quit: SLAY Radio roxx.)
[02:00:29] <Ph0B1uS> hehe
[02:00:31] <Lammet> :D:D
[02:00:34] <Marble_Ar> Hmm.. Makkes show is on air quite often for a biweekly thingie. Kinda reminds me of some dude. Ziphoid I think he was. Supposed to have a biweekly too.. ;)
[02:00:47] * JesDK (Jes@0x535f8d55.abnxx5.adsl-dhcp.tele.dk) has joined #slayradio
[02:00:51] <Misser> Marble_Ar heheheh
[02:00:52] <OutofMem> ^^
[02:00:56] <ZiphOnAir> Marble_Ar: Well, Makke IS on biweekly so far... ;)
[02:00:58] <Ph0B1uS> hmm
[02:00:59] <Lammet> I don't understand where you get all this background music from : )
[02:01:01] <Gulrak> Yeah, thanks ZiphOnAir, your show is the reason I can't wait till it's thursday. :-)
[02:01:08] * xrayz (~x@62-31-17-9.cable.ubr02.shef.blueyonder.co.uk) has joined #SLAYRadio
[02:01:11] <Gulrak> Was a pleasure again. (c:
[02:01:11] <ZiphOnAir> Gulrak: :) Good to hear...
[02:01:15] <Ffrenzy> Marble_Ar : erm.....makke has been on every two weeks....that's bi-weekly, isn't it ?
[02:01:26] <Misser> Marble_Ar forget about the impromptu's and it's kinda forthnight show thingy
[02:01:32] * JesDK is now known as Jes_
[02:01:46] <n3mo> Well.. I missed teh start :-/ , but what i've heard till now has been great ZiphOnAir :)) Thanks for the show! *bows humbly and swims back in his aquarium*
[02:01:47] <Marble_Ar> ZiphOnAir: Have I missed a week or what? Wasn't he on this Mon? I gotta keep track of the days I think.
[02:01:58] <Blok> Yaay
[02:01:59] <ZiphOnAir> Marble_Ar: Nope. Not this monday... :)
[02:02:00] <Dr-Duke> My fucking god John..
[02:02:12] <ZiphOnAir> n3mo: I can still find you, mate... ;)
[02:02:12] <Dr-Duke> What the hell happened there over at RP?
[02:02:17] <Marble_Ar> Hm. What the h**l have I been doing for a week then?
[02:02:20] <ZiphOnAir> Dr-Duke: Chaos, to say the least...
[02:02:23] <Dr-Duke> *tz*
[02:02:36] <Misser> ahh oaster
[02:02:45] <Dr-Duke> Oohhh... how I love the love that's around here.. *g*
[02:02:51] <n3mo> *bubble bobble* :))
[02:03:01] <Lammet> baah :)
[02:03:09] <Ph0B1uS> by reyn oehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan
[02:03:12] <Misser> now let me set the alarmclock before i forget it again, can't have that now 
[02:03:20] <Misser> fiddle
[02:03:23] <Misser> miss
[02:03:25] <Misser> fiddle
[02:03:27] <Dr-Duke> By reading that from DJ Sky.... I'm really getting afraid of Manuel.
[02:03:28] <Misser> ahhh done it
[02:03:48] <Misser> 07:00 that might be even doable
[02:04:02] <Blok> Misser , thanks for reminding me to switch off my alarm clock :)
[02:04:06] <Misser> hanna !
[02:04:12] <mxlews> yes, thanks ZiphOnAir!
[02:04:12] <Misser> indeed ZiphOnAir
[02:04:15] <Marble_Ar> Alarm clock? What is that? :)
[02:04:21] <Misser> Blok welcome
[02:04:31] <Blok> Misser :)
[02:04:33] <Lammet> :)
[02:04:39] <OutofMem> N88!!!
[02:04:40] <Misser> enjoy your vacation ZiphOnAir and have a good BD
[02:04:49] <ZiphOnAir> Thanx a lot, Misser! :)
[02:04:50] <Marble_Ar> ^^
[02:04:52] <xrayz> bugger - did i catch the tail end of the show again....?
[02:04:54] <Ffrenzy> ZiphOnAir : good show as always...DAD ;)
[02:05:03] <Ph0B1uS> aye happy 10 years older than me day :)
[02:05:08] <Ffrenzy> HANNAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaa................aaaaaaaah ! <splonge>
[02:05:09] <Dr-Duke> Thanks alot for a fucking good show and beeing on again for us John! :)
[02:05:10] <ZiphOnAir> Ffrenzy: Why thank you, my dear son. ;)
[02:05:15] <Misser> ZiphOnAir welcome, now do try to enjoy it and let work behind you !!
[02:05:18] <chip-pwl> ZiphOnAir: excellent show Ziph, nice flow through the entire thing
[02:05:34] * Noir|X megasmoochsnuggles ZiphOnAir
[02:05:38] <OutofMem> great show as always ^^
[02:05:40] <ZiphOnAir> Misser: I'll do my best, but it's not easy... :)
[02:05:43] <Lammet> Great show ZiphOnAir : D
[02:05:48] <ZiphOnAir> Thanx, chip-pwl... :)
[02:05:51] <maxlevin> Nice show Ziphoid, as per usual
[02:05:53] <Lammet> The first show I hear from you : )
[02:05:56] <Misser> ZiphOnAir i know, best is all one can do
[02:06:00] * ZiphOnAir smoochycoochysnugglehuggles Noir|X
[02:06:12] <ZiphOnAir> Misser: ...and I'm doing it, I hope... :)
[02:06:13] * Misser *hugs* ziphy
[02:06:26] <ZiphOnAir> Lammet: I'm glad you liked it. :)
[02:06:35] <Lammet> Liked? Loved!
[02:06:37] * herbaculu has to go to sleep
[02:06:38] <Blok> ZiphOnAir , All i can comment  on was the last hour or so , sounded great though :)
[02:06:38] <herbaculu> Good night to all!
[02:06:39] * ZiphOnAir *hugs* Misser in a manly way. :)
[02:06:40] <Dr-Duke> You're doing a very good thing Ziphoid! But.. watch for yourself! :)
[02:06:45] <Noir|X> Night herbaculu :)
[02:06:45] <Ph0B1uS> nite herbaculu 
[02:06:46] <Ffrenzy> Lammet : even the smooth bit ? 
[02:06:52] * OutofMem waves to all a dear goodnight ^^
[02:06:52] * Rhapsody (Rhapsody@CPE000c41c15402-CM013459903130.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) Quit (Read error 54: Connection reset by peer.)
[02:06:53] * Noir|X hugs herbaculu
[02:06:53] <Lammet> Ffrenzy it was ok ;)
[02:06:54] <ZiphOnAir> Dr-Duke: Oh? Am I being my worst enemy? ;)
[02:06:55] * Gulrak smooches herbaculum.
[02:07:02] <Blok> Nite Herbaculum
[02:07:03] <ZiphOnAir> Sleep tight, herbaculum! *hugs*
[02:07:05] <OutofMem> see you all next show ... good night ^^
[02:07:08] <Dr-Duke> Ziph: Maybe!? :)
[02:07:08] <ZiphOnAir> fairy
[02:07:11] <Lammet> But I love his sexy voice ;) thats why
[02:07:18] <ZiphOnAir> *S* Oops.. Wrong keyboard...
[02:07:31] <OutofMem> <ctrl-alt-del>
[02:07:31] <Misser> nite herbaculu and Gulrak
[02:07:32] <Ph0B1uS> nite OutofMem 
[02:07:33] * OutofMem (~OutofMem@p54AAA71C.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) Quit (Quit: SLAY Radio roxx.)
[02:07:36] * herbaculu (~herbaculu@p5499D0E4.dip.t-dialin.net) Quit ( *Zzzz*.)
[02:07:50] <Misser> ZiphOnAir ahh goodie, nice deo also :)
[02:07:57] <Marble_Ar> ZiphOnAir: Everyone is their own worst enemy. 
[02:07:59] <Ffrenzy> i soooo live this tune....
[02:08:03] <Ffrenzy> live -> love
[02:08:20] <Gulrak> Well actually, I'll have to wait some hours to see my herbaculum again.
[02:08:37] * ztanz (ztanz@ztanz.campus.luth.se) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer.)
[02:08:38] * ztanz- (ztanz@ztanz.campus.luth.se) has joined #SLAYRadio
[02:08:40] <Lammet> where do I enter the "quit text?" when I quit I want a text
[02:08:43] * maxlevin (SLAYRadioJ@e0177.cust.networksab.com) Quit (Quit: SLAY Radio roxx.)
[02:08:46] <Lammet> ^^
[02:08:49] * ZiphOnAir will be back in a bit... Some fiddling to do...
[02:08:50] * Noir|X pokes Thaumiel
[02:08:58] <Noir|X> Thaumiel: Still alive?
[02:08:58] * Rhapsody (Rhapsody@CPE000c41c15402-CM013459903130.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #slayradio
[02:09:08] <Ph0B1uS> Lammet,  /quit  text
[02:09:13] <Lammet> oh =)
[02:09:14] <Lammet> thanks
[02:09:16] <Misser> Ffrenzy hanna does better whoeeeeeeeeeees irl :)
[02:09:34] <Gulrak> *lol*
[02:09:44] <Lammet> back to Machinae Supremacy now... MS - Arcade
[02:09:49] <Lammet> yummy
[02:09:51] <Misser> plop there it was ?!?!
[02:10:02] <n3mo> *luvs* hannahs voice.. indeed nice.. Soooo... *sigh* :))
[02:10:23] <chip-pwl> oh, shrek :)
[02:10:35] * Ffrenzy imagines frogs and snakes floating away in the wind....and birds exploding !
[02:10:39] * Lammet is now known as THElamb
[02:11:05] <Misser> n3mo the fun thing is that hanna doesn't know that she got so much 'fans' 
[02:11:08] <Gulrak> I met her only once, and I was to shy to really say more along the lines of "thanks for the great show, may I have an autograph?" *g*
[02:11:31] * n3mo finds his seabed, and rests... :)
[02:11:39] <Misser> Gulrak hahah
[02:11:39] <Marble_Ar> !np
[02:11:41] <SLAYRadio> Marble_Ar: Now playing on SLAY Radio: .Ferrara & PBS & DCS - Test Drive II - The Duel. [115 listeners]
[02:11:45] <THElamb> revoluuuution
[02:11:56] <Ffrenzy> ok.....and now i'm off... Misser, see you tomorrow. Everyone else, see you on Monday !
[02:12:09] <THElamb> bye Ffrenzy
[02:12:09] <THElamb> :(
[02:12:10] <Marble_Ar> nite Ffrenzy :)
[02:12:15] <Ph0B1uS> bye Ffrenzy  take care
[02:12:16] <n3mo> nite Ffrenzy :)
[02:12:18] * Blok goes to make a quick cuppa and some toast , brb :)
[02:12:20] <Gulrak> Well, truth is, I did not really ask her, I was speaking with Visa Röster together at the CRC2005. (c:
[02:12:22] * ZiphOnAir is now known as Ziphoid